The Knee Chakra and Spiritual Ascension

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If you’ve ever experienced an issue with one knee or the other, you’ll want to read this post. You see, the knees are such a special energy centre of your body. It’s your knees that carry the weight of your entire life direction and they can also help in determining the pivotal turning points that will lead you towards one life path or another.

The knees serve as an ‘energetic bridge’ between your spiritual and physical life. They connect the two and are like an energetic ‘interchange hub’. And when you can understand what a key component they are in aligning you with your spiritual path, you’ll also discover what role they play in your ever-unfolding ascension…

The Knees

One of the largest and most complex joints of the human body, it’s the knees which allow movement to occur between your upper and lower leg. Without knees you would walk stiff and upright, moving only from your hip joint. Without knees, you wouldn’t be able to leap and jump to great heights, as you couldn’t bend your legs to give you the contraction you need in order to rise. It’s your knees that allow you to walk or run, as they also allow you to ‘choose the pace’ at which you travel through life.

An ‘Out There’ Joint

Physically, knees are an ‘out there’ joint, as well. They’re so vulnerable ‘physically’ and yet are placed under so much pressure from the entire body and mind. Just think of it. Your knee cap (the patella) faces out to the world, in whichever direction you point it in. When sitting, it can be the furthermost point of the body that receives and gives energy to and from its surroundings. It’s often the first point of call in receiving the force of life. Have you ever knocked your knee cap and nearly jumped out of your skin? And likewise, have you ever been struck in the back of the knee, causing you to almost instantly collapse?

Indeed, it’s that very ‘vulnerability’ of this life directional centre, which results in the knees deserving a special place within the functioning of the energy systems of the body – the chakras

The Knee Chakra

Right behind, through (and in front) of the knee is a vortex of energy, a convergence of above and below, that sits within your energy field of light. This vortex is generated by the functioning of the knee, as the centre which allows us to bend and flex, choosing our life direction (and speed) at will. The Knee Chakra is small compared to that of your major energy centres. It’s similar in size to the chakras generated at the soles of your feet. Indeed, the two are linked. I sense the knee chakra as being about the size of an outstretched hand.

Your knee chakra works in tandem with your base or root chakra and serves to stabilise your presence in the physical world. Whenever, I begin a healing session, I’m intuitively drawn first to the knees. I place my hands upon them or in the energy field just out from the knee caps. This serves to balance, stabilise and ground the energy flow of the person I’m working with. And I always receive the feedback of how comforting and supportive it feels to hold and embrace the knees. Try it now yourself. Just place your hands over your knee caps. Hold your hands there for a minute or so and feel the deep sense of balance and protection that is generated by your focused awareness. Your knees may even begin to communicate with you. What do they say?

Your Bridge Between Dimensions

You see, the knees serve as a bridge between dimensions. They are the bridge between the energy of above, the cosmic flow and the energy of below, the Earth flow. And thus, you can consider them to be a bridging energy between your spiritual reality and your physical reality. In particular, they serve as the bridge between actualising your spiritual path while living your physical life. Your knees interchange energy and messages between your upper energy centres (those connected with your spiritual path) and your lower energy centres (those connected with your physical path). This is one of the key reasons why your knees can be put under such strain, particularly if you continually choose to ignore the messages and guidance of spirit and continue to live a purely ‘physically focused’ life.

Your Spiritual Path and Your Knees

To conceptualise how this bridging process works in practice, consider that your knees absorb the energy of your thoughts related to your ‘life direction’. In particular, in how flexible or inflexible you are with the life direction that you’re choosing to move in.

Consider that soul (your heart – YOU – residing in the spiritual dimension) may desire a very different life path than the one that your personality (your head – residing in the physical dimension) chooses to take. These two major energy centres of the body, your heart and your head may not be in agreement. This usually comes about because the heart chakra has not developed and expanded enough in order to call the energy of the head down into it and to bring your personality back home to soul for instruction and guidance.

The more that one awakens to who they are as a ‘spiritual being’ and consciously drops their head into their heart, the more that one’s soul (via the heart) leads one’s life and the easier it is for every other energy centre of the body (including the knees) to follow suit.

Your Left Knee

The left side of your body is influenced by the functioning of the right side of your brain, which is your intuitive, feminine and imaginative brain sphere. This right sphere of the brain concentrates the aspect of your personality that is most closely aligned with the spiritual dimension. Therefore, your left knee is responsible for leading you towards your spiritual path. Look at both of your knees. They will both appear different. Is your left knee smaller? Perhaps turned inwards? Do you often hide who you are from the world? Are you inflexible or allowing when it comes to your spiritual path?

I tend to find that any issues with the left knee can represent pushing yourself too hard physically instead of allowing your natural, intuitive and spiritual abilities to flow. You could be ignoring your spiritual call. There could be a lack of trust in your spiritual path. Perhaps you cannot ‘see’ where the spiritual path would take you or you fear the results of what would need to change in your life in order to be yourself and aligned with soul and spirit.

Also notice which ‘foot’ you tend to step forward with first. Stepping ‘left then right’ indicates a foot firmly placed in the spiritual dimension before the physical. Often depicted in ancient Egyptian art, the Goddesses and Gods were always shown with the left foot leading the right.

You can speak with your left knee. Just place your left hand over your left knee, close your eyes and ask your knee what it can tell you about your spiritual path. Listen. Take heed. Say, ‘Thank you’ and then do your best to honour the messages of your left knee, your spiritual bridge between above and below.

Your Right Knee

The right side of your body is influenced by the functioning of the left side of your brain, which is your logical, masculine and intellectual brain sphere. This left sphere of the brain concentrates the aspect of your personality that is most closely aligned with the physical dimension. Therefore, your right knee is responsible for leading you towards your physical path. Perhaps your right knee is stronger than your left or your knee cap is placed higher or lower up? Is your right knee facing directly ahead of you or does it veer off to one side or the other?

I tend to find that any issues with the right knee can represent a lack of trust in one’s spiritual path and intuitive abilities. Perhaps you’re being over controlling of your path and inflexible and are afraid of not knowing the outcomes of your choices? To assist with right knee issues, consider if you’re either moving too fast or too slow with your direction? You’ll know, which one it is. Then change course and see what a difference it makes.

You can speak with your right knee. Just place your left hand (your spiritual hand) over your right knee, close your eyes and ask your knee what it can tell you about your physical path. Listen. Take heed. Say, ‘Thank you’ and then do your best to honour the messages of your right knee, your physical bridge between below and above

I trust that this blog post has inspired you, brought new information to light and mostly has peaked your interest about the knees, and the vital bridge that they provide between the spiritual and physical dimensions of life.

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» Source » By Elizabeth Peru

2 Replies to “The Knee Chakra and Spiritual Ascension”

  1. Miguel

    Thank you. I have had swelling in my left knee since I was 16. I was holding a huge knot of emotional pain and since it has recently been released I am hoping my knee now starts to get better. This information you offer is hard to find and rare to find it written so concisely. Keep it up. Thanks again.

  2. Selina

    Thank you for this nice little inside and writing. It resonated. I have known about the pathways before, but it was beautiful to see the knee also represents the anchor point between the Earth and Sky. Tank you for sharing 🙂