Judas Iskariot: A Promise

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and today is a day of many other days, yet it is a new day with a new promise, a promise that you can give to yourself. What do you want to give to yourself this day that is today. Do you want to give yesterday’s worries or do you want to reverently hold your breath, to let something new come into your life. Hold your breath for a moment and feel how anticipation flows through your body. The anticipation for what is to come, the anticipation for what is to happen in your life. Then continue your day with this expectation in your body and be open to everything you see and experience during the day. When you feel that you have returned to your old ruts, it is time to take a new breath and once again feel the anticipation and joy of everything you see and encounter this day. This day will then feel different and your perspective may differ slightly from what you “normally” usually see. This can help you stay focused in the present moment. In today’s troubled world, it can be a great help to yourself and others you meet, you are in the land of opportunity and allow others to participate in the same spirit as you. It can open up for something new and exciting that can affect on several levels both individually and collectively.

There are great opportunities for radical change in your world today. A greater awareness is emerging in the silence that is now taking place on Earth. New voices are beginning to be heard for justice and compassion among people. It is a great suffering on Earth but it is also a great growth. If it can lead to you meeting in a true brotherhood and sisterhood, then you have created peace on Earth, which so many have wanted and worked for. You can only solve all the Earth’s problems with peaceful means and there are many who work for the good of the Earth and people. They have done research and they have invented tools of various kinds that would be of great benefit to humanity but also to the Earth.

Hold your breath and let the new take place, be open to change and welcome the joy into your life. Do not focus on difficulties, but instead see the opportunities that are available. Through your presence you will let in something new and in that way change your future. You can not know what role you play in this game, it is only in your presence that you can see the possibilities that open up for you. It can be something new that comes into your life, it can also be something that grows in you, a greater awareness that gives your life a completely different meaning. This in turn can lead to other changes, your way of looking at yourself and the world from a completely different dimension. A step towards a reality other than the one you are used to seeing has suddenly been taken, and you slowly begin to adapt to your newfound reality.

There are a large number of people who have now taken a step up the stairs. 🙂 It creates opportunities, dear…. it creates opportunities for you as a collective to grow at an ever-increasing rate, because you help and support each other every now and then. The more you are, the bigger waves you achieve, waves of a higher vibration that have a greater ability to manifest in your mental and physical life. These are waves that wave back and forth on Earth today and they manifest themselves where a large number of people receive them and let them flow into their consciousness. A thought, a feeling, a word, which becomes form, it is possible in the higher vibration in a faster sequence, than where it is in the lower vibration which encounters a greater resistance and takes a long time to manifest itself about it can be done at all.

Be steadfast now, dear Earthlings, stay focused and be present, see the opportunities that are revealed to you. They will be revealed to you, so it is said and so it is written. Your path is inviolable and it manifests itself piece by piece in your heart and in your mind, to be further seen with clear and beautiful eyes.

I go with you, you are all equally dear to me. You are beautiful, beloved souls like walks on a beloved Earth whose soul is as beautiful and beloved as yours.

Great love


» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg