How to Move Through This Dimensional Flux

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomAs time and space rewrite themselves in languages we’ve never seen we come to a point within ourselves that demands immediate attention. Are we going to ignore the pink elephant in this space-time warble or are we going to learn to drive through this Flux of shifts changes and choices. You can be a Victor or a victim in this new hologram it’s up to you, forget personal karma, that’s a breeze, we’re in solar and planetary and cosmic karmic default. It’s time to beautify your thoughts, yourself, your soul and your intentions. It’s time to beautify From the Inside Out radiating as a beautiful living light seeing all thoughts, planting seeds of Hope, love and balance for an ever shifting future.

Like a Hawaiian Surfer on an ancient longboard, using what was naturally available, move through the quantum waves that circumvent time and space and known truths. Don’t lose yourself in the schematics and planning as the Bridge Over Troubled Waters is not repairable in all places of time. Like a Navy Seal that is trained in the water, upon the land, in the air and in a place of camouflage, we have been asked to walk into a place that others fear in order to rescue what needs to be saved.

In lifetime after lifetime you stood against what was dark what was lies and what was manipulation.You stood when no one else would and that very signature of time lives within your heart and soul and can be seen. You are a Christed crest a shiny hopeful intention in human form. Radiating from your heart your eyes and your words is an almighty light, touching everyone like the first sunny day after a long hard winter. Come to the plateau of inner peace a place where words actions or emanations of others cannot touch you unless they are invited in. Find your Center your fulcrum your balance and stand in that place in power. You are a superhero you are a master of light incarnate. It’s time to put on that cloak of remembrance and stand fully in your power.

You are the etchings of time, memory and sacred places, you are the prayers and the possibility of love in human form. Embrace those strong and powerful truths allow them to become your Fortress of Solitude and sanctuary of Healing. This planet is worth fighting for, you are worth fighting for, life is worth fighting for. Stand strong and tall, become an impenetrable living light. The very molecules of you have commanded armies of light in the past hold on to that truth and your soul will be set free in divine truth.

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