KaRa of the Pleiades: This Plan is Far Greater

kara of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomI am KaRa. As always, I appreciate these opportunities, these moments that I can be with you and share with you, my beloved brothers and sisters from the stars. For all of you, all of you that are on this call, and many of you that will read these words or listen to these words, many of you are starseeds who came from the stars.

Now in these moments that are yet coming, you are moving into deeper states of consciousness within you.  Because that is what this is all about:  an awakening of consciousness and moving into consciousness.  For did not the one, Yeshua, say the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven, is within?  He never spoke of a place to go to.  A place to move into, into your consciousness.  That is what you are doing as you raise consciousness, as you raise your vibrations.

You are moving deeper into levels of consciousness that you have not known for quite some time.  Certainly most, if not all, of the lifetimes here on this planet.  But yet you came from that higher consciousness, those higher vibrations before coming into this planet to this evolution.

Many of you were masters, are masters.  Many of you have been even stars and planets, and have created life all around you.  For you all have that Creator spirit within you, that Creator life within you.  We all do.  But it is only a matter now of remembering that you have that creative spirit and ability to create.  Yes, you can create life, even.  But for now, you need to simply focus on creating the life within yourself for assisting all of those around you to help them create in their lives, to create and know that they are creating their own reality outside of the illusion of this third dimension.

For there are those beings which you know of as the dark ones, or the cabal, or the Illuminati, and those that overlord the Illuminati.  There are those that have been so involved in holding you back, holding back the light within you, attempting to hold you in the shadows, just as they are in the shadows, pulling you down into those shadows, into that darkness.  They attempt to do so in their various ways of controlling.  Mass hypnosis, if you will.  And in many ways they are succeeding now for a great many.

But even that great many are beginning to awaken.  It may not appear so.  They are beginning their awakening process.  Because some are looking out and seeing those of you that will not fall into line.  They are wondering, “why are you not falling into line?  Why are you being selfish?” they would say.   But in their wondering about it, they begin to awaken.  Because they are questioning why, why would so many be so against wearing masks?  Why would so many be against having a relatively safe distance between each other.

But deep within them, just as deep with you, the consciousness that awakened within you, that consciousness is awakening within them too.  The remembrances are coming back to them as well.  They are remembering the freedom, the desire for that freedom not only here in this country, but in all of the world.

Yes, you can look across the world and see many battles.  Many people starving, many people dying of illness because they are not receiving what they need to continue to survive to live.  Yes, that is happening.  But it is a general awakening, a planetary awakening, that is occurring.  And you must know this.  You must believe this, all of you, the Lightworkers and Warriors:  you must believe this.  It is all happening for a reason, that there is a plan in place and in the works.   And this plan is far greater than what you can even begin to imagine.  It encompasses so much beyond your daily lives.

For if you look at the big picture, the large picture, you see life returning.  You see light returning, here, and this planet becoming the light within the stars once again.  And you, those of you, all of you are bringing that light back here, are allowing for the light to come from the many different sources that it emanates.  And yet, from that very one source that is now approaching the galaxy.

How fast it comes depends on the frequency of consciousness here on the planet.  Those of you overcome all of the conditions that are now appearing on the planet, but that are bringing the awakening.

It appears that everyone is becoming divided.  But in order to have the awakening, the division must come.  The chaos must come before the order.  The breakdown must come before the breakthrough.  For it is such a huge breakthrough that you are all working and preparing for.

And all of you are acclimating to these energies more and more so that when you hear something, some new truth that is now coming out, that is now being revealed, many of you are not even shocked by it, such as your discussion earlier.  For you knew that it was happening, just did not know from which direction it was coming.

But the truth must be revealed.  And it must come to those that are yet in the awakening process, or that are yet in their slumbering process.

So again, my friends, by brothers, my sisters:  trust.  Trust in the plan.  Trust in yourselves to bring about this plan.  And trust in all of us who are here to assist and guide you through this plan.  This plan that is so immense that it would boggle your third dimensional mind to even begin to understand the fullness, the immensity, of this plan.

I am KaRa, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.  And that you find the joy in the moment, every moment that you can.

Because this is your time, now.  This is your time to sit back and watch.  Watch, become involved when you can.  But do not become involved emotionally.  Step back and watch it all unfold.

» Channel: James McConell


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