Mars Squares Pluto, August 2020; Discover What Was Formerly Hidden

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomRight now Mars is creating a dynamic 90° square to Pluto.

You may feel an inner tension – meant to propel and inspire you to ask questions.

If you fell energy pushing back, then use that as an opportunity to strengthen your resolve – you have large resources of energy now.

With Mars’ upcoming retrograde, Mars and Pluto will pass each other at a 90° square several times.

This is the first of three meetings.

It began on August 13 – a number aligned with transformation, empowerment and sudden changes of direction.

13 is the vibration of the Divine Feminine.

Mars represents the Sacred Masculine.

Pluto is the empowerment, rebirth and purging planet.

With this Astro-Numerology code in play, welcoming change is a key component now.

Be open to let go and purge.

Welcome any passion to wonder and surrender so you can easily navigate the rapidly unfolding vibrational shifts in play now.

This square between Mars and Pluto fires you up to achieve.

Any meet-up between these two planets results in intensification of creative confidence, a profound connection to your sexuality, and an “I’m going to go for it” attitude.

Your ability to instantly transform situations is also incredibly strong.

And then, two days later, Uranus stations retrograde at 10° Taurus.

Uranus governs independence of thought, radical shifts, discoveries, individual and collective freedom, intuition and innovation.

So, as Mars gears up to station retrograde on 9.9.2020, you are now preparing for a period of intense inner awakening, as your urge for solutions turns inward.

Your untapped inner resources are experiencing a renaissance.

Mars and Pluto are co-rulers of Scorpio, sign of power, truth, secrets and confronting your fears.

You are primed at this time in human history to uncover secrets that help set the record straight.

Your HEART will feel the connection and give you strong feedback.

These are the times when we discover what was formerly hidden.

It’s an incredible opportunity to explore!

Take the initiative to follow your intuition wherever it may take you. Your newfound sense of freedom ignites a powerful alchemical healing within you.

With courage and trust, you can accomplish anything.

If there has ever been a time to trust in your ability to take the reigns and steer your life in the direction of your dreams… it is NOW.

And when you combine the activation of inner courage with a fortunate current name, as discovered in Your Wealthy Name Code, you’ll align with the highest vibrational forces to create dynamic outcomes.

It’s an amazing time to take initiative – inspired and fired up from within.

Take the opportunity to explore your unlimited potential!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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