Anara of Atlantis: Atlantis

wave after wave eraoflightdotcomAnara is a past life of Sharon Stewart’s. She lived on earth during the fall of Atlantis. I want to ask her about her time on earth as compared to the present that I’m experiencing now. How it was different and how it was the same? And what happened in the meanwhile.Me: Anara?

Anara: Hello!

Me: I’d like to ask you some questions about your lifetime in Atlantis.

Anara: Very good. I’d love to answer.

Me: So, as I understand it, you were in Atlantis towards the end of its lifetime, before the big cataclysm happened that ended its reign. You even moved off of the island to mainland Europe. Okay, I’m hearing your answers, so you’re telling me that some of mainland Europe, the western part, is part of Atlantis?

Anara: I am. What you know as Europe, Western Europe particularly, and the south around the Mediterranean was once part of Atlantis.

Me: Why are there no old ruins?

Anara: They were blown off. Whatever didn’t sink, was destroyed.

Me: Oh.

Anara: The Greek Pantheon and the temples with the large pillars were Atlantean designs that were reconstructed after its demise.

Me: Interesting.

Anara: So there are remnants of Atlantis, at least in reconstruction, on your surface but most of it is under water of course.

Me: They’re saying that Antarctica is Atlantis.

Anara: Atlantis broke up into many pieces as it sunk underground. Large pieces broke off and were blown to the corners of the earth. So this might well be the case. As far as Antarctica goes, there are remnants of other civilizations there as well and the technology they’ve found they’re trying to learn how to use. Technology that extraterrestrials use always works on frequency. If you don’t have the correct frequency, you can try all you want but it won’t work for you. So we’re not really worried about the fact they’ve accessed it. All they can try to do is create copies based on their meager understanding of ancient extraterrestrial technology.

Me: Do you consider yourself an ET?

Anara: Yes, I’m of Vega as well. Like you are. I was a starseed too at the time. I came to earth for the same reason you did: to be there at the time of Ascension. However, Atlantis didn’t ascend, obviously. Some people on this island did but there was no earthly ascension as was hoped at the time.

Me: So this was about 12,000 BC or so?

Anara: Around then, yes.

Me: Can you describe life there more for us please?

Anara: It was a quiet life we had, very peaceful. At first we became aware of a presence that was disturbing, and then the presence made itself known. This presence was the beings from Mars that were selfish and self-serving, unlike the people of Atlantis. We had worked for many eras, to rid ourselves of selfishness, negativity, and had become a loving service to others and God world. A beautiful world with marvelous crystal technology and wonderful temples that we would worship in. We lived for the marvel of just being. We lived as one people, loving and caring of each other. People were telepathic, people worked with crystals, people ate simply but loved deeply. It was an absolute heaven.

Then this presence came to earth. It landed on a desolate part of the island and began to incarnate as Atlanteans. We noticed that our people were falling out of our frequency; they were beginning to become negative again. They were becoming evil. These people gathered in groups, they began to practise the dark arts, they experimented on children, they experimented on animals. They lived sometimes underground and came up to the surface. They didn’t fit in with the others but somehow they grew stronger in power and overpowered the minds of many of our people who were not the highest in frequency. They overwhelmed them, and took them under their wing to practise evil as they did. Eventually, after many attempts to turn the entire population, they did not succeed but in their attempts to control the populace, they blew up the island.

Me: How?

Anara: They caused an explosion that was far worse than a nuclear explosion. They reversed the flow of the crystals. They created anti-energy.

Me: How were they trying to control people with anti-energy?

Anara: To change their minds.

Me: Oh. Mind control. Yeah, we know about that too.

Anara: They created anti-matter, is I think how you explain it. It was a matter/anti-matter explosion.

Me: I understand from watching Star Trek that that’s not good.

Anara: Yes, your science fiction programs are not always fiction. There is truth to them.

Me: Oh yes, and they used dilithium crystals in their ships too. So the crystals can create anti-matter if you know to reverse their flow.

Anara: Yes, however I don’t recommend you do.

This caused flooding all over the planet and changed the cartography. Islands sunk in the ocean and others arose. The English Channel was once a land mass connecting Britain to the mainland. It’s now filled in of course.

Coastlines changed, new lands emerged. It changed the entire planet. Lemuria sunk at the same time Atlantis was exploded. Now you only have bits of it left in Polynesia and throughout the Pacific. All those islands were once that tropical paradise. In Canada all the islands in the Arctic Ocean were once a solid landmass.

Me: Attached to Canada or not?

Anara: In some spots it was.

Me: Was it as cold?

Anara: No. Not at all. It was a temperate climate.

These evil ones overtook your world. They created the world you know today, with your evil Matrix and the sociopathic leaders. These were the sorts that landed on Atlantis years ago. The same people. You have that in common with us.

They haven’t changed because they can’t change. Evil is evil. Life evolves; evil devolves if anything. It tends to stay the same.

Earth was a beautiful jewel at that time. Pristine. Glorious. Blue. Lush greens and bright flowers of all colors. So much fruit and vegetable growing everywhere. The taste of the foods was so strong, so delicious, your foods pale by comparison now. There were many more types of plant life that bore fruit that you don’t know now because your environment is too polluted to sustain these plants. They’re too delicate and so you have a much more limited choice of foods than we did. We could eat all day and there was so much to choose from.

Me: So what did you do? How long did you live? What did you die of?

Anara: My life story. I came to earth to teach. There was no veil of amnesia at the time, the dark ones installed that later. I came to teach the ways of the universes, the mystical, the magical and the divine. I had a partner who was not Ivo, he was an Atlantean named Lenor. Lenor was a Lyran who incarnated in order to teach the Lyran ways upon Earth. We worked together as mystics and taught all we knew to anyone who would listen.

