These Roots Go Deep

astrology energy eraoflightdotcomThese roots go deep… That is what I heard when I sat down to write about this Uranus retrograde that we are moving into on Saturday, August 15

Uranus is the planet of change, liberation, and my favorite combination of revolution evolution. Uranus is on the planets that I refer to as a Super Hero Agent of Change… But the real change ALWAYS begins internally and moves to the external. So Uranus retrogrades are powerful.

A human note about this retrograde – Uranus can be very stimulating to the nervous system and therefore any strong Uranus connections or changes – such as a retrograde process – can lead to tired and wired, over stimulated feelings. Also note if you are Aquarius or Aquarius rising or have strong Aquarius energy in your chart, you may feel more affected by this energy!

This retrograde will go all the way until January 14 2021… and will move through the degrees of 10 back to 6 degrees in Taurus – so if you have any planets there aligning with this energy, you may feel this on a stronger level.

What I personally feel with this retrograde is that we are pulling up roots… deep roots that have fed energies that no longer serve. Part of the revolution and evolution in this retrograde process will be aligning with our values and pulling out, pulling away our energy from things that don’t serve us or anybody. My feeling is that these energies have long been held in our family lines and potentially past lives… but it is time to release. It is noticing on a moment to moment basis, where you are feeding your energy and its physical, spiritual, emotional, mental effect on your body!

This will not be all over night… it will be little by little… but it feels like very important work – especially because when Uranus goes direct – we will have Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius which is the sign ruled by Uranus… How can you use these next several months to liberate yourself?

Beyond this, we are still feeling yoddy in the astro – although less so than Friday (thank goodness cause wow that energy was a lot… hence the write up instead of a video!) The Moon in Cancer is encouraging softness and fluidity with your energy through the day… don’t push if you don’t need to… It’s an overall quiet astro day beyond this shift…

I pulled the suppression card for this Uranus retrograde energy and I am posting a small part of the write up… again.. these roots are deep… It will take time to pull the energy back – but your awareness to this will support the process!

“The figure on this card is quite literally “all tied up in knots”. His light still shines within, but he has repressed his own vitality trying to meet so many demands and expectations.
He has given up all his own power and vision in return for being accepted by the very same forces that have imprisoned him.
The danger of suppressing one’s natural energy in this way is apparent in the cracks of a volcanic eruption about to take place around the edges of the image.”

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