New Life Directions: Your Alliances with the Outside World

waves of light eraoflightdotcomAs we go into the last days of July, it’s helpful to reflect on the past couple of months of roller-coaster energies. If you’re like most of us, you’ve felt challenged by the continual parade of intensity and escalated emotions. Ironic, you might say, to feel the impact of these things so much when we’re in a pandemic and less tangibly engaged with the outside world. Energy is energy, however, and we can’t escape its effect by being less social. Continue reading to understand both your opportunities now and some welcome energetic relief coming Tuesday.


Tuesday the Moon catalyzes some supportive energies involving Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. This could help facilitate courage and self-trust needed to address difficult relationship issues experienced in recent weeks. Bonds with others that had become shaky could become more stable. People who had been overly combative and aggressive could be more willing to talk, to listen, and to be diplomatic.

These relationship dynamics reflect a larger theme involving partnerships and social connections. The universe is bringing these to our attention now as part of our global societal restructuring. This impacts all of us, for historically our partnerships have been built with a focus on the ego and what each person or group “gets” from the other. Ego-based and ego-power based structures are dinosaurs in the 2020s. They must be updated for us to progress and create a sustainable way of living, relating, and being. They must be transformed for us to move out of fear and into a way of being that is based on love.

Right now we are being nudged to look more deeply at how we relate to one another. In fact, this is an auspicious time to reflect on and update relationships with friends, groups, and partnerships. Ahead of the August 3 Aquarius Full Moon, there is ample support for this. This support doesn’t mean it’s easy – real change, by its very nature, is a painstakingly slow and difficult process.

Indeed, energies over the next several days will challenge us to update our relationships with the outside world. These updates are necessary, on a regular basis, yet especially now in these moments of escalated evolution.

Updating Our Partnerships

How do we do this? Firstly, a step at a time. Secondly, by our taking what I call “the high road of spirit” and being the one to be diplomatic and open, even if the other person is unable to do so. Thirdly, by our remembering the long view, factoring in long bonds over time and future positive potentials.

On a practical level, we benefit from remembering that preparation is essential for success. That’s a life skill that applies to pretty much everything we do. That includes preparation for interactions with partners.

Preparation Skills & Qualities

The key foundation in preparation is energetic, our being in the correct mindset with a high frequency. We must be grounded, present, and able to hold a space of openness. These qualities are developed over time as part of our spiritual practice. To sustain these energies is an ongoing effort. It’s not enough to be grounded and centered the day before a potentially-stressful meeting with a partner occurs. We must apply our skills regularly throughout a day, and especially ahead of and during such meetings.

When we are energetically prepared, the other practical preparations can go more smoothly. Those include remembering to check the logistics of meetings and other details that can make all the difference in outcomes.

When we continue to apply our spiritual practice throughout the preparation and into the actual interaction, we are more likely to effectively manage our fire when discussions get heated – avoiding words we may regret later.

All of this is a developing skill. Some days it’s easier to apply our skill. On other days, like when conflicts erupt without advance warning, it’s not so easy to apply what we know and what we’ve learned. Our ego, or conditioned self, steps in and can lead us down an unproductive path.

When Things Go Wrong

When you realize that you’ve gone down an unproductive path, don’t judge yourself or the partner who likely did the same thing. We’re all human, after all.

We’ve on a soul level chosen to be alive now in perhaps the most tumultuous time of our planet’s history. There are very good reasons for this, even if our logical mind cannot grasp them now. And, as I often say, we’re prepared for this, much more than we can possibly know!

Good News – Opportunities

Good news for context first.

One piece of good news is obvious – we aren’t alone in transforming our partnerships. Everyone is needing to do it.

The old ego-based ways of relating and partnering are falling away from their own weight. They don’t work. They didn’t work before, of course, yet in previous historical cycles humanity wasn’t ready for a big-scale restructuring. The consciousness wasn’t there. The urgency wasn’t there. The planetary energies didn’t support it. The current shift – seemingly overnight but in reality more like a slow-moving train that gained momentum in sync with factors mentioned here – accelerated in a quantum way as 2020 began. There now is no turning back.

Opportunities arise from the good news I just described.

They will be unfolding in direct and more subtle ways. Some of them may not appear to be opportunities, yet they indeed will be.

Example: the pandemic. On the surface it may not look like an opportunity. However, a pandemic in the 2020s can create even more breakthroughs and societal evolution than pandemics of other centuries. We’re already seeing changes in how people relate to one another – oftentimes with more compassion than before. We’re already noticing the increased level of spiritual space this pandemic is helping to create in peoples’ lives. It’s not about time or location in a linear sense. The openness and spaciousness is catalyzing creativity and a willingness to explore options previously not explored. People who before were “driven by the clock” or commuting long distances to work now are discovering that they are more balanced, more focused, and in some cases more inspired.

Another example: interdependence. Our true nature is as social beings, interdependent with one another from the moment we are born.

In my book Predictions 2020, I write:

“Throughout our life our experiences, growth, and potentials are in large part determined by our bonds with others. None of us can do everything alone – we depend on each other.”

As our global society became increasingly dysfunctional – often in a climate of division and hostility – our natural bonds and ways of helping one another became compromised. Things devolved into “us vs them” and we became disconnected from our true nature. On a country level, this has translated into a rising wave of nationalism and hate.

The road to our future – if humanity is to survive – is a mega shift to embracing our interdependence. It’s personal, between individuals and groups of people, and it’s humanity as a collective waking up and grasping the imperative of coming together. In my Predictions 2020 book I speak about potential doorways for accelerating this process: the pandemic and climate.

I look forward to your feedback on these themes and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2020. Feel free to contact me at my website.

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