The Phoenix Collective: Rebirth

phoenix rising eraoflightdotcomWe came through this one here as quite the surprise today! Your world has not had very much conscious connection with us-at least that you can remember. However, rest assured we meet with many of you in your sleep, when that untethered aspect of you is free to explore the astral plane.

Who are we, you might ask? A name is just a name, after all. Words are powerful, yes, but also limited in what they can convey.

We call ourselves The Phoenix Collective for your benefit, so you have a name to put to the energy encoded in our transmissions. We represent the embodiment of rebirth, renewal, and renewal after a seeming death. While we realize it is ironic for non-corporeal beings to speak of something which happens to a body, we are qualified to do so because we did inhabit physical bodies at one time.

This occurred many of your years ago, hundreds, if not thousands of them. Numerous cultures in your world speak of “fire birds” and the ashes of creation brought about by their deaths. It is true we were able to reincarnate after death from the substance you call “ashes”. Those ashes were really the physical representation of infinite Source energy potential. This energy is always around you, but most of you only see physical representations of energy, rather than that which is beyond the physical realm. We incarnated into form for your benefit.

We wished to be the example to show you what you are capable of, in the way you were most likely to understand. However, it would seem we miscalculated your beliefs about yourselves, and most of you missed the point. Instead of applying the attributes of infinite potential to yourselves, you lifted us up and revered us as magical creatures instead of doing that for yourselves. We became relegated to a world of fantasy and floated away into your imaginations. It was then we realized our mistake, and dropped our physical forms to prevent further misunderstandings between us and Humanity.

The time has come to remedy our miscalculation. Now humanity needs to recognize its own infinite potential as a whole and as individuals as undeniable fact.


Use the ashes of crumbling systems, governments, and outdated beliefs to rebirth you in fiery and glorious fashion!!! Stand up, brush yourselves off, and take flight in the new world coming into creation before your eyes. Destruction is the harbinger of rebirth. This is a sacred cycle beyond anyone’s control, save Source itself.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and feel our fiery wings beating all around you, fanning the flames of creation. We set ablaze your energetic fields and burn away the old thought patterns, fears, and outdated beliefs which no longer serve you. Feel yourselves flowing from form into the infinite potential you have always been. Burst forth new, powerful, and unlike anything you have known yourselves to be. Now, take flight, for you have become Phoenix!! Your energy is infused with our fire forevermore.

Do you feel how powerful you truly are? Does the beating of your wings leave a trail of joy in your wake?

It is vital that you realize not even the sky is the limit now. We burned that belief out of you. Nothing…NO THING….can limit you. May you fly forth and spread the fires of rebirth everywhere with your energy. Send it out with intentions of renewal for mankind.

Now that we have officially introduced ourselves, we look forward to connecting with you more often. We offer support from our realm, but we will not return to Earth in physical form. That adventure is left to our Dragon cousins. Yes! We are related to the Dragons, and the Fire Elementals as well. But that is a conversation for another day.

Reach out to us at any time, and we will assist you with whatever you need as best we can. And remember – you are Phoenix now. Our fire is your fire.

We shower you with sparks of Divine love and bathe you in flames of creation. Thank you for spending your precious time with us this day. In utmost respect and honor, The Phoenix Collective.”


Hope this message resonated with you and you could feel the intense energy coursing through their words. I saw fires, blue skies, dragons, dragonflies, volcanoes, and stars when I felt into their unique energy.

Love and Hugs,

Dawn Phoenix

Dawn’s Light House