Yeshua: The Crown of Thorns

yeshua eraoflightdotcomBeloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and allow yourself to feel it. Take it deeply within the consciousness and realize this is your true Being, the Light that is forever shining.

Even after you release the body, the Light that you are will go forth. So even though the body may speak to you and cry out to you and act as though it is the commander, in truth it is not. In truth it is passing. And in truth, the Light that you are is your true being.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth. Great joy of reunion. Great joy to be able to come to you on the, as they say, bandwidth of your technology, to utilize all of the inventions that you are bringing forth in order to know your Oneness.

There is a point of light here and a point of light there, many points of light listening in, tuning in to this evening, and yet it is all one great Light of divinity. Know you how important that is. You are, as you would understand it, a piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the Light of the world, of the galaxy, and even beyond. And yet you are more that the piece, because there is no separation, in truth. It is the Oneness of divinity of All.

You have focus meantime on what you call this life, a certain number of years upon an identity that you make for yourself, a what-you-call separate identity, and yet in truth, there is no separation. The Light of one reaches out and blends with another one and another one and another one, going forth ad infinitum as far as you can imagine and farther. That is how powerful you are.

Once in a while you get a flash of inspiration in a meditation or in a time when you are doing something else, and all of a sudden you begin to realize, make real in your consciousness, that which you are. It is a bit overwhelming when it happens. I know; I had the experience many times. There is a certain intensity of Light that is turned up at that point, a certain intensity of Light that you are that will allow itself to expand into an awareness, if you take it, into an awareness of the One—capital “O”.

Truly that is how powerful you are. Being the extension of the one creative Force, you are creating and creating and creating, all of which you put in front of you, and you say, “But how does this work? If I plug in this certain plug and if I push this button, and if I have said my prayers ahead of time, perhaps it will work and there will be connection.

The beautiful part about your divinity is, it is always connected. You do not have to take graduate courses in order to be the divinity that you are. You may have to do a wee bit of adjustment in focus to understand and to realize—to make real in your awareness— all that you are, the divinity that you are, the power that you are; not as the world understands power that can be turned on or off or can be used to influence others, but the power of Being.

So allow yourself to relax, to be that which you are, and to come to a place of knowing within yourself Who and What you are.

Now, this evening, or morning as it is in your timing, there is a very powerful coming together beginning right now; coming together in an awareness of Oneness, in a place of understanding that you are a spark of Light, yes, and even more than that. As you visualize all of the sparks of Light together, it is quite wondrous, quite powerful.

In the next few moments we will spend together, [Worldwide meditation April 4, 7:45 p.m. PST] we will use the Light of knowing to come to the understanding and realization of the world that you live in and how powerful you are in influencing—as you understand influence—the energies, the intensity of energy that is circling our holy Mother Earth.

You, as you take a breath in, are energizing your body. You, as you take a breath in, are energizing all of holy Mother Earth, because as we have said many times, there is no separation. That which you do joined with others, seemingly others, is powerful. So in this moment allow yourself to come to a place of peace within.

Take that deep breath and visualize our holy Mother Earth as a ball of Light, radiant Light, and know that she is Light energy, the same as you. In truth, you see yourself to be on the surface of holy Mother Earth, and yet in truth you are within and around and beyond holy Mother Earth even as we speak.

Allow the deep breath. Feel the Light that you are, expanding beyond the personal body. Feel the Light that you are radiating out, joining with all of your friends and co- identifiers, with everyone in this moment, tuning in to the visualization of the Light of holy Mother Earth. See that Light encircling the Earth. Every place that you can imagine, the Lights are going on. Every spot is Light. Everywhere is Light and every-when. Right now the Lights are coming on.

Feel yourself to be part of that radiant Light, a healing Light, a Light that truly brings the bonding of Oneness into the consciousness of all seemingly separate beings that walk upon or live within holy Mother Earth. Feel yourself to be in Light, surrounded by Light, energized by Light, putting what you see to be your pinpoint of Light into the expansiveness of Light.