We didn’t have jobs to earn income as you do now. We ate for free, lived for free and all was provided for that we needed. It was heavenly! But all that changed with these dark ones. They created human slavery programs to enslave you to their will. And you still are.

Me: I know.

Anara: That’s why you’re here now, my love. You are here to help free people. You will learn our ways – the power of the true human and you will teach that yet.

Me: I’m just starting. I love using the violet flame to rid the sky of chemtrails.

Anara: That for example. You are a teacher, we are a teacher, and we always help those who need to learn. That’s what we do.

Me: We always seem to show up on planets when they’re in a pickle as well.

Anara: A pickle? I understand your intent. When the planet is in trouble.

Me: Yes. That’s it.

Anara: This time you will succeed. They are being relieved of all of their devious technology by the Galactic Federation. They are not allowed to use it and it is being decayed.

Me: Yes, like the nuclear rockets that lose all their screws on the gantries. LOL I think the ETs have a sense of humor around this.

Anara: It probably helps. (sighing) Atlantis was a jewel. We would like to start a new planet and call it Atlantis because it was so wonderful. With the prior diversity of earth’s riches and the lush beautiful soils, the deepest azure waters (Yes, they were lighter then) and the most heavenly people… it was pure paradise. I still miss it.

Me: I think the earthlings do too.

Was the landing of these dark ones the first coming of them on the earth or were they elsewhere beforehand?

Anara: They landed elsewhere as well, before our island. They were on the earth and we tried to negate their influence with our energy.

Me: So you were fighting them too?

Anara: Yes, energetically. We saw what they did in South America. We saw what they did all around Asia and India. Their influence was negative but at the time it didn’t appear to be too much of a problem. When they blew up Atlantis, I suppose they’d reached a point that they were powerful enough to overtake earth, so they became a real problem at that time. They insinuated themselves everywhere and took over leadership, direction of the cultures and told people what to think and how to be. It started slowly from the first landing, and then seemed to go away and then it came back. They were like a disease that just spread across the globe.

Me: I heard they were underground first, creating DUMBs and abducting people already at that time, and they enslaved the reptilians that lived underground first then humans on the surface.

So you moved off onto the main continent at that time?

Anara: Ah yes. I moved away to what you would call Poland. At the time there was a slight gap between Atlantis and this part of Europe in the name of the Izre River, so we crossed the Izre and ended up in what you would call eastern Europe and Russia. And we lived there only to watch our beloved land sink in this catastrophe. Of course we knew it was coming – we were seers and prophets so we knew it was as you say, “sink or swim,” so we swam. Your biblical flood relates to this catastrophe. Much was affected. Much was changed.

Me: You managed to live in Poland, then after the catastrophe?
Anara: We did, however it was more of a struggle.

Me: Why?

Anara: There was now domination of the negative and this changed the earth as well. These vibrations will change what you have at your disposal. The food chain changed, people began eating meat out of desperation to stay alive. There was starvation post Atlantis, in about 12,000 B.C. roughly. There were thriving civilizations but others began to wane.

Many Atlanteans moved to Egypt and tried to recreate their beloved home there. It was a lush territory with much water and fertile soil, so they tried to start again. The pyramids were there from ancient civilizations and so they attempted to use that energy to help themselves but Egypt too was overtaken by darkness.

Once these dark ones began to dominate in Atlantis they were already part of the earth collective and could incarnate anywhere now. They did, and then their compadres from the stars showed up as enforcements. Earth changed. It changed so much.

(I really feel her grief).

It sunk into a hell.

Me: So you lived out your life in Poland, and you had children because I’m of your bloodline now, and they eventually found their way to western Europe because I’m a Dutch/German mix.

Anara: Yes, we are family. All humans are family. They just need to understand that. Physical appearance is superficiality. Blood is all the same. Soul is all the same.

Me: Yes.

Anara: We died of old age. I died at about 150 years of age and Lenor at about 160. We tried to keep the old mystic ways alive but people became such that they couldn’t practise them; their frequency was too low.

Me: That makes sense.

Anara: We tried to keep the knowledge alive. We wrote it on stones and these were eventually taken and put away so nobody could access the knowledge. We wrote it on paper and that was even more vulnerable. That could burn.

Me: So already in 12,000 BC the ancient knowledge was disappearing.

Anara: You experience many on earth now who are not capable of any mystical practise because they don’t have the correct energy to do it. Energy must be positive and there must be enough of it in order to be able to fuel the practise. It’s your energy that creates the effect. If you have less energy because it’s being siphoned off by malevolents, then you can’t do that work.

Me: Another reason they take our loosh.

Anara: Yes. So they become skeptical of it because it doesn’t work for them. Earth is regressive now, except for a few who hold the mystical secrets and practise them.

Me: It is. Were you happy to leave earth?

Anara: Yes and no. I realized that the beautiful pristine land of my birth was gone and it had been replaced with the beginnings of what would become a living hell for people. Within the span of 150 years, yes. That quickly.

Me: A lot can change in 150 years. Look at our industrialized western world now. It wasn’t this 150 years ago.

Do you still see Lenor?

Anara: At times, yes. We talk about coming back to earth.

Me: Oh good. You can do the next round.

Anara: LOL You haven’t enjoyed negativity?

Me: You’re being facetious obviously?

Anara: I am. Perhaps I’ll come back to earth when the lands are pristine again, when the fruit drops from the trees like it did, when crystals are the technology of choice and people stop suffering. My land will perhaps rise again from the sea, at least part of it will, and I will be able to see it again. Walk its fine soil and eat its delicious fruit. Perhaps.

Me: Thank you for your time, Anara.

Anara: I have to infinity. You’re quite welcome.

» Source » Channel: Sharon Stewart