Mothership Earth Has Opened

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomThe Dimensional shift has accelerated at an immense pace, since Sunday and it is going to accelerate even more in the coming months.

Mothership Earth is has opened the throttles and is now literally flying at immense high speeds. She is now moving into Universal Unity, and thus is now accelerating into the 7th Dimensional state.

We are in for more drastic and intense changes. Not only inner, but outer ones as well.

The Old World is no more.

You can cling onto what was and what you think still exists and will find you are standing on shifting ground.

What you are still experiencing is but a holographic image of the old world – in truth it is not in form anymore. A lot of souls will so cling to the old world, and the holographic image of this, that they will choose not to ascend. They will choose to stay there, and continue the suffering and pain, in accelerated forms.

All have free will and choice.

This accelerated shift is reopening so much of what has lain dormant for billions of earth years.

As Mothership Earth gains momentum, all will rise again, and so many of souls who are awake and aware, are now stepping into much higher dimensional leadership roles.

This is a time when it will seem as you are living in no-form. The New You, is not quite formed as yet. Yet it is already there and operating, living and breathing in the higher Dimensional State. At times, when you need to step back into the holographic image of the 3D, it will feel surrealistic. It is like you suddenly find yourself acting in a Drama in which you not longer wish to act in. You will just withdraw of it all, for you refuse to get caught up in the illusions anymore. You have outgrown it. You have expanded beyond it.

This morning in meditation, I received a Divine outpouring of Love, in ways I never was able to receive before.

I was shown how the Divine is pouring this Love into every living cell, every DNA strand, every atomic particle on planet earth, into all and everything and everyone.

This is the profound!

Open your heart center and allow this outpouring to pour into you. It will shift you even more. And with it your relationship with yourself and everyone else will shift.

I was shown how the soul families now gather, and how those would need to be together, are being drawn together. It maybe energetically at first, but it is happening. For souls are not bound by the physical form. Souls can meet anywhere and in all dimensional states, parallel existences and Universes.

This is massive.

This is intense.

This is immense.

I am running out of words to describe this.

The enormity of what is now happening is going to hit us in Tsunamis and Tidal Waves.

This is unstoppable.

Judith Kusel

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