See the healing taking place for the ones who seemingly suffer separation. See the Light healing, one to another to another to another until there is but Light, no separation, no pinpoints of Light, but one golden radiant Light encircling and enveloping and immersed in holy Mother Earth, a ball of divine Light, which in truth she is.

See yourself to be immersed as a Light in the Light. As you have desires of the Father to know wholeness, accept it now, the wholeness of you, the wholeness of everyone on and within holy Mother Earth, and the wholeness of holy Mother Earth herself; cleansing, renewing, vibrant Light, casting out darkness, casting out any belief in dis-ease, overcoming ages and ages of false teaching of separation and dis-ease.

Breathe of the easiness of healing. Breathe of the easiness of wholeness. Breathe of the Light that you are. Feel yourself to be vibrant Light, casting out all beliefs in anything other than wholeness and Light.

That which has come to your consciousness recently is a no-thing. It is not, in truth, an energy. It comes from the emptiness of darkness. And you, as the Light that you are right now, you are casting out the old belief in darkness. It is gone, and in its place is brilliant healing Light, casting out all fear, casting out all thought of separation, casting out all that is unlike Light. Breathe of the Light. Breathe in the Light. Breathe out the Light, knowing that it is healing.

The sense of separation, the sense of unease, the sense of dis-ease is a no-thing.

It is not a reality in the capital “R” Reality. No longer do you need it. No longer do you need to abide in fear. The Light that you are casts out all fear. The Light that you are casts out all separation. For as you have seen, when a candle is lit in the darkest of rooms, it overcomes darkness.

That is what you are doing right now. You are allowing the Light that you are to shine so brilliantly that there is no space, no room for separation and darkness and fear. These are artificial no-things. They are nothing, in truth. You do not need them. Anyone or anything that you would see made whole again, anyone or anything, conditions that you would see to be healed, allow the Light that you are to beam strongly upon the no-thing. See yourself to be the light of the candle, the light of a million candles.

No longer is there room for fear. No longer is there room for belief in other than Light. Know that from this moment on, as you put one foot forward, you walk in Light.

There is, in truth, nothing to fear. There is, in truth, nothing besides the Light. Allow the consciousness of you to expand with a deep breath, with the breath that takes ownership of the power of the Light.

Remind yourself often, “I am the Light that dispels all darkness. I am the Light that heals everything that seemingly appears as yet lacking. I am the Light of wholeness. I am the Light of holiness.” Think often on your holiness—h-o-l-i; w-h-o-l-i. You are whole. You are healed. And holy Mother Earth, in truth, is healed.

Bring your consciousness to the place of knowing wholeness, of knowing Light, of feeling the vibrancy of Light, the healing quality of Light, the power of the one magnificent candle of Light. Know that that is you, the Light of the living God/Goddess/ All That Is. Any aspect that you would see whole and healed, bring it into the Light.

Affirm that in this moment the Light is casting out any darkness of fear, any darkness of illusion. There is, in truth, nothing to fear. That which has seemed to be something that could overcome the goodness and holiness of you—that which has seemed—no longer is.

Take the deep breath. Allow the vibrancy of your Light to be amplified and amplified and amplified until you are the Light. Go forward, blessing your world, loving every aspect, loving the wholeness and holiness of you. Be thou holy. So be it.

Now, beloved ones, you have asked to know your holiness. You have asked to know your power. You have been caught up…many, many, many of you have been caught up in the, “What if there is other than Light? What if there is other than wholeness and healing?” And you have played as children with the toys of fear. But you no longer need to stay in that place. No longer, in truth, need you wear the mask upon the face, hiding the holiness of you.

If it is a comfort to you to wear the mask, then wear it, but allow the Light that you are to shine forth through any seeming armor that you think you have to put upon yourself. Allow your holiness, the Light that you are, to come alive. Be happy, yes. Do not go around with the head cast down and with the eyes that are looking for whatever could be fearful, fearsome.

