Ivo of Vega: Personal Responsibility

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomMe: Ivo, I’m not done yet. I know I was just dreaming about this and now I have to get it off my chest.

Ivo: If you wish, my love. Maybe you will go back to sleep.

Me: Yes, it’s only 5 a.m.

The other question I have about mask wearing is where is your personal responsibility to yourself in this? Everyone is wearing a cloth mask, as mandated by the government, that protects other people, but not themselves. If this is supposed to be a virulent, contagious virus that has had us in lockdown for four months already, why are you wearing a mask that doesn’t protect yourself?

Can you imagine the reaction of a person who gets the virus because they wore a mask that didn’t protect themself? Because they were expecting everyone else to protect them?

I still don’t see how the mask won’t protect you because if it’s a barrier for me, then it’s a barrier for you too. It has to be. Nothing of this makes any sense.

So let’s say these masks are only one-way barriers. You get Covid 19 and spend months sick in hospital because someone around you didn’t have a mask on.

Or worse, an elderly lady gets the virus and dies in the hospital. She did everything the government told her to do but she still died of the virus. Why? Because she didn’t take personal responsibility; she let others tell her what to do and she blindly followed orders. She was told she had to wear a mask to protect others, not herself. Why would you not protect yourself if this is such a contagious killer virus?

The fact is, you wouldn’t. Would you let your children go unprotected like this? If you truly believe that this virus is as bad as you’re being told, would you let them go unprotected and just wear a “I’m a good citizen mask,” that cares about others’ health more than your own?

I would say this whole thing is highly codependent and very controlling, because the rights of people to decide for themselves are being taken away. When you wear a medical mask that keeps the virus out of your air stream, then you give others the right to decide for themselves what they want to do – whether they want to take precautions or not. When you don’t, you make it mandatory for them to protect you. I’ve never heard of anything so stupid in all my life. But I believe it’s part of the cabal’s plan.

Why are the governments mandating you protect others and not yourself?

Why are the governments mandating you stay unprotected in a global pandemic of this virulent contagious virus? A global pandemic that has shut down public facilities, kept people from going to work, made businesses go bust, promoted rioting in major U.S. cities, and shut down trade in so many countries.

It’s simple. There’s a virus but it’s either not as bad as they say, or they want you to get it to keep their numbers up so they can continue their fear mongering. That’s why.

You need to stop trusting the government. It doesn’t have your back. It’s trying to kill you. You can see that easily by looking at this mask situation. When you take personal responsibility.

If there was a push on for people to take personal responsibility, they would be buying medical masks that keep viruses out of their air stream. But they’re not. As far as I can see, it hasn’t even occurred to anyone but me. Nobody’s doing it.

They were told this is the least they have to do and they’re doing the least they have to do. They’re not only doing as little as possible to stop the virus, they’re also aggressing towards others who don’t comply. This is a continuation of the Matrix system of policing others.

I don’t believe these masks stop the virus. I also believe the government knows that.

Now, the next thing they’ll be mandating is vaccines. If you want to go back to your job, or go into a grocery store, then you have to have a vaccine with proof that you did get it and it’s up to date.

In the beginning, other than children going to school and people going to work, which they put in substitutes for, they went after our non-essentials. Now they are blocking people from their right to their essentials – buying food. I have never in 60 years, been stopped from going into a grocery store, until now. To be honest, I think I’ll be saving money, but beside that big positive, I have to shop on line. So far, I’ve gotten the stalest loaves of bread and food close to its expiry date. Nice way to get rid of stuff that would’ve sat on the shelves. Everyone picks through food to find the best best by date. Now people like me get stuck with it. Next time I’ll check before it goes into the trunk and tell them to go get me something with a better fresh date on it. I’m not settling for stuff they can’t get rid of anymore. Yes, that is my personal responsibility to myself.

I have never had a flu shot. And the last time I had the flu was around 20 years ago. I will not get any vaccine, especially a Bill Gates special, and so I’ll be cut off from going into grocery stores still and for that matter, they’ll probably up the ante and try to cut off my debit cards for non-compliance. I see that fewer people will get a vaccine than wear a mask because buying a mask for a few bucks isn’t a huge deal – getting a vaccine is. Especially when people start to see the side effects it comes with.

I believe the vaccine agenda has more to do with our children than with the adults. Many people already vaccinate their kids, so why not throw in a covid vaccine as well. The parents can’t stay home to home school their children, so the kids have to have the vaccine and the parents need their jobs so they get them as well. Do you see where they have you? And it’s by design as well. Years ago, women didn’t work if they had children; now they have to because they can’t afford to live otherwise. Absolutely by deep state design. Women were allowed to think they were being made valuable members of the public by holding down jobs. Never mind the fact that prostitution, pornography and domestic violence goes on unabated so clearly society still has a lot to catch up on. But women went to work and now that leaves children vulnerable to fall into the hands of the state. More people should’ve read 1984.

Now that this so-called crisis is upon us, the parents have to have a vaccine to go to work and it’ll be mandated that the children do as well. Gotcha! This was all planned.

People will revolt, but they revolted at this step of the so called pandemic. I can’t count on people’s revolting against government restrictions to help me out, nor will I. That is personal responsibility.

