Goddess of Creation: Your 5th Dimensional Alignment

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDuring this time of transition in our world, we need to remember that the 5th dimension and higher frequencies are already here! Many, many of us have already shifted our vibration into the higher frequencies and it is when we get caught up in the turmoil that we feel back and become out of balance.

During this channel, the Goddess works with us in several different ways so that we can know where we are in our lives. She also reminds us that all the violence we are seeing is going to be gone once this frequency is fully attuned in the majority of people. There are more than 50% of humanity who are aware of what is happening and opening to the higher vibration. Therefore, the intention of this channel is to help people transform their attunement and assist the remainder of humanity with expanding their alignment.

One of the ways we were able to work with this energy was to align more deeply with our divinity. We actually stood in the flow of the time-space reality. This to me has the image of a spiral and at any point when to tap into the energy it will be past, future, or present life. We were able to look to our past and pull on the lifetimes when we lived in the higher vibrations. We then looked to our future selves and again pulled from the vibration of living in the higher dimensions. By experiencing these lifetimes each person was able to manifest how to live in the higher vibration and integrate the energies to make it easier for you.

I invite you to focus on the high, light vibration and help then spread it throughout humanity. Nama Sika, Venia Benya — I AM the One, I AM the Whole. We are all the expression of our soul and we are all connected with each other.

Nama sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you today in this now moment and today in the space of all that may be going on within your life. Being present with you, so that perhaps it will amplify you to being present with you.

As you breathe in and out gently and easily feel as if you are truly opening up to the love and the light that is you. As if you are truly opening up to feel the compassion and the essence of all that is for you from your own Soul.

While we are still here in this grounded format I wish to speak for a few minutes about the higher vibration upon the Earth. You are very aware that since 2012, perhaps as early as 2008, the 5th dimensional vibration has been conscious upon the Earth. What does that mean? It means that the frequency of the Earth has risen from a third and fourth dimension then into the fifth if you think of it as stairsteps. It means that the vibration of everything upon the Earth finds its own intrinsic alignment with this higher vibration. What you are seeing around the world right now is people, mostly people; you see some changes in the animal kingdoms also; changes in the oceans; but primarily the people are trying to figure out what that intrinsic vibration means to them.

It makes me laugh because I know three-quarters of the people from the Earth are not even conscious of this. However, all of you that are conscious, all of you who are making that effort and have that clear intention of allowing your vibration to align with the higher, lighter vibrations you can feel the difference. In fact, now when you get bumped out of it you notice it even more than you did before. I am so thankful that there are so many, many, many of you that are awake and conscious and able to be responsive to this. When I say three quarters are unconscious that’s way too many. There are way more than half I would say that are now conscious. Do they think about it as we speak of it? Perhaps not, but their energy is vibrating at the level of consciousness.

With this transition that is taking place whether you are conscious or not your energy bodies are seeking that alignment. This means your emotions, your mental body, your physical body, your spiritual body. They just intrinsically find that balanced alignment with the fifth dimension and higher.

So, if you have someone that doesn’t know what is going on, they just recognize chaos as all around them, or they recognize that something inside of them feels a little different or off-kilter. They’re not sure how to respond. This is why it is essential for people to take this opportunity to make a clear choice, to be open to this alignment thereby moving in an alignment that allows you to feel better, and for things in your life to line up to feel better and experience life with greater balance. So too the more that people are doing this the more than the others that are unconsciously awakening will become consciously awakened. I feel as if I’m kind of talking and circles here and I feel as if most of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

In your busy days and when you see all around you things that are out of balance take this moment to choose balance, to choose alignment, and to choose the 5th dimension and higher. Take a deep breath in and feel as all of that rolls through you.

I invite you to breathe into your heart center where you create that ball of energy and light. It’s as if in your imagination you envisage this ball of energy and then from that you send it down through your energy bodies so that it goes down into the Earth. As you feel this alignment with Gaia have a sense of it stretching out, going in different directions. As you find yourself blending with Gaia allow that anchoring energy of the Earth to just flow through that space and let it flow back up into you into your heart center.

I ask you to pause for just a moment so that you can be very aware of feeling how this is very, very grounding to you. So too take a moment to feel the heartbeat of the Earth. As you feel this heartbeat of the Earth you are aligning to that vibration and that frequency that supports you in the 5th dimensional energies.

As I’m here present in Shelly, she can literally hear within her ears the boom, boom, boom energy that is like a heartbeat. You then form that ball of light sends some of that energy; going out through your throat center, your third eye, your head center; send it all the way up that you align within your Higher Self. Look around at what this space looks like for you. Within your Higher Self, you have that blend of that divinity and your human expression. As you are looking out you may see, feel, sense, the energies of what is happening within your life. You can take a moment and feel just what that is.

You then follow that stream of light as you go all the way up. It goes all the way up until it merges with you as your Divinity. As you merge with this energy some feel an expansion in their heart center, some feel an expansion in their consciousness, some may see things or hear things or hear tones. Use as many of your senses as you can to give you information of what this space is for you.

As your Soul, you have lived for eons. As you strengthen this alignment between you the human and you as your Soul you are actually tapping into even more of who you are, which then comes down, most often in an unconscious way, but it is another way in which you as supporting yourself. The more that you the person strengthens this alignment with your Divinity the stronger you are in your everyday life. The more balanced you are. The more in the flow of everything that goes on is present within and around you.

This is why I take time to practice and help each one of you to know that you have this unconditional love from your own Soul that is always there no matter what has happened in your life. You as your Soul loves you unconditionally. So, take in a deep breath and just feel what that is. Feel the energy.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to merge with you and as we do so we shift into the space of the All that Is. As you arrive within this space look around. Take in everything that may be here and present for you.

The last time that we were together you were able to experience messages and an attunement to your frequency from the Great White Brotherhood. The Ancient Ones as Shelly calls them were present and I mention this because a number of people asked who were the Ancient Ones. Melchizedek was the individual who spoke to you. Metatron was to his right and Archangel Michael to his left. These three are some of the anchors of all of the energies for those living upon the Earth. They are present once more, continuing to work with everybody, on creating a deeper alignment and assisting you so that you may vibrate with ease throughout every particle of who you are. However, this time they will stay further in the background.

We have spoken before about time being non-linear and looking at it as a spiral. Different places within that spiral may; it is almost like to go out, you go in, you come out, as you are swirling through that. So, each one of you have lived and experienced many different times upon the Earth.

Over the years we have tapped into other civilizations Lemuria, Atlantis, Avalon, Moo just name the biggest ones that have been present in your past. We have talked about how you can tap into the Akashic Records as a way to look at your past lives. We have also spoken about how you can tap into those lives through your Divinity. This time, while we are here in the All That Is, I would like to look towards a future life. We have done this also. However, what is different right now is that there is this vast opening and influx of energies that are coming into the Earth at this time that amplifies everything that people are doing.

I invite you as you stand here in the All That Is to have a sense of seeing in front of you the life that you are living right now. You may see yourself as the age that you are right now. You may see your family, your accomplishments, your work. You may see particular times in your life that were more important to you than other times. I invite you to align with the life that you have right now.

Okay, okay. As this is happening what I’m seeing that is happening to a number of people is that there is a lot of negativity. There is a lot of frustration. So, in other words, when I asked you to look at different times in your life, I could feel your energy being pulled down to the disappointment, frustration.

So, therefore, in this now moment take an opportunity to just look at your life as a whole. As you do so if there is anything at all that is frustrating, or has pulled you down again and again and again, connect with whatever that is and as if you were pulling it out by the roots as if you are pulling out whatever that is, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, ~whew~ and let it go. Let it go. From here within the All That Is send a conscious flow of love into your life. Within this flow of love, you are sending compassion, acceptance, and awareness. Allow you as the person to feel all of those emotions and allow it to balance your life as you are looking at your life.

Once again, I will ask you to have a sense of your life spread out in front of you and this time if you can look at it and discern that these are the aspects that most resonate with me. Let that anchor you in this now moment. There we go. Now I can feel more and more people finding that alignment and finding that balance. Now you are standing here in the All That Is as the conscious person in this lifetime and also as your Divinity. You as your Soul are already right here. You have that open stream of energy that links into your Soul and all its many layers.

I invite you now instead of just seeing your life out in front of you, you move into it and you stand in the presence of it. You may feel things up, down, in, out. Some people are feeling like a pull or like a wind is moving through there, but I invite you to stay strong and feel yourself as the presence that is you here in the midst of your life.

As that timeline moves through everybody that is here you can turn as if to look backward and ask to know, “Is there something in my past, be it this lifetime or any other, that is going to be most helpful as I move into the fifth dimension and live their 24/7?” As this is happening, I can see so many of you tapping until Lumeria, tapping into your Soul in another existence. I can see you tapping into Avalon and these different lifetimes when the frequency of the Earth was already a very high frequency.

Just allow your awareness of that lifetime and if there is anything that you can take from it to just come and be present and bring it into the now moment.

You may be seeing yourself in a totally different life. If that is your perception ask why am I here? What is most important for me to know as I look around at this current life that is coming up to me? You may receive tools such as an expanded consciousness, such as the ability to teleport, such as the ability to levitate objects, something else that we are not mentioning but that may be helpful to you. Let that stream of information just come into you. Most are tapping into one, but I see some tapping into two or three lifetimes. Just let all that energy come into you in the now moment and just let it anchor and settle around you.

As you stand in the midst of this time-space reality shift to look into the future. Because we have spoken about the past and because you can look at your history books and have a visual of what these times looked like it is sometimes easier for humans to connect with the past. However, at this point, I invite you to look towards the future and as you do so we are going to strengthen that time space continuum so that you may now look at this vast energy in front of you. Ask to know ‘what will help me most at this time that I may receive from a future life existence’? Be open that this life might be on another planet. Be open at this life may be in another Universe. Be open that this aspect of you looks completely different than you look right now. With that said how so ever you may be in this future lifetime be open to receive the information that is there.

I see everyone’s energy changing. Some are becoming a brilliant white light. Some of you are shifting your form. Some of you are just sitting quietly and I see this flow of energy just moving through. You are receiving messages and gifts. It may not become fully conscious to you until some point in the future, but be open to acknowledge and receive what this is that most helps you right now in your life.

With this future self, take a moment to look around, what do you see. Is there a message. Understanding that messages may come in multiple ways. Stand in the flow of this now moment and let everything from the future come into here. Allow the past to come into you in this now moment so you may receive. So, you may tap into this and it is all here and present for you. I’m seeing energy spiral around and through people as this is happening.

I invite you to have a sense of just gathering everything that you need and as if you gather it all into this big ball of energy then gather it down into your heart center. Bring it all the way through you as the conscious person that is standing in the flow of this time-space continuum.

Some of you went to one year in the future, 2 years. Some went 50 or a1000 years. There is no limit when you are within that space. I ask that you shift out of the flow and it kind of dissolves and goes away, and then once again you see your life as if you are standing here detached from it and you just see your life, but this time what have you received? Past, present, future, all of it swirls as one here in the present, here for you to help you as you are living your life. I can feel things just blending deeper and deeper into each one of you.

Now as I speak of the integration of the 5th dimension, as you look at yourself can you feel a greater flow within your life? As you stand within this flow, or completely align to this flow, anything that is a third dimension or lower vibration will just fall away. As that falls away can you find within you peace, balance, strength, and love? Whoof, I could feel everyone expanding as you opened to those energies.

I invite everyone to come back together as a group and as you do so see coming up within you the Hologram of the Earth. The Earth itself is in that continuum of past, present, future, and now. So, Gaia, therefore, is always in that space of constant flow and movement.

The changes are taking place with humanity and those living on the surface of the Earth. So, as you look at this Hologram infuse everything that you just integrated into the Hologram, which is the past, the future, the present all blended into the now moment in a balanced expanded way that all goes into this Hologram from every person within this alignment. The Hologram itself grows, it takes on form, it takes on greater depth or texture.

As it’s complete you see that piece that goes out through the Universe sending this balanced energy out into the Universe and then the remainder goes down into the Earth. This time I ask you as you are watching that Hologram goes into your physical Earth, I invite you to consciously help to pull the energy of the third dimensions out of the Earth as this Hologram is going in. This Hologram of the higher frequency is the balanced energies of past, present, future and all of that is moving through the Collective Consciousness. Help to just pull it off, put it off. As it is going into all those individuals that are unaware of what is going on help to pull it off so that they may find their own balance and strength.

As this hologram continues to go down. It goes all the way into the center of the Earth anchoring within Gaia. These energies are finding its own balance and as it does so it then reverses coming back up through all the layers of the Earth. As it comes up to the surface feel how you are integrating your own messages from your past self and future self. How you are integrating the balance and the high vibration to live now in a way that fully supports you. This is also coming up through the grass, the trees, the pure energy of the air clearing out the old, clearing out the low vibration of the violence and the turmoil. ~Whew~, clearing it out and replacing it with a balanced love energy of the 5th dimensional vibration.

As all of this is finding its intrinsic balance bring back within you your own expanded consciousness. Bring into this space everything that you experienced, be at conscious or unconscious. Let it flow down into you and allow yourself to be as one. As one with your Soul. As one with all of you and all of these energies. Nam Sika – I am the one. Venia Benya – I am the whole.

You are part of something way bigger than you realize and every one of you matters. Every one of you is having a deep, deep impact in anchoring and creating this change upon the Earth. Trust in yourself. Trust in these energies. Whoof, Whoof. There is just like this tingling energy and it is just like the bubbles of joy coming up from people.

As this time of transition continues throughout your world, piece by piece, large chunks by large chunks, massive transformations. What began as those tiny little waves of energies have now reached that massive transformation phase? So, trust in yourself. Trust in this process. Understand that it is here, it is not going anywhere, it is not going away. Remind yourself that you are already there. You are already in the 5th dimensional energy and light.

So, remember to bring that into your everyday reality. Remember that you need not get caught up in what is going on. Remember the fifth dimension is here and it is about balance and love, and you are balance and love.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net