Xiaera: From Weary to Wonderful Part 2

new light human eraoflightdotcom*J: Xiaera, hello again! I keep trying to connect, but perhaps it is me, I am tired and therefore I don’t feel as though I’m getting the most resonant, clear message through from you. *X: It is always a joy to connect and be aware that regardless of how you perceive the clarity of the message, the act of connecting increases love and good will between Galactics and humans.

J: I had never thought of it that way! That’s good to know. So…. My question is, many people around me are weary, or even exhausted. I think there is a little bit of feeling downtrodden in there also, simply because this could go on into the future for a few years according to some sources, and we are wondering when things will improve on some level. I hope that made sense!

X: It did and we understand the purpose of your question, the soul of your search is for a way to maintain energy, joy and momentum, even when it feels that you are tired and worn down.

J: Yes, precisely.

X: May I say firstly, that it is natural that many of you are feeling tired. There are several deep, interconnecting reasons for this. The first is the obvious virus-related issues; not only does this affect work, schooling, income, job security and family relationships, it also is part of a much deeper clearing that is on-going.

In a few short years, very few short years, there is going to be a complete overhaul of every system that has been constructed ‘by man’.

As many are aware, the main operating principles of your society have been heavily influenced by those of the dark. Every institution – from legislation and law to finance and education, from the media and healthcare to racism and ageism – are being exposed from the very foundation, so that they will topple, almost unexpectedly, and very quickly.

As humans, you are not separate from each other or from the Gaia, but you are equally not separate from the institutions of your planet. Their structure and foundations are a part of your energy matrices. The act of clearing them is the act of clearing you, your shadow sides.

Have you ever cried so hard that you were exhausted afterwards? That is a deep clearing. There is a great deal of deep work being done on the collective that is exhausting you. This process will continue, with brief lulls, for several years.

I feel your energy sag at the length of time, but …. That is fast for the amount of work being done, and there are many good things that will also happen within this timeframe. It’s not just about feeling and clearing abuse, pain and control patterns; there are also new freedoms, connections and expansions coming during that same time frame that far outweigh the clearings. Indeed, the clearer you are, the greater your joy for each new ‘discovery’, each new horizon that emerges seamlessly.

You are the becoming. Ascending from carbon to crystalline is not a simple process. Sometimes you don’t help yourself, with props that you employ to ease the anxiety. Sometimes you slide backwards, because you are fed up and want to return to old, ‘comfortably familiar’ ways and patterns. Yet they will never return.

Acclimatising yourself to the new opportunities, understanding the deeper exposure currently underway – inside you and outside – and beginning to refocus on what you truly wish to express, from your heart, are ways to move from weary to wonderful.

This is a new spiritual discipline for many of you. The divine is already within, becoming more evident every day. Finding, nourishing and cherishing anything that uplifts you, is connecting with and strengthening the divine being that each one of you are.

For some the route may be structured, but for most of you, rediscovering the divine within means letting the rigid structures fall away a little and moving into free flow, in spontaneity, into the present moment and noticing what is good NOW.

J: That’s really helpful. It’s simple, just a shame simple isn’t always easy!

X: Practice! It will become effortless, it is simply learning a new way of looking at your life, through your heart, not your mind.

* (Note: sometimes I feel that I’m not quite getting a particular point, or I’m not in the right frame of mind, so I do several channels, perhaps over a few days and then read them back later to see if they sound like me, or have some higher wisdom.  This is the second in four channels that dealt with the topic of feeling worn down, and although they are similar, I felt each one gave a slightly different perspective that might help others too.  I hope you find something within to nourish your heart and soul. Jx)

» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert