Calling the Ground Crew; Get Ready It Is Time !

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomCalling the Groundcrew… get ready it is time! No more time to waste.

Beloved groundcrew and starseeds I am so excited to host this epic and groundbreaking global group transmissions on 08-08-20 upcoming Lionsgate. The Arcturians have kept on stressing to me and also made it clear the importance of clearing what they name as the “ET hostility fear program” towards extraterrestials in our collective mindset, as well as individually, as it is vital that this is removed to prevent mass hysteria, as the Ca Bal will orchestrate false flag smoke screen operations and hologram scenarios involving ETs to instigate fear and paranoia in regards to our galactic family of light… which is already scheduled… making “them” the new enemy and threat against humanity to distract the attention from themselves.

The hollywood film industry that is serving the Ca Bal has been grooming our subconscious for decades into the belief, that our galactic family of light are monsterlike evil creatures, that is a threat to our survival, which couldn´t be more far from the truth… the real “threat” is here upon the planet in plain sight. Thus it is vital for our future colloboration and encounter with our galactic family of light, that we cleanse this fear mongering programs, implants ect. out of our system for good and restore our divine galactic blueprint. Another element of this transmission will be to anchor in the consciousness field, keys and codes of the comet Neowise and connecting and merging with our higher galactic selves and galactic/stellar monad… ie it is also an activation of the Galactic Federation of Light groundcrew, as well as an overall activation of humanity´s universal consciousness for the ascended earth. I was shown this energy originates from the Andromeda galaxy, our neighboring galaxy, which is a galaxy of universal consciousness and where the Christ Council is seated. So this Lionsgate is going to be extremely powerful and epic to say the least as Neowise will use this galactic gateway to usher in these new universal keys and codes for the full dismantling and crushing of the old rigid structures and at the same time will deliver the building blocks and dna upgrades needed for this epic gravitational shift in consciousness that is upon us.

Those of you who are here as ambassadors of peace of the star alliance and members of the Galactic Federation of light Groundcrew will feel the deep calling and knowing, that you have been preparing for and signed up for this time as anchors and conduits for these keys and codes, that is the final wake up call for the Collective to finally remove the fleece and look within and face the truth of the enslavement and draconian obliteration agenda of the planet and humanity itself. I was shown and experienced how my energy field is totally intervowen with Neowise and I could feel this comet´s consciousness and how I am part of it in one of my higher galactic aspects and I was told that a great number of galactic groundcrew are indeed anchors of its energy, and part of the collective consciousness field of Neowise, which is something we have signed up for in service of and as members (anchors) of the Galactic Federation of light. During the downloads, which almost caused me to pass out because of its intensity… I could hardly breathe and was in a trancelight full blown orgasmic bliss…. I saw multiple ET races, also the Arcturians amongst others aboard a huge Mothership, that is disguising itself in the hue of Neowise. Aboard this ship are members of the Galactic Federation of Light, many of the groundcrew aboard in their higher galactic aspects

This is the last and final call. It is the last hour for us to unite and step into our sovereignty to free our planet and save humanity from becoming an AI cyborg civilization. There is no more time to waste. It is time to act and become vigilant in our choices. Do we obey and conspire to having all our human rights stripped away and our souls hijacked or do we look thru the smokescreen of fake domion and surpression…. do we stand up in our true might as our own state and law as free universal citizens, which is our divine birthright. Time to take a stand. Get ready for close encounter with Neowise and our galactic family of light. They will be in close colloboration (already are) in the reconstruction of the new earth. We will be walking together hand in hand in galactic mastery in divine unity… new technologies will pop up from every corner, new healing modalities, new free energy devices, new light medicine remedies etc. will see the light of the day. Hail Neowise, Hail the new Lemuria.. the galactic earth star harmonic convergence is upon us.

I have been specifically asked to facilitate an event on the 08-08 Lionsgate, which will have several elements to it as touched upon above. The storm is upon us. BE the eye of the storm. We were born for this. We are starlight in human form… there are no “aliens” we are kin and one and the same with various galactic lineage. It is time to unite and wake up to the truth of our galactic inheritance and reclaim our universal rights as the magnificent vessels of (star)light universal intellegence and divine unity, that we came here to be and to anchor in universal christ consciousness NOW. No starwars but universal peace across the multiverse. Love is our ally and the promise for universal peace.

Here is the link to sign up for the 08-08 Lionsgate transmission:

Please feel free to share this monumental event far and wide in your community, in groups and websites to those you feel are in resonance with this epic transmission and or part of the starseed community and groundcrew as the power of our group forcefield will have a far reaching exponential affect on the global Collective the greater number of people united in our group merkabah to create the 100th monkey effect quantum mass awakening needed. Fb only allow a very limited number of invitations per event, so feel free to share with your soul tribe.
Grace Solaris