Saint Germain: Time to Re-Declare Your Independence

saint germain eraoflightdotcomI am your Saint Germain, as if you did not know, with the Violet Flame! (Laughter)

And I am here certainly at this time to help to continue to assist you in moving through these trying times that you are in now. And my goodness, you are in very trying times. Times that are bringing you to the verge of tears often. Times that are bringing you to the verge of needing to run away. Times that are bringing you to the point where you just want to say, “Enough! I don’t want this anymore, I can’t take this anymore, I can’t take these lower vibrations anymore, I need to get out! I need to be in the higher vibrations.”

And then certainly when that happens, be in those higher vibrations! Do whatever you need to do to find something that uplifts you, whatever it might be. Whether it is walking outside and feeling the air, the beautiful crisp clean air. Certainly where you are in this place now (speaking of our current location for our Advance). Do that. Or feel the love from your neighbor, and your neighbor’s neighbor, and everyone coming together, feel that!

There will be times when you will feel these triggers of emotion. There will be times when you will drop back down. You have been doing that for years, now.

Actually, you have been doing that for lifetimes: up and down, up and down. Because all along, each and every one of you have remembered deep within you the times when you were always in those higher vibrations. You were always in the higher dimensions. You were always connected to the Source within you. You always knew that connection.

But then you chose to be here. You volunteered to come here and assist. You volunteered to come here and be the Wayshowers, the ones that would go before, that would show the way to those that are coming up behind, and be the example, be the ideal, be the change that you want to see in the world. You know all of this now. You have heard this again and again from so many of us that have been assisting you, guiding you to remember who you are, to always know that.

And then those times come again where you slip and you forget who you are. You forget that the God Source is within each and every one of you, and that you are that God Source. And you are even the universe itself! You have never not been. But you forget again, and again, and again. But each time that you forget, there is that part of you that jumps in again, and says, ”No! Remember, remember who I am! I AM God, IAM the Universe! I AM the Oneness, I AM the ONE!” And when you know that, when you can say fully within you, “I AM the ONE,” then you are like Neo in “The Matrix” movie where you can stop the bullets, you can stop the attacks from outside. You have the shield around you.

And each and every one of you have that shield, you just forget it is there. That shield is your merkaba! That shield is your white light! Your tube of white light, however you want to utilize the abilities that you have, the tools that you have been given. You have all been given these tools. And all of you can work with these in whatever way it requires.

But here you are in these times, these times of the storm. And the storm continues to rage around you. And you continue to attempt to find the calm within that storm. Because you are following the guidance we have given you as much as you can. You are looking for that calm. You are looking to be in the eye of the storm.

But it is difficult for you now to be in the eye of the storm, because the storm is passing now. It is now as if it has come, you have been in the eye, and it is moving through past you now, and you are no longer in the eye of the storm. But you have to pretend that you were in that eye, even though it is going to continue to rage around you, even though it may appear to get more and more difficult because of this awakening, because of this great awakening that is happening.

And it requires the darkness to begin to become aware of themselves within the light, and to recede from that light, and that is what they are doing now. They are coming out of the shadows, attempting to reach out and to extinguish the light wherever they can. But they cannot do it, and they know they cannot do it. But they still try, and try, and try. And you know about trying. You know that you cannot ‘try.’ You must do it, or not do it. And they continue though to try, and they will not be able to do it. It is not possible for them anymore.

Because the light is overwhelming, here. Not only on this planet, but in this solar system, and in the galaxy. It is pouring in, now. The light is pouring in through the Galactic Central Sun, through your sun into this solar system, down to the Earth. It is pouring in in waves and waves and waves. And you have been feeling that energy. Many of you have been feeling that energy.

Just this day or this weekend you have been feeling that energy. And it has pulled you down at various points, various times. But you raised yourselves back up. It is not how many times you get knocked down, it is how many times you pull yourself back up and go on and on and on.

And even though there are those times when you say, “I am done! I am not going to do this anymore, why did I volunteer for this?” And those times when you say that, there are those whispers that come back in to you and say, “You did volunteer for this. You are here for a great purpose. You are here to bring the Earth out of the darkness, to help to rise higher and higher into the higher dimensions.” And when you hear those whispers and you begin to remember and realize that once again, then, my friends, you are back in the Ascension process fully. You are moving full through the transition.

