Judas Iskariot: A Greater Hope

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I am here today to give you more strength, a greater hope, and a loving greeting from all your angels, guides, and other beings around you now. It is a special time on Earth, which requires a lot of your energy and attention. Let most of your attention rest in your inner self, so that you get a better balance in the life you live in. It is good if you can now take small steps in the direction that you feel strongly that you need or should go , to have peace in your mind.

The time you are now on Earth is changing. It moves fast on Earth and it is not possible to stay in the same place for a long time. Changes take place both inside and outside you. The person you were yesterday may not be you today, because you suddenly took the step that you have so long hesitated to take. It can lead to other changes, new friends, a new job, or a completely different hobby that gives you more satisfaction. It is no longer possible to close one’s eyes and pretend that everything is as before. You are forced to slowly open your eyes to adapt to a new reality, a new reality that better fits your feet than the one you walked in before. This is what many people experience today. Everything is changed and they have to change their view of what they have previously taken for granted, but now is no longer so obvious anymore. It must instead be adapted to something new and it requires both internal and external attention. Everything you have taken for granted has taken a turn for the worse and you must re-evaluate your life and the life you live on Earth.

What is important? What is important to you? What is important to your fellow human beings? What is important for the Earth? It can easily lead to chaos inside and it is then best to anchor in the Earth by taking a few deep breaths and letting the thoughts rest in the heart for a few moments. This is where you can feel calm and for a moment get the balance back in your life. Always go back and rest in your heart when you feel that there is too much tumult inside. A balance between mind and heart is a gift from God today. You are free to use the love energy that is around you and that wants to help you in every way. Your feet can walk on holy ground if that is what you choose to do. It requires a little focus and diligent listening, but it is worth its weight in gold because for every moment you devote to it, it becomes a sacred moment. It helps you in your quest to develop and in doing your part on Earth, both for yourself and your fellow human beings.

All your positive thoughts and the joy it gives to yourself and others around you are of great importance to the Earth today. You are in interaction with everything that is … and your impact on life on Earth is more important than you think. Take the steps that your heart tells you to take because they can be very important steps for you and ultimately also for the earth on which you live. The earth is grateful for the slightest feeling of joy, of love, and gratitude that it can feel from you. All the positive feelings of gratitude that you send out over the Earth are a gift from God to you. Think .. to be so important, dear Earthlings. Understand that you are all doing important and beautiful work on Earth.

You are all so loved and valuable. You are surrounded by the most beautiful angels, so beautiful that they can be hard to imagine. They are brilliant beings who do everything they can to help you towards the fullness of light and love that is your next step in the development spiral that you are in.

Great love


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg