Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Covid-19, Satanic Rebellion

independent media network eraoflightdotcomThe ongoing Covid-19 “pandemic” campaign is a full-scale Satanic rebellion against the creator.   That is because when a government is actively fighting to suppress the truth, then it is working against the creator of the truth, i.e. the creator of the universe.   Right now the Satan controlled corporate media and their slave governments are lying about the “pandemic” and actively murdering those who try to expose it.   History shows that when governments fear the truth and increase repression, their days are limited.   These are the conclusions reached after a really eye-opening visit to family and friends in Canada.   These people still live inside the fake corporate news bubble and actually believe that Covid-19 is a real danger despite all the evidence to the contrary.

My sister, who is a specialist in epidemics and head of medicine at a major university hospital in Canada has been on the frontlines of this so-called epidemic since the beginning.   Her conclusion is that there has been a vast over-reaction to something that fails to meet the definition of a real pandemic.   According to her, the overall death rate from respiratory diseases (pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, “Covid-19,” etc.) is lower than in average years.   However, the suspension of such things as cancer screening and treatment of other illnesses means it is “too early to tell if the overall death rate is dropping.”  Either way, it is clear what we are dealing with is not a medical issue but a political one.

What is interesting is that until I actually went to Canada and talked with her, it turns out all my emails asking her about this in the past had been blocked by a third party.   In other words, government agencies are censoring private emails to suppress medical truth.

The other observation is how easy it was to take a stable democracy like Canada’s and turn it into a fascist or communistic state of informers.   For example, I remember how during the cold war Western propaganda said the fact Russians had to show ID for domestic travel was a sign of communist repression.   Guess what, now you need a picture ID to travel inside Canada.   Also, when I arrived the border police told me I needed to self-quarantine for two weeks or face criminal charges.   That was no problem since I was staying at my cottage by the lake anyway.   What was interesting is that people like my sister-in-law and the lady at the local store were ready to inform on me if they saw me in public.   They turned into informants because they sincerely believed they were saving lives from a “pandemic.”  This despite the fact we are dealing with something that is about as deadly as a common cold.

Another observation came from a friend who works in the film industry in LA.   He says a friend of his was hospitalized with “Covid-19,” and that he only survived his hospital stay because he refused to go on a ventilator.   He says everyone who was put on a ventilator died.   So, we have a testimony, backed by information send by various readers, that some hospitals are actively murdering people in order to maintain the aura of fear and control they need to stay in power.

Also, the mindset of people who are part of the new age Covid-19 religion shows how a majority of the people have lost the ability to think rationally or independently.   Even if we take a huge leap of faith and believe this mild, cold-like virus is deadly, there is no medical reason to wear a mask while jogging, biking, or driving alone.   And yet, people are going through a form of self-mutilation to do just that.

Of course, my cool-aid drinking friends who, despite the evidence of their own eyes, believed the official line said, “There is no way there could be a conspiracy so vast.”

So, let us look at who in the real world has the power to carry out such a campaign.   The forensic trail of evidence leads to the P3 freemasons and the still existing Roman Empire.

The Covid-19 totalitarian campaign we are now witnessing can be traced to military-type hierarchical organizations controlled by the Romans.  The most important of these are medical associations.  Western medicine evolved out of military medicine.  That is why there is a surgeon “general.” At the top of this pyramid is the WHO and the UN with its unelected “Secretary-General.”  If doctors refuse to go along with orders they lose their medical licenses and thus their ability to earn a living.  So, most doctors go along.

Another thing they control is international infrastructure entities such as airports and ports.  Take a look at this photo of Narita airport (one of the worlds’ busiest) I took at the height of the summer travel season.  It was nearly deserted.  This is real economic sabotage at work based on lies.

Here is a photo of the nearly deserted testing center at Narita.

The return flight to Japan was on a jumbo jet that only had 28 passengers, only three of whom were staying in Japan.  If this continues, it is only a matter of time before most world airlines go bankrupt.

When I arrived in Japan I was told I could only stay in the country if I took a “Covid-19 test.”  Since it only involved spitting into a container (I would have resisted any form of an intrusive test) I agreed and came out three hours later with a negative test result.  What was interesting about the whole experience is that it was clear that the Japanese authorities (i.e. the people doing the testing at the airport) were clearly just going through the motions to appease foreign overlords.

In any case, the entire pandemic campaign is, despite its intensity, a sign of desperation and defeat on the part of the controllers.