And everything, and I do mean everything, is opening up to you. And you are coming close to the end. To the end of these dark ages. The Golden Age, the New Golden Age of Gaia that you are helping to create! That you are purposefully being here to bring this forward. This is what you are here to do and you are doing it. And we are here applauding you.

Even though you may not be applauding yourselves, we are standing here and we have our hands together and clapping, and raising our hands up high, and saying, “Halleluiah, Halleluiah, the light has returned to this planet!” And those of the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors are helping to bring this light forward. And the Boots on the Ground are assisting right along with the Alliance, right along with Q, right along with the president of this country, right along with the leaders of the other countries who are also coming out of it. Many of them are coming out of the shadows as well.

But unlike some of those that are coming out of the shadows, these leaders are coming forward and realizing they are the leaders of the country that they are assisting! They are the world leaders! And they must begin to set the example. So the light is pouring into them as well. The light is pouring into many of the countries throughout the world.

This is how peace is coming to the planet. The leaders are stepping forward. Not all of them yet, but many of them, are stepping forward and are about to come forward with various announcements, as I have spoken of before, and other sources now have also come forward and spoken of. They are ready to come forward with these announcements.

And it is only a matter of vibration and frequency. Consciousness raising a little bit more here and there. For the fear to diminish here and there, and then everywhere.

And those masks that you are all fighting against that are tending to lead to the control of the people, those masks are going to be coming off. Because those who are attempting to hold control realize they cannot control the people. They cannot do it anymore because the people are rising up as one and saying “No more! We will not take this anymore! We will not allow you to take away our freedom anymore!” And the small percentage of people that are attempting to do that, and those overlords over them are realizing that the jig is up. The game is over.

I apologize for being quite so vehement in this, for being on what you might call a soap box, but it is time! It is time for you to sign, re-sign that Declaration of Independence that says, “We the people.” But not only of this country, but the entire planet, the entire solar system, the entire galaxy must be free once again!

I shall release now to the One Who Serves, and to your beloved Shoshanna who will somewhat allow for some calmness to come back in. I apologize if I may have, what The James is calling, ‘oh, you got on your high horse, here.’

But it was important that I do so. Because it is hoped that many will read these words, and will listen to these words, and will say just once again, “No more! Enough is enough!”

If Prime Creator can say “enough is enough,” can not all of we say “enough is enough”?!

» Source » Channel: James McConnell

6 Replies to “Saint Germain: Time to Re-Declare Your Independence”

  1. Pure Energy

    Ride that high horse Germain, higher and higher because we are on that high horse with you right now. To continually stay on that horse we all need to be reminded that quantum physics has always taught that all of us are literal light. Solidity is NEVER found in those billion dollar colliders built around the world. Quantum physics teaches us that we cannot die because we are electromagnetic, holographic, multidimensional energy and light beings. These words can be found in the book “Hands of Light” written by the physicist Barbara Brennan.

    E=mc2 Nothing is solid or physical or material or biological here or anywhere. Tesla said everything is energy and that energy shows itself as light. From the book ‘The Quantum World” written by the physicist Kenneth Ford, are these words: ‘magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light forming protons and neutrons”. Somebody somewhere is not teaching this to the whole world, so everybody is afraid of death. The belief in being physical and then dying is causing everyone to feel weak, as if they can do nothing. So here are more words: ” we all consist of 7 billion billion billion atoms, each one spinning billions of times a second each time a quark bursts forth spinning billions of times a second creating those protons and neutrons”. All these words I need to continually remember that I am not physical, that I am magic itself. YES !!! This physicist has used the MAGIC word to describe us !! This is super important to remember every moment of the simultaneous time we are immersed within. Ford also has a graph of simultaneous time in his book.

    In that Hands of Light book are many illustrations of what we all look like as conscious energy and light beings IN and OUT of these holographic bodies. Yes, we are holographic because we are not physical or solid or material or biological. In a world that teaches these words as if they are true, constantly we must tell ourselves that light is energy and both are consciousness itself.

