Lisa Transcendence Brown: August 2020 Energy Update

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomWhen We Live As Light

We can shift anything to a higher vibrational frequency

Keep Living Your Love and Living Your Light

Honor, Support and Respect Your Physical NEW Earth Lightbody fully

Aloha Be-YOU-ti-FUL Soul-Star-Light BEings in form!

Anchoring NEW Earth Codes and Embodying Light is a massive process on a Physical and Energetic level in every way. We must devote our whole life/body to immense integration processes that occur constantly and shift how we function and live here.

Our NEW Earth Experiences start soft, subtle and so very pure. Pure Peace, Pure Love, innocence, kindness, softness and the ability to inspire, uplift and expand all through our own higher consciousness awareness by observing all and utilizing this information to guide/assist others truly ready to do the same….

Sharing our NEW Earth Experiences is important, as it awakens each’s Soul-Heart and brings “realness” to what’s possible, what’s available, what already exists and what’s simple as each is truly ready to connect from deeper inside and energetically experience the magic and beauty of all from deep within.

Sharing the softness, sharing the kindness, sharing the Living Codes of Divine Intelligence… through our Service Work and in our every day lives…. BEing the Soft one, BEing the Kind one. BEing the ONE that uplifts, inspires, supports, creates beauty and acts as a portal to higher dimensional realms, NEW EARTH Experiences, Source Consciousness and more…. it’s a beautiful life that we Consciously Choose as our own whole reality experience here.

Not all are open to this and we respect this too. This is about respecting everyone’s choices and focusing on what we came here to BE and DO as Light Keepers, as Pure Love and Frequency Holders, Gatekeepers, Gridkeepers and so much more.

NEW Earth realities are completely different than old earth ones were. It will take boldness and courage to step out/beyond the old habitual ways to explore all new. Each has to do this for themselves. It’s a part of each becoming the higher/highest vibrational version of themselves and activating NEW EARTH CODES for anchoring Heaven on Earth from deep within. (As is a ridiculous amount of sleep to integrate, clear/merge timelines and more). Our NEW EARTH Lightbodies and Embodiment is how we all do this.

Standing in y/our Power as Love, holding deep Sacred Respect, yet not accepting 3D as an acceptable way anymore is also a part of the process. Every person will have to go inward/inside to get their own answers from their own Universe/Higher Selves as to what is currently highest aligned in every now moment for them. This is not the same for everyone, as everyone is in different places, both Light Quotient wise, density wise, linearity/Quantum-wise and focus-wise…. with each dimension having “different guidelines/rules”, if you will.

Do the deep inner work. Keep going deeper every moment to open up all dimensions from deep within. Be real. Stop pretending, putting on a front, shapeshifting as human egos and playing in the old linear-program-regurgitation games. This global “halt” provides the perfect opportunity for this….

Inside each one of us is this Pure Divine Source of Light. This beautiful Consciousness/Energy and Ultra-High Frequencies that ignite and grow stronger as we embrace this aspect of ourselves from deep within. As we allow ourselves to live from these depths, this Pure Source Consciousness Light… our world/our experience subtly and substantially changes and there are no words that can adequately describe the pure peace, the pure beauty, the simplicity and what it’s like to actually live highest vibrationally aligned.

This FEELING, this CONNECTION, this BEAUTY and Sacred Organic Wisdom/Knowledge/Divine Intelligence… this is what we all bring forth. This is what we live, this is how we see, this is how we show up in the world and in our own actual realities and it’s what makes the difference for us all.

Through this purity, we see all, yet we see the beauty in all too. We see infinite possibilities and potentials, as well as outcomes ….

There is a world of wonder, a world of awe, a world of exceptional beauty deep inside of us all. First the ugly surfaces and yes, it’s beyond uncomfortable, yet it was what bound all to those old dimensional realities before…. and as we each release the energy, as we dissolve/resolve all into inner-peace and love, we shift inside, Energetically and Multi-Dimensionally too. “Out there” starts to look different, feel different, fuzzy, soft and surreal. Our experiences and exchanges are softer, kinder and fluid…. because we’ve released the separation (abrasiveness/abruptness) from this within ourselves…. (yes foggy groggy is a part of anchoring NEW Earth Codes and emerging from density as well).

This NEW EARTH REALITY is available to every one of us when our hearts/minds/body/energy surrender/collapse/converge/merge into ONE. When we are wide open and we function from our deeply connected state, fully present and allowing for beauty to flow out from within, this is our experience. Listening to nature, the birds, smelling the flowers, playing like an innocent child, creating entire realities and accomplishing through service role fulfillment. Creation is pure joy, fulfilling and we get to live these amazing experiences fully too! Truly seeing and caring about ourselves and each other, truly feeling this Sacred Connection with all. Our exchanges are beyond beautiful when we hold this softness and live from Unity Oneness too. ♥

Our Pure Universal Hearts are simple. Let them lead your way. Let your whole body relax and inJOY the simplicity of presence as you TUNE your Consciousness/Energy to a higher, purer, softer, beautiful and peaceful Multi-Dimensional Experience from within you.