Here is what they are trying to hide: the economic collapse and revolution.

For example, take a look at this two-minute video that shows Fifth Avenue in New York completely nailed down and after an undeclared civil war battle New York became a virtual ghost town.

New York was the scene of mass arrests of inspectors of the Khazarian mafia, and the abandoned street scene was the result of this battle.

The other thing is, of course, the continuing collapse of the current Western economic paradigm.

For example, the USA is supposedly the superpower of the world and one of the richest countries in the world, which is nevertheless facing a hunger crisis which is worse than almost any country in the Third World.

Late July lived 12.1% of adults in households who did not have a child at some time during the previous week had enough to eat, while nearly 20% of Americans with children at home couldn’t afford to feed their children enough

Another indication was that in August, 32% of Americans spent the fourth month in Follow no rent paid.

As we have already written, it is thus mathematically sure that the entire banking sector there is de facto insolvent. This crisis is not limited to the USA, but affects the entire Khazarian mafia controlled G7 countries.

So Japan’s economy shrank for example, in April-June by 7.8% compared to the previous quarter, or in an annualized Speed of 27.8%, the Cabinet Office announced on Monday.

The same or worse you could say about Britain, Germany, Italy, France, etc. Of course the G7 inspectors want to avoid putting the blame for 40 years of trade and tax deficits is blamed on a so-called virus, and not on the economic Mismanagement.

Here is a blatant example where they use the fake pandemic to wood shortage in North America, one of the largest wood producers in the world, is responsible for to do.

We had to pay three times the price [for lumber]…

The explanation they gave us was that COVID-19 shut down the plants that treat the wood, and the finally caught up with us, said Jey Wilson, the owner of Wilson Construction in Galveston.

The real reason, say contractors, who explained why I was in Canada, one of the world’s leading timber producers, could not buy any timber, is that the Chinese chemicals used to treat the wood were not available.

The efforts of Congress to address the situation are definitely much too little, too late.

For example, Congressman Warren Davidson (R-OH) said Leader of a new Congressional Healthy Money caucus, last week, that he looks forward to finding political solutions to reduce the economic distortions of address monetary inflation, so that monetary and fiscal policy can help to reduce Rebuild the middle class, get the American economy back on track and get us on the road to sustainable growth.

At this point, the only answer seems to be a revolution followed by an anniversary something that no one in the current regime dares to say for fear of death.

For example, the brother of President Donald Trump, Robert Robert, was the last murdered a week after a truth tweet storm was quickly cleared by NSA sources was.

The assistant to this writer in Japan also received death threats last week to to pressure me to stop telling the truth about the slave regime in Japan. Of course, we have every intention of releasing made threats to proactively hunt and arrest or kill. We know who they are, and we know where they are.

In the meantime, as usual, the problems in the G7 are drawing the attention of the people from big events elsewhere. Perhaps the greatest is the growing possibility of a revolution in Russia.

Huge demonstrations are now taking place to for example, to overthrow the Russian puppet regime in Belarus.

In the news of corporate propaganda, it says that Russian President Vladimir Putin the embattled Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko if necessary would offer military assistance, but there was no visible police presence at Protest, which attracted about 200,000 people, a reporter from Reuters estimated.

What they do not report are mass demonstrations against Putin in Russia itself.

Here is an example of such a demonstration in Russia (you only have to observe to get the idea).

FSB sources in Russia say that the current fake Khabad Putin not long would stop.

They also sent the following photos of the Russian presidential candidate Ksenya Sobchak to show how decadent the current Regime was there.

They described Sobchak as: an Israeli protégé, prostitute and Jewish professional provocateur, who was associated with the Jewish sect of the death Chabad, in particular with the chief rabbi of Chabad in Russia Berl Lazar.

The Chabad rabbi Berl Lazar ran away from the USA, when the FBI investigated his case and was ready to charge him with pedophilia and financial fraud to arrest.

In any case, sources from the P3 Masons and the Dragon family say that the entire disintegrating political structure in the G7 this autumn to a fundamental change …to the door.

In their opinion, a re-start of the financial system was already underway, and Much of this would become visible to everyone this autumn.

The representative of the Golden Dragon, who was arrested in Serbia in July, is now in Indonesia, sources at P3 and Dragon Family say. The funds to revive the global economy will be released this autumn, they say.

Believe it when you see it.


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