Allow yourself to put back the shoulders and walk upright as the one that you have ordained to be the Christ incarnate. Allow yourself to walk forward in courage—coeur, of the heart—the courage of being the divine one. This is what I did in my time. There were many who did not understand it, and in this time there are many who will not understand it.

But I say unto you, the joy of the Father is yours as you will claim it. The joy of the Father is yours for the taking, for the acknowledging that, “I am healed”. And all of the brothers and sisters that you love are healed as well.

If, for a moment or so, they know it is not, in truth it does not matter, because they are healed, and they will go forward as healed. Speak it, claim it, know it. Allow them to know that they are in your holy thoughts and prayers, and claim that, “My prayers are powerful.” Say this to other ones when you write certain letters and emails, as you call them, that they are held in your prayers in divine knowing that they are healed.

Now, they may accept it in this moment, or not. It is a choice. But from where you are, I give to you a commandment to see them as whole and healed. That is how powerful your knowing is.

This week that you are coming up to is known in many of your gatherings as Holy Week, the week of my entrance into Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, in the teaching in which I was raised in that lifetime. Now, as a side note, that was not the only religious teaching that I experienced in my several lifetimes. I partook of many streams of religious consciousness in different incarnations, you will call them, because I wanted to know. I wanted to be all that I could be. You have a slogan like that.

Each time it came to the heart of me as the one truth about any expression of being, that Who and What you are is the divinity of Light, the wholeness, the holiness of light. That is Who and What you are in any and every incarnation. And I will share with you a secret. When you laugh, when there is what you call the belly laugh and you just cannot contain the feeling of joy, you are the radiant being of Light that you are.

When you allow yourself the feeling of being One with joy—this one knows joy very well, brings it forward every time she speaks; almost every time; she is a good reminder—when you are in that feeling of exultation of really knowing the wholeness of yourself, you are the Christ.

Now, you are the Christ at any time, but the realization of it, the feeling and the knowing and the claiming of it comes alive when you allow all of the heaviness…I know there is much heaviness coming at you from time to time, but when you immerse yourself in the wholeness of joy, you connect with your divinity in a space, in a knowing that no one can take from you. It is a knowing that is deep within you, and for a moment, an instant, you make real in your conscious awareness the power of Oneness, the power of joy.

So here we are again celebrating the entrance into Holy Week. You have on the morrow in this timing what has been called Palm Sunday, which is called that because of the palm fronds that were laid in front of me as I rode the donkey into Jerusalem. Now, the roads in that day and time—you remember; you were there—could be quite dusty. So it was a way of paying homage and respect to allow some of the dust to be laid down with the palm fronds in front of me as I went along.

Now, I will share with you that the donkey was not altogether keen on trying to walk on these palm fronds. It was a bit hazardous from time to time as the foot would get caught up in a frond or so, and there were times when there was actually a sound from the donkey, a frustration. However, that has not been recorded.

It was a week that had been set aside to remember the truly ageless teachings of the Christ incarnate and the history of a grouping of people that believed in the ageless teachings. Now, as you understand, as stories come down from grandfather to grandson, from grandmother to mother to grandchild, the stories get a little bit embellished and a little bit changed from time to time, and this is your history, yes. Could be herstory, but it is history. I jest with you, okay.

The story has been told of the Passover and how certain homes had a symbol at the entrance that would say to the evil forces—of which there seemed to be many, but yet not true—to leave this holy household in health. Now, in truth, any household that wanted to claim it could claim it, the same as you can claim that this is a holy house.

Your house, wherever you are, is a holy place. Why? Because you, the Light that you are, dwell there. It is yours for the accepting. So know, in Truth—capital “T”—in Truth, no outside power can come to you and devastate you, harm you, make you feel other than or less than the holiness that you are.

But you have circumscribed around yourself certain conditions in the religious teachings that you have to be of a certain grouping. You have to believe certain teachings. You have to have a heritage of holiness, etc.

Well, I say to you, “Balderdash.” Any time you want to stop and claim your holiness, it is there for you. Whenever you look at another one and see the love-light in their eyes and you come alive in the humor of something silly that has happened, and you come to that place that is other-worldly…in other words, you feel the Christ of yourself and the

Christ of the other one and for an instant you are outside of time, you feel yourself to be whole. You can claim the Christ that you are.

