The Law of Cause and Effect in Action

light waves eraoflightdotcomA heads up! The Law of Cause and Effect in Action…

This week’s astrology means business. The eclipse tunnel is active until the New Moon on July 20th -feel the waves after waves of continuous Dismantling, Overwriting and Disclosure, dramatic ebbs and flows and palpable magnetic shifts.

Those 3 eclipses one after the other are taking a real emotional toll and your resilience is being tested over and over. The June 21st Solar eclipse was in Cancer, last Sunday July 5th’s lunar eclipse fell across Capricorn/Cancer and the approaching New Moon on June 20th is in Cancer which means that issues of personal safety and security are taking a battering.

The waves during these constant magnetic shifts create dramatic ebbs and flows, exhausting your energy field, as it expands and contracts to harmonise with your inner and outer environment. Prescribe yourself earthing, grounding, extra hydration and as much rest as you can get.

On Sunday 12th, Mercury stations to turn direct in Cancer followed by warrior Mars in Aries encountering Chiron on Wednesday 14th.Mars tends to throw a lit match into whatever pile of tinder it finds, so things can escalate quickly, for better or worse.

Unconscious Mars manifests as anger, volatility, aggression, so choose courage, initiative and Skilful Will instead of Strong Will
Mars’ conjunction with Chiron means his presence will be felt through Chironic themes – health, healing, chronic struggles, human fallibility and teaching what you need to learn.

One possibility is that COVID numbers could surge again in July, especially with Mars stoking the Chiron in Aries fire and amplified by the lunar eclipse.

Raising the stakes politically and personally, the Sun opposes Jupiter on July 14th, then Pluto on July 15th in the government’s sign of Capricorn before making a square to Disruptor Eris -the mechanism behind the lockdown and suspension of life as we knew it.

Finally, Venus in Gemini opposes the karmic Great Attractor, the most potent source of electromagnetic radiation in the known universe, which bends both space and time in a simultaneous view of the past, present and future. In the 3D world, dilemmas of Fate and Free Will increase such as those who refuse to protect others by wearing a mask or by breaking lockdown restrictions.

Don’t be attached to outcomes or to making anything happen or to understanding these new Freedom Codes- the new light is teaching you to align with the Creator State and be here Now.

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