Light Codings Coming Your Way

schumann resonance eraoflightdotcomAs we move thru the spiral of Freedom & Ascension, leading us out of the Blind Maze of earth’s GamePlan, evolution changes the paradigm of thinking. I use to write an article on every event date – its implications, significance,and translation upon the biology. But today, I don’t feel the importance to do so! Yes, on such dates, the Light-Codings magnify and our symptoms spike but, when you are in constant flow with the Light, time loses its hold. I feel a sense of timelessness and the pandemic lockdown has accentuated the sense of no-time. Don’t you feel the clock no longer dictates your schedule of the day? Your sleep and waking up, eating, working, etc., etc. is no longer under the dictate of the pendulum? Yes, those with families may yet be bound by the schedule of time, even those under employment but, for many the difference would be felt!

When you are in touch with the Light constantly, your biology is in open mode and on autopilot. If you have reached the pinnacle of spiritual momentum, your every moment is meditative, every thought is controlled, every breath is receptive to the Light and you are actively absorbing integrating distributing sharing the “Higher Light Packets of Information”! You are the Power of the LightHouse within you, holding anchoring expanding the Light of God – consciously and unconsciously, constantly and unceasingly!

Then a Portal Opening, a Gateway Opening, a special date, a spiritual event, are not limited to just dates but are operational every moment of your life. You even forget such dates, coz you no longer need to adhere to limitations. Its like why do we even have a Father’s Day, a Mothers Day, a Thanksgiving Day? Isn’t every day inclusive of the Love you feel for your father and mother, spouse and children! Isn’t every moment, a God’s moment for you? Aren’t you always giving thanks and gratitude to God for everything? Do we need a special one day in the year to be reminded of this?

This is why Ive been so quiet in these few months with no NewsLetter to you all! I pray we are all on the same page of evolution, if not higher! The Ascension TimeLine is now the only TimeLine operational in full swing upon earth. Those of you subscribed to the website, are apparently focused upon ending this GamePlan in Victory with complete Freedom so, cant be too far from this Truth.
Vibrational differences do not matter as much as your destination of Focus.

Those on varying rungs of evolution, build the Momentum to the pinnacle whereby then, you are in the Flow continually without regular investment of application. When on autopilot, your consciousness is forever evolving as you are already in the conscious flow of the Universal Energy. Reach that level and it becomes easy! It becomes continual!

Having explained this, it would be unnecessary for me to enlist that we are heading into a Powerful Gateway soon (which we are incidentally) however, you all must be feeling the ferociously strong winds of light-codings blasting thru you. Hold this Light within your core as it rave-ups in magnitude. Yes, we are in the throes of a Tsunami Light Implosion once again. Stay with the Zero-Point Energy and feel the nothingness of its formidable power! Observe the chaotic external node with a Detachment. Be Patient with the Divine Timing. Stay with it. Calm. Collected. Steady!

Recite: I AM THE VIBRATION OF JOY! All the time. Joy is the element that keeps us in the Zero-Point of Wholeness – the Consciousness of God. If in Perfect inner Equilibrium, the outside wrestling storm becomes invisible….. Detachment is the reality when the Inner Balance is core powerful!

Clear all “emotions” (magnetic). Clear all “thoughts” (electro). These are electro-magnetic wavelengths that are dense energies and contribute to the dense structure of linear time and separation. This polarized energy keeps us away from the Divine Reality wherein, the structure is in Spiral Loops of toroidal flow with fluid timelines.

The Higher Frequency Plasma influxes, entering our bodies, is breaking apart everything – the magnetic fields, the polarity energies and negative memories. Lifting us into the new magnetics of reality and multi-dimensionalities. This magnetic unlocking is magnifying and amplifying DNA related activity within our bioshells that is effecting massive and large-scale exhaustion of our body and mind. Deep deep fatigue is what you must be sensing! Need for much sleep, strange dreams, great need for quietude and silence, yearning for space and time aloneness.

The magnetic shift is colossal and our bodies are trying hard to keep up with the demands of the Higher Light as the personal torus-fields are consistently expanding and contracting to harmonize the physical body, the Gaia’s torus-fields and, the Ascension timelines through our DNA. This is highly grueling, draining, wearing upon our bodies. Therefore, we all need to REST!

Accept the mighty deep transmutation we are in! Enduring, the old burn itself, is depleting a process indeed!

26th of July is the Planetary New Year that opens the LIONS GATEWAY to the LIONS PORTAL of August 8th. July and August are Sirian Months. Please study the following article for Cosmic Wisdom on Sirius-Earth Connection and the Lions’ Portal, also elucidated in detail on the website. Links provided below.