New Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Black Lives Matter

justnews eraoflightdotcomAfter enjoying a surge in support following the death of George Floyd, a new polls reveals that a majority of Americans now oppose the Black Lives Matter movement.

The survey, conducted by Civiqs, shows that in early June, 44 per cent of Americans supported BLM and 34 per cent opposed it.

However, those numbers have now changed, with 41 per cent supporting BLM and 44 per cent opposing the movement.

“This is a return to normalcy more than anything,” commented one Twitter user in response to the poll.

The flip in support has no doubt been fueled by almost two months of rioting, looting and statues being torn down across America.

Despite the public now turning against the movement, giant corporations continue to virtue signal in support of BLM, although Red Bull bucked that trend by firing two directors who had tried to pressure the company to take a pro-BLM stance.

The founders of BLM openly state that the movement is about overthrowing capitalism, the “patriarchy” and western enlightenment ideals in general.

While many leftists would support that, it seems as though the majority of Americans don’t.

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8 Replies to “New Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Black Lives Matter”

  1. Lisa

    BLM is just a organization used to collect money for the democratic party called ActBlue. Sad part is that this organization does Not help the black community. It Panders to support the Democrats. How the Democrats has always operated to get votes. Very under handed to smooze the minority vote. A sad disgraceful way out of doing things. Nothing like lying and being underhanded.

  2. Daedalus

    @ Tom , you can scream and throw a temper tantrum as much as you want – but it simply doesnt obstruct or distort the truth anymore to such extent as before.

    BLM stands for “Burn , Loot , Murder”, because thats what they did this whole time, within the big “Blue” cities, where there are majority of Democrat voters. They burned the jobs of many black people … and there were new records of murders ( like in Chicago ) during this period of violence – primarily of black on black people – the media were silent on that.

    “Black Lives Matter” – just recently a black Trump supporter Bernell Tremmell was killed because he supported Trump …

    Your hypocrisy and the utter hypocrisy of the left has no boundaries anymore. You will be left to implode completely, and if you find a way out, it must be on your own. The hole you all dig for yourself is too deep for some …

    1. Tom

      You are the one who is the crazy one. I stated that the story was fake news which it is the only ones that buy in to it is the MAGA’s and the KKK.
      You stated it only happening in BLUE CITIE’S well you are wrong it is happen in RED city’s to. Do your homework and stay off Fax News.

      This is pretty simple you have your truths and I have mine. I believe that all people are equal you believe that the white race is the better race. I believe that a person that lies over 20,000 times to the american people is a con. You think he is the greastest leader for this country.I believe that all people should be able to get health care. You believe that your leader said the health care plan that this country has is no good and you have waited over 3.5 years for his great plan to come out. Which it will not even with a republican congress he could not remove the current plan and install his plan. That is a real leader!!

      As for me digging a hole for myself I would say people in glass houses should not throw rocks at others. Good luck in the furture and I hope you get everything you want in your life.

      1. Daedalus

        By the logic of the folks like you , everything that even remotely puts Trump into a positive light is immediately “racist, bigot, nazi…” etc…

        You even dare to compare majority of those who voted for Trump as “KKK” , despite there are hundreds of millions of voters, and many black voters, too.

        In which Red cities it happened ? So far – only the Blue cities were affected. Present facts or you are lying …

        Im going to give you a “secret” – Im not even a US citizen. Yet I see such bile spewed from media not just in USA, but almost every country, including mine, towards the POTUS. Not a single POTUS was attacked so much before as Trump. Yet, if you put it historically, and not in deluded and brainwashed ways like you see it … you see that Trump is the ONLY US President along the Jimmy Carter that hasnt started a war during his mandate. Once the Trump is reelected, he will be, literally, the most peaceful POTUS in whole US history. Thats a fact you dellusionals cannot even fathom …

        To return back to “BLM” – ALL LIVES MATTER. If you claim otherwise, you are truly a racist. You know how many times I have heard “All lives cannot matter until black lives matter” ? Those are your true racists – Left, BLM, ANTIFA. How can someone be so dellusional to claim theyre “anti-racists” yet claim that one race matters more than any other ?

        This is the true face of you and the folks like you – you deflect, present yourself as “righteous” , yet you arent aware that you are a minority now.

        There will be no more cheating, and the panicked actions of your “leaders” present that fully … overall, you will be in such position where you will see Trump reelected for another 4 years and you are showing or will show your true face to the whole world to see … the face of malice, greed, hypocrisy, destruction and disregard for life, all the while screaming “Im the victim”.

        Time is working against you and the further it goes, the bigger that red pill becomes to swallow … some will choke onto it.

        1. Tom

          you are the joke !!! I never said people who voted for Trump were KKK ..Thump has said their are good people on both sides when the KKK had their rally in Virginia. Do you recall were a woman was run over by a kkk person.Is Kansas a Red state cause they are having trouble is Alabama a Red state, Kentucky a Red state looks like they all are having trouble.
          As for Trump the lieing president he only send his SS to the states were their is a Democrat governor is running that state.He want’s them to look bad so he has his pit bull in Barr to do this work.

          Trump is the first president to turn the arm forces on the american people .He is the first to lie over 20,000 times to the people,the first to lock up kids in cages. I could go on but talking to you is like talking to a wall! Look you drink the Trump cool aid and feel good but the only way Trump get back in to the White house is if they Cheat. And the Trump family are pros at that.But as I said before good luck and have a great day.

          1. Daedalus

            Again , youre plainly deflecting … and you reek of hypocrisy.

            You havent even mentioned anything related to Bernell Tremmell I mentioned above because it goes directly against your deluded brainwashing.

            The time for deflection and dellusions are over, Tom … and what comes in next several months will be your moment of truth. The moment of awakening – or moment of complete self-destruction.

            Kids in cages ? You are aware these cages were put during the Obama era in 2014. , right ?

            The Trump lives in your head 24/7 and you repeat a classic “mantra” of “Orange Man Bad”. You dont even inform yourself, because you have your own ego to tell you “facts”.

            “Enjoy” the second mandate of most peaceful POTUS in history, Donald Trump.

  3. Willard S.

    BLM is just a front for the Democrat party. Follow the money (the donations to BLM.) It mostly goes to the campaigns of D politicians. Meanwhile, the riots have destroyed small businesses owned by black people in many of the cities run by D politicians. Don’t listen to the corporate media, check this out on your own.

  4. Tom

    FAKE NEWS !! Their is a new energy now and people are waking up. We all come from one and race should not matter.