The Grandmothers: Ancient Flame of Love

the grandmothers eraoflightdotcomGreetings, children of the light. We are the Grandmothers of the ancient flame of love. You all carry this flame within your heart spaces that beat so faithfully, so firmly thoroughout the day, day in and day out. Your hearts are profound organs. Chambers, doors, every thing must work in perfect coordination so that life can continue, are we correct? And yet, there is a bit of mysticism about the heart. For so many of you speak of listening to your heart, of letting your heart guide you through difficult decisions, and humanity has struggled with this heart-leading for centuries – no, thousands upon thousands of centuries. You humans are embodied like your categories, your constructs. Such is the matrix within which you have resided. These constructs are breaking, changing, becoming re-patterned. Yes, we see a great repatterining for humanity. This one was asking the universe about what college for her daughter would be like? Would it be like what she had to go through with that familiar patterning of hoops upon hoops to jump through, classes that are required to be endured, and so forth. She was not really asking us, but we answered (laughing) and said of course not, for all is being redesigned! The old is not to come tagging on the heels of the new. The new is to be truly new. Children will be guided to study what their hearts long to learn, or relearn, for we are embodied with our strengths, and what we desire to learn we have likely been either very good at before in other lifetimes and worlds, or were preordained by our higher selves to learn this time, and so a certain field of study excites you. We want you to be excited! For when you are excited you create with more flair, more passion, more purpose and more joy! We want you to be joyful with all that is before you to create! (I am seeing open hands of all colors with rainbows streaming out of them, creating the rainbow grid of the New Earth. I am hearing laughter and feeling great joy with this creation).

We are the Grandmothers. We have been stereotyped into being the old crones and we do not mind this one bit. For wrinkled faces have seen the most and we have seen our fair share of suffering, of loss, of heartbreak and pain. We have become wizened in the ways of experience. But know that we have also experienced the blessing of being able to see the frontside of the needlepoint. While you are just looking at the knots we can see the completed tapestry. You have all had many, many, many lifetimes of being various threads in the tapestry of Gaia and you have experienced your downs and your ups. (I am seeing a beautiful tapestry that is colorful and perfect on the front and full of knots on the back and ends of threads. I am seeing that the end of the thread of one color actually becomes another color when pulled to the top. They are talking about reincarnation and continuing the soul’s path of learning through all circumstances. I am seeing the needle pull the thread up and down through the tapestry, referring to the ‘ups and downs’ above).

We are the Grandmothers. We are well aware that many of you have no time for needlepoint but we find it a fitting analogy to what you are experiencing. We wish for you to feel the joy of the heart through this message. You are creating the tapestry you wish to see. (I am seeing that our higher selves are pulling the needled thread for us, directing our life’s needlepoint pattern. I am seeing that this 3D tangible thread and needle, solid, firm, will be upgraded to plasma light, much more fluid in creation, with numerous more dimensions at play. They feel like we are in a very solid reality, and this is becoming more plasma light, much of an upgraded version. I am seeing that all is becoming light energy, encoded). Yes, dear, but it has always been light energy, it was just too dense for you to see. As you rise in vibration you will be able to understand the higher dimensional interplays, interchanges as you code. Just like your computer programs, as you code, you create. You are creating in every moment. (I am seeing riots and current upheaval of society with people in masks). Humanity is reeling with these changes but you are creating awareness, you are creating tears in the illusion with your revelations, and all is going to be all right. Dear ones, find your hearts in the thick of the illusion and there, there is the reality of the heart that you seek. It is within you. Not to sound trite, but it is! For that is your higher heart chakra, the gateway to the higher dimensional you that has been pulling the tapestry needle of your life for centuries, yes centuries. You are old as we are! (Laughing).

We are the Grandmothers. We wish for you to focus on your heart chakra. We wish for you to breathe into it. To feel our hands forming a circle of light around you and to feel our love for you. Dear ones, you are tremendously loved, treasured for who you are. You are weaving the plasma tapestry of Nova Gaia from an embodied form. Do not look at all of the fraying knots around you and seeming dead ends of society. Instead infuse those threads with more light and feel the creation of something new, of something better, of something and someplace that you wish with all of your beautiful hearts to jump in and be a part of! We are ever cheering you on, dears. We love you so. We have made something for you. (I am seeing a beautiful ceremonial kimono of brilliant colors made for each lightworker, symbolic of our ascension). Yes dear, it will keep you warm when you are chilled by the news of what is to come. It will keep your hearts from freezing from the shock waves of energy in response. It will keep you insulated in the light of you. This kimono is a blessing and we infused it with our love for you. Feel the Christed flame burn brightly in your hearts, from our hearts to yours.

We the Grandmothers are brimming up with joy and pride at seeing who you are and how far you have come. But we have always loved you in every stage that you have been. (I am seeing they are lighting the Kimono with what looks like electricity, a forcefield of love for us, so that we will always feel their presence and how much we are loved. I am feeling a buzzing electricity in my head and I feel full of love. I am teary, warm and my whole body is tingling). Oh good, child. We bless you just as you have blessed us.

We are the Grandmothers.

» Channel: Galaxygirl