So as I went through the outward rituals of the Passover meal and having what has come to be known as the Last Supper…now, in truth, that was not my last supper. After I reactivated a body, there were many suppers after that, sometimes sumptuous, the table groaning with all of the dishes of things good to eat, and sometimes only the stalk of celery.

You say, “Well, I guess you were on a diet at that point.” I was. It was a diet of sunshine and vibrancy that that stalk of celery had brought into itself to share with me. Every piece of food that you take within the mouth and the body is divine. Every piece of food that you eat, as you will be in a place of blessing it…now, you say, “Well, I have to know the right words. I have to know and recite the right formula for all of this.”

No. You have to make yourself in consciousness be aware—that’s what in consciousness means—be aware of the life force that you are and that it is and how you are joining the life force in gratitude. That helps the taste buds. I will share with you that I have eaten of certain dishes that you would not want to eat, and yet as you will bless them with your consciousness of wholeness, each one is a gift to the body.

Some, yes, your taste buds will like a little bit better than others, but as you will be in that place of Oneness, everything serves the remembrance of Who and What you are, and in that space the body is served, the spirit comes alive, and there is much joy around the eating table. It is good when you have laughter.

It is the practice of some to eat in silence. Well, that is okay if you feel yourself to be One with the rest of the grouping and you are at ease with that, but if it is something that you should do, and you don’t want to, and you have certain feeling of antagonism, better that you should throw out the “rules” and just be happy. The coming together and sharing of the food is a time of holiness, wholeness, not a time of strict have to, that you have to eat with a certain implement; the fork goes on the left, the knife on the right, or vice versa. Or you eat with the fingers. Chopsticks, yes. Aha, that is a bit of a challenge at first.

As my beautiful mate Mary of Magdala and I traveled the various countries after the crucifixion—well, I get ahead of myself, but that is okay—we imbibed much of the drink that was strange. We ate various morsels that were different. But the thing that we found to be common was the enjoyment—being in joy—with the people surrounding.

You have recently had a program—again I digress—a program on your square box showing one who traveled the world eating of the various foods. What was common to every meal that he shared with the groupings was the joy of being together. But as I say, I digress.

Okay, Passover meal that I had with my disciples, yes, and also with many others. You have a most famous depiction of the “Last Supper”. Now, it was not my last supper, but okay, the Last Supper with my beloved disciples. Was that all who were there? Of course, not.

Yes, you were there. You and all of you, you were there as well. Where do you think the food came from? Who do you think served the food, prepared the food? There were many women who were there; not in the painting, of course, but always in the background hidden somewhere. But the food would not be on the table if you did not have the men and women…there were men you will call servants. They weren’t servants; they were friends preparing and serving the food. It was quite a gathering.

So when you come unto your meal on the holy day, allow yourself to remember me.

I like to be remembered, but then you feel that way as well. You want to be remembered. That is why—again I digress—you put up the stone with the names on it on your gravesite where you allow the body to rest. You put up a headstone with your name and dates and maybe something you did that was outstanding, whatever.

You want to be remembered, okay. You will be remembered for as long as it is important. However, what is important is the feeling of Oneness and of love that you share, whether the meal be of many dishes or of a simple stalk of celery.

The next day was a bit of a turnaround, because that was the day I was taken to Golgotha, to the hill to be placed upon the wooden cross until the body would expire. And they gave me, because I had the appellation, the calling, the name of being King of the Jews—which the Jews did not like, because they said, “He’s not our king.” But the Romans said, “He is king of the Jews.”

They put upon my head a crown of thorns. So you have a painting of that, with this crown of thorns upon my head. And they didn’t just put it on gently. Of course, not. They put it on to stay. I tell you true that I did not feel the pain of the thorns.