For each of you, Thank You for bringing more PURE LOVE through you for our planet, humanity and all open, ready and consciously, intentionally Living NEW EARTH REALITIES FULLY too! Your LIGHT IS VISIBLE in every way, when you BE it, live it, shine it, share it and RAYdiate it out, seamlessly, effortlessly and softly, you gain the ability to touch the hearts of all as pure love here. ♥

In utter and complete gratitude for you, your service, your sharing and your immense contributions too!

p.s. I’ve been putting together a massive mid-year update for the last few months that I’m working to complete. Once I do, it will be made available to all via a dedicated website page, as well as in downloadable PDF format for printing, as the Light Encodements/activations are immense. ♥

With the Utmost Respect, Love, Appreciation and and Reverence for all,

p.p.s. For those that this may assist, on a different vibrational note, I’ll specifically address 3D/4D: ♫♫♫

Planetary Dark Night of the Ego and Illusions of Deep Separation Programming for 3D/4D went full-on January 1st as did the next phases of our NEW Earth Experiences too (Polar Opposites). The “metaphoric”/energetic war began to play out in 3D/4D frequency bandwidths for “the battle” to begin (the first 6 months) which now transitions into “the War” phase (Metaphysical/Galactic/Holy/Star Wars and various Dualistic Existences) manifest in those physical experiences, as 3D/4D still has “control masters” and “submissives” playing out code distortions where these are still housed/held deep within each.

Planetary Liberation from deep states of amnesia accelerates as we go. This occurs within each and is an individual journey of deep soul searching, achieving deep self-awareness and start to shift out of survival mode (fears) that dictated 3D lives before. While a large amount of the planet clears heavy duty (ugly) programs inside, it’s not pretty, it’s loud, it’s chaotic, yet it’s an important global “root chakra/core/primal energy clearing process” that’s necessary for planetary 3D/4D frequency bandwidths to completely dissolve for each to move/shift/transition into the next phase now coming forth. 3D/4D experiences are moving each through their physical body basic chakra system to open up/release those “stuck”/suppressed energies of before. As those frequency bandwidths cycle through the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye/crown… the distortions “acted/played/projected out” are extreme for awhile until polarities dissolve and balance within is achieved. This whole year, these collectives work within this “system”, to open up higher dimensional ones as all of this energy dissipates (hurt/hate/blame/anger and tons more).

5th Dimension and higher do not function from illusory fears, so we are honoring the fear-based systems within each as they clear, while continuing to fulfill higher service roles accomplishing the “New Earth Programs/Systems” aligned with NEW Earth REALities for all. For 3D/4D, fear lets distortions lead and “the Light cannot Lead” with all of that resistance/fight still inside. When the fear is gone, hearts will open and what held each back starts to go too. When the veils/old illusions start clearing, when the fog clears, when each truly FEELS and opens up to what’s possible through inner-freedom and Reconnecting their Consciousness to a different/higher dimensional version of our Earth, everything changes, as the “power” that 3D had is no more…. (Which is why the fight to hold on is so strong, yet fruitless efforts, because the outcome is visible, yet it’s the path of each to “arrive”). Each didn’t realize that they were the ones holding “all of that” it in place through their own insistence and fears, allowing all to occur through heavy duty deep separation programming and more. This will shift when the base/primal energies/instincts clear. Hearts open. Minds open. NEW Remembrance comes forth as the fear is what inhibited each’s inner-connection/power. Imagine all that immense fear clearing…. newfound freedom, newfound hope, new realizations and new desire/drive to accomplish NEW EARTH together… replacing separation programming of before. ♥

Be patient, respectful and kind, as the planet emerges out of a deep sleep/slumber/coma and frees itself from the chains of an “invisible prison” and clears the Galactic Planetary Quarantine Stage that’s pivotal in the various Planetary multi-dimensional phases that come next. These massive collectives fully awakening is what we’ve all been waiting for, yet it’s ugly as fear/separation is what kept all in place and “acting out” is an early phase as well. Conformity is fear and in a 3D story – many in leadership roles played out their roles of greed, abuse, neglect and pure “evil”, if you will. Yes, they took advantage, yes they profited on suffering, yes they used, manipulated, creating distorted systems and totally abused their authority, yes there was a huge imbalance created, which is a part of every planetary awakening process… It’s the whole point at first. New/Higher/Expanded awareness comes when the fear dissipates and each’s heart opens completely up. These higher-heart openings activate portals to NEW EARTH. Each has to get totally fed up with the old before they will open up to NEW EARTH. Each has to get “totally done” with the old before new is more desirable… which is what 2020 “does”…. Opens up Multi-Dimensional opportunities as each is truly ready for this…. The “driving force” at first (Root and Heart) is each being beyond sick of old earth, being beyond fed up, being beyond exhausted, even totally “broken” inside, beyond DONE and no longer willing to accept old earth as the only reality anymore…. forgo, for each, a NEW EARTH REALITY is born, birthed, becomes visible, sought, important and a priority from deep within. ♥

We’ve entered the vibrational frequencies that change all of that….. The old falls completely away, so that the NEW can come through/forth….

NEW EARTH REPLACES OLD EARTH…. and is “birthed” and experienced from deep within each one of us. As all Unite through their own inner-power, inner-connection, inner-light to share, support, uplift and make a bigger different here, entire realities are shifted, entire timelines are shifted… and seeing the “end” from this Quantum Now… it’s beautiful. So keep anchoring and living your own NEW Earth Codes —- as all inner-links up to our Crystalline Grids and Plasma Networking Systems of NEW Earth! ♥

p.s. Are you completely DONE yet with old earth realities or are you still playing in them, trying to hold them in place and continuing to allow them to play out in your own mind/energy/reality/experience still? Each has to be completely done inside, for NEW EARTH portals to fully open up. Once you completely walk through, you won’t choose to go back anymore. (You will be able to “cross over” for short periods, inner-act for short periods (where highest aligned) and for specific purposes in order to Unite more as Love. Eventually you won’t cross over anymore, as your entire reality will be vibrationally/energetically aligned with 12D NEW Earth).

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.