The Federation of Light: Complete Takeover

federation of light eraoflightdotcomHello Light Beings. We have been chatting now for almost 15 years. That is a lot of chat! From the beginning, I believe you have been leading us through to these times and assisting us in ways of understanding how to get through this. For which we are so very grateful.

Welcome, Blossom. Indeed we have traveled many a pathway throughout our conversations and none more so as stated, than that which has been preparing you for that which lies ahead. More and more ‘revelations’ are coming to Light that are yet to HIT your mainstream authorities. We feel it is to be more on the lines of a ‘complete takeover’ as opposed to trickling’s here and there to introduce subtly, to those who are deeply asleep.

Boy! Are they in for a HUGE wakeup call then. For even for those of us that ‘feel’ we are reasonably awake, more and more is being uncovered and ‘IF’ true … it’s quite an eyeopener in so many directions.

Dearest Blossom … it has not been called the GRAND/GREAT AWAKENING for nothing.

Why, though, has so much been allowed to stay under wraps for so long?

Because when we speak of Divine Timing and Divine intervention … it has to be exactly that. Earlier or later would not be correct.

NOW is the Divine Awakening for it is in correct alignment for it to all fall into place … as it is doing.

Many of you feel you are waiting for the next ‘reveal’, are you not?

Yes, indeed. For it was you that said there is to be a Huge announcement, leading us into the next full-on lockdown. So yes, we are hanging on with any bits we have left dangling, awaiting this news. There are so many speculations as to what this may involve.

It is to come and in your terms of alignment, it will be with you shortly.

Our terms of alignment? Shortly? Still could mean in six months’ time.

Yet we would disagree. Things are so close now to being opened up. When this is so, there shall be snippets to start with, and then as one becomes more accustomed to the Light … their eyes shall be opened to a much broader perspective.

Yet the announcement coming will not be a snippet?

No, indeed. The announcement will send so many in a whirl and, as we have said before, will confuse even those who feel they have things under control.

To clarify here … you don’t mean confuse the one’s ‘IN CONTROL’?

No, we do not. For those who are undertaking the plans of … THE BIGGEST CHANGE EVER TO HAVE TAKEN PLACE … KNOW exactly the steps … Each step that lies ahead of them, for such incredible mastery of such did not just happen overnight.

These folk that have it all in place and are preparing the way … we, you and I, call them the ‘Good Guys’ … are they absolutely certain/positive that all will work out?

Blossom … it is in the bag!

It is not a matter/question of it not working out, for all that … has taken place/will take place/is taking place … is of such mastery, as we say … of the Highest Intelligence, regarding ‘maneuvering’ skills, that it cannot fail.

Those in darkness, who have chosen to live and walk down that path … have known all along that in Truth …


They knew this time would come and yet, though, they also had made much preparation to prevent it. Yet, NOTHING, Dearest Blossom, Dearest souls, NOTHING is more Glorious, more Victorious … than LOVE … and it is LOVE ITSELF that wins through and leads you to the Home and the Joys of Life as it was designed to be … in its Highest form.

You mentioned in another chat about the ‘harvesting’ that is taking place. Many relate that to the dark ones, as I believe they use that word ‘harvesting’ regarding the many children they have kidnapped and all that goes with that. I didn’t feel you meant this?

And you are correct. Much confusion can come about by some soul’s taking certain things out of context. To ‘harvest’ means to gather crops, for instance. That which we were speaking of was of the meaning that all that the ‘Good Guys’ are ‘harvesting’ is, shall we say … being put into bundles ready to be distributed.

To which many will interpret perhaps that you are speaking of financial bundles?

We speak of many bundles … all containing their individual ‘Service’ or ‘Reveal’.

I don’t follow the financial thing. I was clearly off nightclubbing when the ‘number circuits’ were distributed in the human brain … leaving me clueless in such matters. I may have had a good boogie, yet this action hasn’t served me well. Many are very much set for a change over in financial systems. Is this on the cards? Can you say?

Yes, we can and yes, it is. Yet, we would suggest that like all that we are giving you clues to, that you wait and see. For there is much bandied about regarding this matter. Some of which are designed to lead you off track. Yet, we suggest, too, that you have every faith, that down the line, down the list, you will see/experience a ‘Fairness’ of a kind that will be in place for all. A sharing where not one is forgotten.

