The Sun and the Child: The Lenses of Love

earth shining eraoflightdotcomThe Child : Father, how are the evil ones part of the love of Source?

The Sun: We will do an exercise for this. You will need to use your imagination on three occasions. It is not difficult for you.

Imagine one occasion when you are out in a beautiful garden where you can see the full splendour of nature; the flowers are spreading a sweet smell, the wind is softly playing through the leaves chasing the birds away, and the light ,an immense light is permeating everything.

Not only you can clearly see the beauty that surrounds you but you can also see every detail of what is around you: the colours are bright and fresh, the flowers feel soft and soothing at touch, colourful little birds are coming towards you and they sit fearless on your hand and you feed them smiling. Your senses move and react in synchronicity with the nature movements. There is such harmony.

Then, there is a second such occasion.

Imagine again that you are in the same tremendously beautiful garden. But this time you are walking into the garden wearing some glasses. These glasses are unusual. The lenses of these glasses have an unique purpose: that of completely distorting anything that your eyes look at.

You are in the same garden, it is still you, but everywhere you look now, the sky is clouded and the garden looks a very different place. The trees appear crippled and decayed and the flowers lifeless . The light seems to have gone and you feel surrounded by uncertainty and sadness. You feel very unhappy in that place and you turn against the flowers and the trees and you start cutting them and building walls around you . The birds singing is hurting your ears with an annoying pitch and when they fly close to you, you feel threatened and you push them away.

The Child : crying …. are they the same birds that I fed Father , that I am pushing away?

The Sun: They are , but you don’t recognise them. They recognise you, but the lenses that you wear makes it impossible for you to recognise them.

The Child: Why don’t I take the glasses off then? It would be so simple!

The Sun: You could take them off. If you had the awareness of them. And you will. When something in the garden, maybe something little that you touch or stumble upon by accident will remind you of the other world that you carry within.

The Child : What is the third occasion Father?

The Sun: On this occasion you will understand the answer to your question.

You have seen yourself in the first situation and you have seen yourself in the second situation. Imagine now, that a part of you is still there, in each of these two separate situations. And imagine that yet another part of you is sitting outside watching in, just as you would watch a film that you made, a film that you can watch without intervening.

You watch yourself in the beautiful garden surrounded by all colours and sounds, by all life and joy. You see and feel the perfect symbiosis between planes.

You watch yourself in the same beautiful garden but refusing all its beauty and turning against it, attacking it and destroying it, wearing those distorting glasses that separate you from everything that you are.

And you feel deep pain and love in your heart for that part of you that wears the glasses. You would want to go out there and take your glasses off and although the three situations are still happening now(it is all happening in the now) you cannot step in.

And then you watch again that part of you that is surrounded by bliss and harmony in the same garden.

And questions arise in you: Whom do you love most ? Would you leave one behind if you could ? Would you negate his existence ? Would you not forgive ?

The Child : (… still crying quietly ) I love all of them Father. I wouldn’t leave any of them behind. There is nothing to forgive . I love them infinitely.

The Sun: And so does Source love all of his parts, infinitely, and He wouldn’t leave any of them behind..

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