8/8 Concludes as We Enter the Next Cycle Through the Solstice

star bright eraoflightdotcomFinally!!! We are finally out of the 8/8 energy as of the 15th!!! Of course I woke up without a voice yesterday and could not do readings, however, I did try with my first one. I was shown a “veil of fire” engulfing the earth. What was stated in that connection was that this veil is connected to the one that was present on the 8/2 when this energy quadrant started. SO between these two veils, and in every single reading, fire enegy was not only present, but took on any form that showed up. The one that stays with me the most is this amazing dragonfly. It was about 4 feet long from head to tail and pure fire. It was soooo beautiful. It explained (as many did as well) they are from a fire realm, the entire planet is fire (not a sun tho) and feeds the earth. Many of its Beings are here to assist our evolution. With that in mind…

We have seen a tremendous amount of singular fires throughout the world this month. From a human perspective/experience, we look at any fires as bad. But, “for reasons humanity will never fully understand, are essential to earths evolution.”

I just went to spaceweather this morning to see what the sun is doing and this image of earth and the sun just put me in awe… that fire veil…

What spirit said about what is happening within the veil of fire: “It is bringing all the energy, magic and power together in you, thru you and massive changes will be experienced on earth (and beyond.”)

We are now in an “emergence system” within everyone’s field thru this coming solstice. It is important for everyone to connect with their newly assigned teachers and learn… remember and most especially, apply!!!

We are now in a super fast evolution period as we speed things up withing those willing, to clean up the way to progress. I am being told to really emphasize APPLY!! It does nothing for anyone to simply go into a meditation and try and work their energy when most of the time, it is something that needs to be expressed (said) out loud.

Spirit has said thru many readings, many times this last month… there are professed “light-workers” out there that are actually “ego-workers.” They are not intentionally spreading inaccurate information, but it has done tremendous harm in the light field none the less. The ego is quite the tricky entity and loves its place of power. As spirit said, many ego-workers do not know they are even doing it from ego, since they do not know/feel the difference. The energy of fire, of purification of inaccuracies, MUST come thru you, thru the light of truth, thru the human expression.

Well, I wanted to make sure this information got out since spirit was haunting me. I have out of state company here and other people and the house is quite noisy. My greatest desire is to spend my birthday in solitude and that ain’t happening lol.

I love you all soul much!! Big big big ((((HUGZ))) to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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