Ashtar Sheran: Blow Up the Moon

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomMe: What effect would that have on our planet?

Ashtar: Less than you think. The primary reason we would blow up the moon, however not any time soon, is that it is an empty shell, a satellite that is used to house extraterrestrial life as overseers of your world. The moon is a false object. It should never have been there, and of course its use has been for the control of your planet, nothing else.

Me: Has that always been the case?

Ashtar: Yes. The moon hasn’t been there as long as you believe. It has only been there as long as the last galactic sun cycle – 26,000 years. It was put there, in fact it was driven there – and placed in earth’s orbit so the gravitational forces of earth changed at that time. It has been used to change many of your fields – gravitational, electrical and magnetic, influencing the sun’s energy as it hits the earth. The moon has, at times, been able to block the sun entirely and you know these times as eclipses, which you all find fascinating, however you’re not aware of the diabolical influences who celebrate at the time they can block the sun from you – the children of the sun!

You’re not aware of the ramifications of this. At the time of solar eclipses, your people are even moreso exposed to the energies of Saturn and of other negative influences from your solar system and from other solar systems such as Orion, which pelt your world in their negative energies constantly, however as your sun is blocked out, this has heightened the effect of these energies in the past. Now with the positive energies coming in from around the galaxy again, this is not so dire. Understand though, that many of these energies come through your sun, and this too, is why you are chemtrailed so often – to keep the sun’s energies from influencing you.

Me: I see now that the 8/8 portal is coming up and they’ve really chemtrailed like mad last night and I’ll bet we’ve got rain forecasted the next few days.

Ashtar: Also your continent is experiencing hurricanes, which are unleashed upon you for the same reason – to keep the sun’s energies away from you and to keep you in fear.

Me: Yes. We don’t get that much up here, just lots of chemtrailing.

Ashtar: As for when the moon will be exploded, understand it won’t be any time soon. Your entire world has acclimated to its presence and it will take time for all to deacclimate as well. Your calendar and the way you mark time will change, your calendar being based upon months which are moon cycles. This is false as the moon is a false object. Your marking of time is false as a result.

Your people will have had to overcome mind control in order for the moon to be done away with, because most of the mind control is piped over to you from there. We are lessening it, and incoming energies are helping to increase cognizance of the people, but if we release mind control in one fell swoop, your people would go mad. This would be counter-productive to say the least.

Me: So earth won’t have a moon?

Ashtar: No. It will be one of the few planets that does not. But that is fine.

Me: Is there an advantage to not having a moon?

Ashtar: There will be certainly for the women, who will regain control over their menstrual cycles and ability to determine when they wish to become pregnant. Your birth control methods will become a thing of the past when people realize they can determine when they wish to conceive. The moon is stopping your being able to do this.

Me: Down with the moon!

Ashtar: I can’t imagine becoming pregnant at a time that you wouldn’t desire, to be honest.

Me: Me either but then I’m infertile, at least this body is.

Ashtar: As for your seasons and other natural cycles, they will return to normal – as based upon the sun’s influence. Your world will not wobble, as is feared, when their is no moon – it will return to the normal rotation it has always had before it was interfered with.

You have to understand that your world is highly interfered with and there is virtually nothing natural about the way you go about your lives. Your lives are very unnatural. You adjust because you believe they are natural, but they’re not. Nobody in the galaxy lives as you do, not even on other third dimensional planets.

Me: Yeah, I’m understanding that now.

Ashtar: Your planet is a twin planet of another in the Pleiades. Their rotations used to reflect each other; now that is not the case.

Me: What’s the name of that planet?

Ashtar: Cleor. It is a reflection of your planet’s rotation, at least it was. Now perhaps you’ll fall back into alignment with it again.

Me: What star system is it in?

Ashtar: Meriope. There are many Pleiadians upon it who desire that you return to your normal lifestyles, your normal planetary rotation and leave this behind. They visit your planet often and help along with the Galactic Federation.

Me: I see a dark haired woman with a big green jewel on her forehead!

Ashtar: Tier Zara. She is high priestess.

Me: Maybe I’ll talk to her.

Ashtar: If you wish. Her planet is not a twin of yours anymore since yours is so changed. You understood today that the flies on your world have changed.

Me: Yes, I did. They’re really becoming pests. We used to have those docile houseflies that did nothing; now these flies are more aggressive.

Ashtar: It has to do with the fact that your foods have changed.
Me: How’s that, like because they’re GMO, and heavily full of chemicals?
Ashtar: For example. When you change, your nature changes to reflect it.

Me: Yes, I can see that, some species thriving under these false conditions and others aren’t doing so well. Like bees and praying mantis, as well as butterflies, I don’t see them anymore. But these annoying biting flies are all over!

Ashtar: Yes. So you see the effects of how you live.

Me: Got it. Thank you Ashtar for your information. So people don’t have to worry, they’re not going to get rid of the moon anytime soon, not in our lifetimes, but it’ll be in the future at some point. We may even be evolved enough to do it ourselves.

Thank you Ashtar.

Ashtar: Adonai. We are always with you.

» Source » Channel: Sharon Stewart