Mira of the Pleiades: Consciousness Rising

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.

I bring you great tidings from the Earth Council and all beings of light. We recommend you take a few deep breaths and let go of the stress and the chaos present on the planet. We understand how you could feel saturated with all of the chaos and change right now. We ask you to loosen up your bodies, minds, hearts and souls. You have been staying in place for too long. This is the time when you need to reach out to each other to show your caring and concern. So much is going to be revealed to you in the very near future and much is going to be asked of you. Yes, you need to shake off the fear, let go of the isolation, and open your hearts.

You are here for the great awakening. The earth has had enough and so have you. She is ready and is moving into the fifth dimension and higher. She will no longer be patient with the dark energies. She is in need of cleansing and should be honored for her power and her glory. Like you, she needs to shake it off and that is what she is in the process of doing. This is not to instill fear but it is to show you how powerful the earth is.

The earth is being held steady in her place and is getting ready to be moved in your solar system, galaxy and universe. This will bring forth the necessary changes for her survival as well as yours. In fact, you will be living in the glory of the new earth and the beauty of creation. These are the final days of living in the old material world. You will be uplifted along with the earth. Your consciousness is rising and this is what will allow you to be a part of the new. Please do whatever you can now to release the old that has been holding you back. This applies to old wounds, memories that no longer serve you, and anything that is lowering your vibration. You must not let it have a hold on you anymore.

Think about how it will feel to be free of the encumbrances that you’ve carried around, not just in this incarnation, but in many others. When you let it go, let it go for good and do not bring it back. None of the old memories, slights or concerns, are who you are.

You are masterful, powerful beings of light with many gifts and abilities that you are about to use in ways that you never could have imagined. Some of you will begin speaking languages that you did not know you had within. You will create beauty and art as an expression of the love in your heart. Some will play beautiful music and others will dance to it. You will be surrounded in joy, love, and play. Your lives will have new meaning. We will all be involved in the resurrection of the new earth.

Technologies will be available to everyone without expense. They will be simple and easy to use and will improve your lives. You will heal the bodies, bring forth new teachings, and be doing the work that you were intended to do. You will live in peace, harmony, joy, and balance. The earth will be restored to her pristine beauty. There will be abundant healing throughout the planet.

We love and admire you. You shall be set free.

I am Mira.

» Source » Channel: Valerie Donner

12 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiades: Consciousness Rising”

  1. Aron

    I would love to channel you Mira ! To talk with you telepathically to receive direction and advice.

  2. Kathy Hackman

    Hi Mira I am so ready to move foward in a beautiful and loving matter. I want this so much for my children and grandchildren. Love&Light. Beautiful times ahead.

  3. Serine

    We are glade to receive your message Mira and we are ready to elevate to our new era mother earth and so it is. Peace and love🙏

  4. Doug James

    Mira this message made me so happy! Clear concise and perfect. We will remain I’m the heart until.the glorious wave arrives to lift all of humanity back to their former 5D selves. Victory of the light!

  5. The🌈NOW🌈Team

    🌈 NOW 🌈

  6. josequintino

    Freedom from enemy strength. Peace, love understanding, let us all be One in the reality of our togetherness.
    Thank you Mary, let us hang on to our Sovereignty, with the One, with Creator.

  7. Maria

    Obrigada Mira….Sim, Somos Soberanos qd nos libertamos dos “Fantasmas Internos. Na verdade ninguem pode fazer esse trabalho por nós. E nunca foi esse o acordo antes de encarnar. O Acordo é Viver a Experiencia!! E este momento Planetário é Incrivel!! E a Razao da presenca das Sementes Estelares nesta Reencarnacao! Nao somos Vitimas a nao ser de nossos Medos.

    Em Luz…pela Luz…,
    Assim é!

  8. Mary

    ´´You Shall Be Set Free´´ When? The Enemy Taunt Me And Oppresses Me All Day Long Many Bulls Surrounds Me And Are Breathing Out Violence I Hear The Whispers Of Many Terrors All Around As They Sheme Together As They Plot To Take My Life…..How Long Oh Lord Will You Look On ? my Tears have Become my Food Days And Nights, Day And Night They Injure My Cause. Deliver Us Oh Lord From The Enemies That Are Too Strong For Us And Free Us From The Hands Of The Wicked. And So It Is