    At the core of this existence are waves of energy and light. These are called the web or matrix or grid. We are saturated within this matrix of electromagnetic energy. We are infused with it. Our literal souls are bursting forth with it creating these images that we are. And we ARE images because we are not physical or solid or material or biological. Declare your light as truth because quantum physics has proven this. This light IS the consciousness of awareness called God. AND we are all that IT is. We can be nothing else. We are co-creators because we ARE our souls. Each time we concentrate on an image, this image builds with electromagnetic energy. The more concentration, the more the image is seen until we are literally creating these bodies over and over and over again, because creation IS constant, proven each time a quark bursts forth. Creation IS constant.

    Seth books are some of my favorite books. Even though Seth made the mistake of saying the “physical” word over and over, I am convinced that Seth was confused. Seth is an energy being existing in another dimension. He spoke through Jane Roberts. I ask all the time, if my soul is so much smarter than me because this soul is creating me, then how can this soul not take over my body until it is pain free? What is the point of pain? I read in a Seth book that the point of pain is to tell us we are making mistakes. But being taught in a world that we are physical and then die is a hard mistake to change. We are not taught in school that we are light because atoms spin as energy and light. This is not taught. How can our souls continually create us within a world that does not teach us we are light? Seth said our souls are creating a game to see if we can ever figure out what quantum physics teaches.

    We are personalities of these souls. We cannot be separate from them because they are OUR energy. So I read another book: ‘An Ascension Handbook” by Stubbs. Stubbs channeled Serapis. Serapis said this existence is an experiment. There can be only one outcome: we either figure out we are eternal light and energy right now. Or we don’t. Either way, we finally leave these holographic bodies to see we have always been eternal energy and light.

    Then I say/think: but an experiment at my expense? When I don’t see myself as energy and light, then it is as if I AM physical. It is as IF my soul is putting me into the fire to teach me that fire burns. But I am a child, I think. This experiment shows up in this world over and over and over as torture. How about when that parent puts the hand of the child in the fire to teach it fire burns? Why is the soul allowed to do this, but on earth it is punishable? How about all those oligarchs/terrorists that think they have our best at heart? They think they are doing us a favor by making decisions for us because they think we are stupid. They have created the depopulation agenda because they feel so superior just because they figured out how to illegally take all our money in the form of taxes and prisons and wars and big pharma. They must get their ideas from somewhere. Who created the idea of eugenics? Was it the soul? After all, our souls are creating us knowing that we are not super aware like they are. AND these souls keep us here in this land of supposed physicalness, knowing that it will be hard to figure out we are not physical. It is as if these souls are using their superior awareness to push us around, just like those NWO oligarchs. These oligarchs have to get their ideas from somewhere. Aren’t they getting these ideas from our souls? After all, these totalitarian oligarch bullies are the personalities of their souls, too !!! Don’t our souls want to be followed? Aren’t our souls acting like nazis when they don’t immediately come to our rescue because we don’t understand our pains? Why is this experiment at our expense so important? I say it is NOT !!!!!!

    1. Hrs si

      Thank you for taking the time to make this interesting post. I enjoyed reading it and it resonates with me

      1. Pure Energy

        Most cool.
        remember when Jesus said “Follow Me”? He knew that we are electromagnetic energy field vibrational beings or eternal holograms. He left his body and then came back into OR, he was so light that he knew how to take his body with him. After all, we ARE images. He was trying to teach OBEs or out of body experiences. there are many books on this subject now, as well as books on NDEs or near death experiences.
        In the Seth books I read that we are imagination itself. sometimes Seth said we are hallucinations. Hard to follow when we feel so solid. He said horrendousness has taken over because people just can’t believe they are holograms or patterns of light. None of us have been taught quantum physics which says nothing is solid. Do you think that the depopulation agenda/kissinger people know quantum physics? And if they did, why would they bother to rule over anyone?.
        I would love to follow Jesus to that dimension called heaven, which would be most of them compared to here. I have felt so light in the past that I never hurt. I felt all kinds of energy flow into me and out of me. I once spontaneously ejected from this body. I should have stayed out. I have read that we can help the people here from another dimension — the people that believe they are physical and then die. No reason to stay here. This is not our home. Its just that I have become so depressed from not finding someone to speak to that thinks like me. Depression makes me heavy, so I no longer feel energy. So now I would have to drown this body to be able to leave. Seth says all deaths are suicide because no matter how we leave, it is on purpose.

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