Lion’s Gate Portal

feline race eraoflightdotcomHi, Beloved Starseeds!

We are at the precipice of some of the most intense energies to sweep Mama Gaia and right now it is all hands on deck or all Ancient wisdom on deck! These next 13 years are bringing in profound change and transformation but before that, these next few months will be bringing in the heat. You may be realizing that there are many different timelines at play right now and we are being urged to remember the Sacred Contract our Soul came in with.

As we ground into the new Galactic New Year of Blue Lunar Storm our bodies are preparing us for massive jumps in timelines and paradigms. Blue Lunar Storm reminds us of our Alchemy and MAGIC. Our bodies are governed by the reality in which we ground it in, everything will be showing you how you have been creating in this new timeline of higher consciousness. Are you still grounding into your perceived limitations? Fear? Worry? Uncertainty? These past few months have asked you to TRUST the process as you are feeling and witnessing things outside your physical scope of comprehension and go within to be guided by your Spirit. It has now become an inward show because nothing “out there” will show you the truth the way your Higher Self can. Here’s a secret; “out there” is a direct mirror of your belief system within, if you don’t like it work on Healing and collapsing those programmings still playing a role in your life. There is a MASSIVE amount of change happening right now on this planet and our Star Families are among us, walking this journey with us. Feel them. Connect with them. Listen for their guidance; they love you so much.

We know the body is changing into Light and with this comes the Ascension Symptoms. Right now the Spine, Brain/memory are linking to all the ancient wisdom of your akashic. You may feel overwhelmed with how much you are FEELING right now as your body remembers this higher state of BEING. Extreme buzzing/vibrations like you are “plugged into an electric circuit”; this is very high light transmissions going through your cells, DNA, blood and organs. The Elohim and the Andromedans are working with the attunement of the higher mind so feeling like your memory is being erased, cannot remember anything in detail from years passed. Feeling “blank”, in a void, restless, irritable and frustrated as you feel like you are losing yourself are a major them right now. You are actually wiping the slate clean with all that is no longer necessary; this includes past life memories that have caused density, trauma, pain. We no longer need to go back to our past lives as a source of knowledge because the vital information that we need is now being embedded within our DNA in an upgraded “format”. I mentioned a few months ago that this Summer will take us into the next steps of our Becoming and it has and will. It may feel like everything is falling apart or everything is being rebuilt in your life.

We are now in the Lions Gate Portal of Galactic attunement and the streaming in of the Rainbow Frequencies of transmutation. What does that mean? When these rainbow frequencies come in they are electric in nature, very sharp coded energies that activate your dormant codes of creation within YOU. You may feel confused, discombobulated, exhausted, not sure of your decisions, not sure of yourself, angry, irritable, your intentions may show your disconnectedness right now and if you can, stay away from making important decisions right now. You are being rewired. Solar Flares are massive right now and you can tell by how “sharp” the Sun looks and feel. The Spine (Light coded information highway) is bringing in geometric light codes to activate you so this means everything is happening to the major systems of your body. Be gentle with your Nervous System as it is very sensitive and on overdrive right now.

The Womb and the Sacral are Very active as past life memories are being collapsed; you’ve learned the lessons and the wisdom you need is now in your upgraded consciousness currently coming online. For example; you may need to know a certain herb in order to heal someone or assist in their healing and you will automatically know what to give them…if you trust yourself. Your Stomach might be bloated or you may look like you are pregnant, digestive issues, issues with peeing, periods may be very intense or a lot less intense, shorter days of your cycle or a switch within your cycle (look at the moon phase of where your menstrual now lies) it has shifted for a reason; what energy phase are you currently in? These last few years have collapsed deep programmings within you, now you are feeling the urge to create based on love, light and a new sense of self. What do you want now that you “see” it all differently?

Lastly, I want to touch on some things that are coming up these next few months.

The Mur People are back. These are mermaids and beings that live in the Ocean World. A lot of changes happening to our waters; let the codes of water ignite your Ancient Lemurian memory. There will be news of civilizations that live in the Ocean and within Inner Earth. You will start to hear news of our Star Families; we are awakening and that knowledge cannot stay hidden anymore. If you are a Male embodied person in this lifetime; get ready because 2021 will shift you. You are here to dismantle the Patriarchal programmings and these codes are within you to show you the way. Listen and support men as it will seem like their world is falling apart; it is.

This is a joyous time of New Creation Divine Starseeds. Trust the unfolding of a New Life here on Mama Tara. It is ALL happening and it is happening quickly. Trust and listen to your body. Step into the new and trust that you are being guided in every way here. We are entering the New Atlantis and Lemuria….Welcome to New Earth.

So much Love Starseeds

* Source * By Natoya Hall