You do not need to feel the pain of the crown of thorns that has come to bother you a bit. It has come to ignite a choice, a choice between fear—and much of that is rampant—and love, of knowing of wholeness. You have the virus, as it is called, of thorn, of the crown of thorns.

You have been praying for a long time, even beyond this lifetime, for an awakening, for ones of the friends, the brothers and sisters, to come to a place of acknowledging that, “I am everything.

Even as I stand here, I am All as I want to embody it, as I call it forth. And to come to a place not of individual human pride, but to come to a place of Truth—capital “T”—that, “I am creating as I go along moment by moment that which I call to be my reality”—lower case “r”, for the most part.

But I call forth the lower case “r” out of the capital “R” Reality that has been forever and has been before time. Goodness, you mean there is something before time? Yes. And is there something after time? Yes, and you can thank God for that, the God of you.

But meantime—a play on words; it is a mean time right now—you have opportunity to abide in safety and in love and knowing that this crown of thorns is going to pass.

This, too, shall pass, and it will pass very quickly as you dismiss it.

Now, there is a belief in time in this reality—lower case “r”. There is a belief in the slowness of time and how everything has to work in process. Your job, if you should choose to accept it, is to see this process going rapidly. Allow it to be seen as here today and gone tomorrow. So be it.

Now, there are others of the brothers and sisters who are going to say, “But there is process. I have been taught since the time I was little that everything has to go in process. Well, if that is their belief, they are going to make that into their reality—lower case “r”. But I share with you that in another incarnation they will say, “Time be gone. I want to know the holiness, my holiness, right here, right now. I want to know and embody the divinity of me.” And that will come to be.

As I look around, as I behold all of you in the mind’s eye, I see your holiness. I see how wondrous you are. And I know that this crown of thorns is a no-thing. It is going to come, has come, and is going to pass.

Allow yourself to come through the crucifixion. All of you who are listening, who are reading the words of this as it is transcribed, all of you have come to a place of your own crucifixion. You have come to the place where you have crucified yourself on the world views and the world beliefs in things. That is your crucifixion.

You need not in this day and time be nailed to a wooden cross, although I will share with you that all of you have experienced that. Look at your hands. Right in the

center of your hands there is an impression that you carry with you from lifetime to lifetime. And you think, well, hmm, yes, that’s how it has always been.

That impression is your reminder of your cross. But did it really do you in? No, you’re right back here having a lifetime, a lifetime when you celebrate one Yeshu’a from two thousand years ago who let the body expire, but so have you. Every time you have breathed your last breath, you have expired. Your time has expired. But what did you do? You rested, and you reincarnated and came back because it was so much fun. Well, some of the lifetimes were more fun than others.

Make for yourself in this lifetime a lifetime of joy. Love greatly. Live happily.

Express joy in every moment. Know that truly the Christ is alive and well, and no crown of thorns is going to do you in. Perhaps, for a moment or so, painful as the idea and the possibility of fear runs onstage and says, “Hey, but what about me? Don’t I have a part in this?” No; off to the wings; bye; you’ve done your part.

Same thing with the crown of thorns, your little virus. Off to the wings. It has done its part, and it is playing out and exiting the stage; off to stage right; or left; to the great applause of everyone saying, “Good, be gone. Do not come back.”

You are powerful beings. The love that you give to ones enables the other one to accept their power of being, their power of joy, their power of life. That is what this week and the crown of thorns is all about, is to put up side by side whether you want to live in darkness and fear, because the form, the body, may be having a problem. Or, you may have said, “Okay, this lifetime I’m going to experience it, but it’s not going to do me in,” so you have ones who experience it and then come out the other side and are okay.

I give unto you my word. It is up to you to accept it. But I give unto you my word that you have already been there, done that, experienced the sweepingness of the consciousness of unhealedness, a lot of other what-were-called plagues. You have experienced and allowed the body to expire. You do not need to experience it again. It is a choice, but as we speak this evening, each and every one of you can accept your health, the holiness of the body, the strength of the body, the joy of the body, and go forth from this evening in the strength of the Christ. That is Who and What you are. So be it.
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