I’m in a group of people who is sitting outside of the primary drama going on here. I work from home. That’s not to say they won’t cut off my pension for non-compliance, so let them. If I had to, I could live off of book sales right now. It would be uncomfortable but I could manage. I might have to sell my car but I could manage to stay alive. They might also cut off my book sales but I can find other ways to sell them. I figure sitting here saying, “It’ll never get to this,” isn’t going to help me. I’m considering any scenario for the future.

We’ve been waiting for the intervention of the St Germain funds, well that hasn’t happened either. How bad is it going to get before they are dispersed? What has to happen before they are dispersed? I believe a breakdown of the old fiat economic system, but when will that be? Before or after they cut off my debit and credit cards?

The other thing I figured out about the day they decide to cut us off from our bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards is if you buy those gift cards you can shop anonymously. If you go to your local coffee shop, well, in my case, sit out in the parking lot to use their internet, you can shop on line and have it delivered to your home and you’d probably get away with it.

What I see happening is a large black market based on cash.

I can only say that I hope Trump and the White Hats intervene before so many people are cut off of their bank accounts and food stores for non-compliance. I hope we don’t see the next step of this because the white hats have taken control already.

I believe the next election should be telling. I also believe that the cabal will have less clout and the white hats will have more because more and more people are waking up and giving the white hats more power.

What I see going forward is a huge divide: those who align with the cabal narrative and those who align with the White Hats. Going forward there will probably even be communities of people on both sides of the fence. I also believe that those who are non-compliant need to band together.

The more personal responsibility people take, the more awake they will be. And the more awake they are, the more personal responsibility they will exercise. I believe this is the whole point behind all of this. Get us involved and get us to start taking care of ourselves instead of letting the government and the media tell us how to live.

The only thing I wonder about is when will intervention happen? Because the deep state isn’t going to stop. They’re on their little train ride, spreading viruses, inciting riots, trying to defund the police – oh yes, guys, if they manage to defund the police, they will substitute microchips with free electroshock capabilities for you. Cops will just sit at their desks and when they’re alerted to the fact you’ve run a stop sign by your microchip, it’ll give you a shock. Maybe that one won’t kill you, but when you run another stop sign, the next one might. That’s why they want to defund the police. First to create a state of chaos in America, but also to implement their solution. Mandatory microchips.

We’re staring this in the face. All of us need to make alternative plans and stop relying on the government, even Trump to help us. Why? Because we don’t know what his next move is going to be and when he can get the deep state under control and out of power. We don’t know what they will be able to implement before he manages to do so. What’s more, Trump is American. I’m a Canadian in a country still run by the deep state and I see news articles all the time that this mask/ vaccine / microchip agenda is on target for Canada. I don’t see any relief from it here.

I also know that the reason they’re being allowed to continue is to wake people up. Well, good luck on many of the people I’ve seen. They’d defend the fake narrative to the death. What I don’t like is they seem to be in the majority still. People need to say no to the government and its plans and they’re not. They’re going along with it. Maybe I’ll move to the States.

So what do I do, Ivo?

Ivo: You continue to collect as much cash as possible, my love. You are doing this now. Save as much as you can. You still have time. The St Germain funds are due to be dispensed early next year so you will only have to endure another 5 months of the cabal’s threats to dominate you all. Work as much as you can.

Me: Remember I have chronic fatigue.

Ivo: Yes. But you can use money right now.

Me: It’s like money will give me more options.

Ivo: Unfortunately it will right now. I know you would like to leave to go to a place that is not mandatory however there are no non-mandatory areas in Ontario. They are all regulated by the government.

Me: The bush isn’t.

Ivo: But it is an unfriendly place in the winter.

Me: I know. If I lived in Florida, I could do anything I wanted and not worry about the weather. Here we have that factor hanging over our heads. I’ve wanted to bug out for years now.

Ivo: But you must be prepared to do that.

Me: Yes, and I’m an old lady with chronic fatigue.

Ivo: For now, we will leave the viewers with this message: Take care of yourselves. Do what you feel you need to in order to take proper care of yourself and your family in these circumstances. Do not listen to what you are told to do. Make your own mind up. That is why you have consciousness – to steer your own ship, not to be told what to do. Sharon is working out her options now independent of the public opinion, and so should you be as well.

I will say for the record, that nobody should be without a pantry of extra food and supplies right now. Should the internet be turned off, Sharon would not be able to order food, so having extra food would be a benefit to her, or to use a mask, which she absolutely will not do.

Me: I’d have to if it came down to that. Which would really frost my backside. I’d be really pissed.

Ivo: So shall we work on creating a reality where this does not come to fruition. As for creating a reality goes, it is possible for the lightworker community to focus on resolution of the virus situation without progressing this into the need for a vaccine or a microchip. See the covid situation coming to a close at this point, without any progression of the globalist agenda. See this in your mind and know this will come to fruition. If enough of you do this, it can steer the reality for earth right now. If you do not, then you are at the mercy of the globalists as Trump has not been able to dethrone them all yet. It is going well, but they still have power. The lightworkers can remove that from them when they focus on it. In your meditation, see a peaceful resolution to the covid problem with no further progression of the evil agenda.

Me: Good idea! Thanks Ivo.

Ivo: I have many good ideas, my love. The best one was to send you to earth to work with us.

Me: We’ll chat about that later.

Ivo: LOL
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