When you say, down the list, can you elaborate on the list?

Much, so much that is ready to go … to be told … is in place. Yet, that does not mean that it shall be until ALL is in place. So that there … will not be/cannot be … one doubt of this ‘take over’. We cannot prioritize for you the ‘order of events’ in which the great reveals shall be distributed. There is so much we cannot give away, for if we were to do so, it would set plans back quite a way or have the potential to do so.


Another thing folk would like clarifying, please. Is this second lockdown going to be global and under the guise of the virus? I think that’s what you have said?

We did, indeed, Blossom. Yet, it will be differently co-ordinated and although the guise will not be as widely accepted, it will involve other ‘untruths’ that will make those already in fear, feel more of the same. Others who ‘understand’, will simply see it as it is … ‘worthless’.

Yet, KNOW it shall be serving a purpose. Much will be uncovered when this is underway. For many will be in the correct place to receive that which is to be offered.

It’s all so intriguing. If it was a board game, one would be taking all that we know into account and working out our best strategy around the board to cross the finish line. Eh? Did you just put that in my head?

We would not undermine your intelligence or take credit for it. You did that all by yourself, Blossom.

I feel then, a ‘Noddy badge’ is in order because …

This is exactly what we are asking you to do. As much as you can FEEL the weight of the enormity of this which is taking place right under your noses … the simplest and easiest and most beneficial way to the finishing line … is to do exactly that. For it is a Game. We have never kept that part under wraps …

I know, I was so insulted at this at first. Knowing I am more than a chess piece. Yet, in me, somewhere, there is this KNOWING that this is all a game. A hard Truth to swallow.

Depending on what view you take. As within all things.

Yes. Yet, games, I thought, were meant to be fun.

Indeed. Bring the Lightness back into it.

Hard to BE LIGHT about a lot of that which is being uncovered, such as the underground children, and all that goes along with that. Hardly a laughing matter.

We are not suggesting you Laugh at this. Far from it. We are, however, suggesting you BRING LIGHTNESS into this game, for this is your role.





Good idea. Can we clarify one more thing, once again? Many label you ‘The Galactic Federation of Light’, yet, you never say ‘galactic’, you say ‘The Federation Of Light’. You once said the Galactic Federation is a ‘huge organization’ … of which we are all part … is this correct?

Blossom, in Truth, we are not concerned of labels or names that souls choose to call us. We are only concerned that our messages are received and understood and are of assistance to mankind and your Planet Earth. Call us what you like. We are not attached to any name. We say we are the ‘Overseers of the Overseers.’ We ask you to think about that and find what your heart tells you.

Ok thanks, Bob! We Love you so much. I know you are aware of all your followers and the Gratitude and Love they have for you. You are helping so many through this ‘Game’ … including me. How lonely it must feel to be in such a deep coma as many are. In Gratitude. In Loving Service. I AM.

» Source » Channel: Blossom Goodchild

4 Replies to “The Federation of Light: Complete Takeover”

  1. Julia Alten Thayer

    Q Awakening~ My name is Julia and I am 100% Confident TRUMP is going to expose Illuminati Bilderberg NWO GLOBALIST #WWG1WGA _ WORLDWIDE. s for HE #SAVEtheCHILDREN***********100% confident JOHN F. Kennedy Jr. will be leading us in OUR near future. Hopefully John is our President but as long as we clean up our GLOBE I’m ECSTATIC over JFKJR!

    My Mental Therapist here in CALIFORNIA has confirmed that I have/had childhood amnesia syndrome and now severe CPTSD. With a variety of health remedies I will overcome this! Knowing JESHUA had a family helps! EMDR and BRAIN spotting Works. Eating mostly plantbase diet has been extremely helpful and I use Marijuana to calm my agitated state of mind. It calms and seems to prevent further depression sortof.

    My mental state had been dwindling slowly since childhood and I believed that I had the beginnings of alzheimer or brain cancer. I was defintely on my way to a stroke, heart attack or suicide. My search to fix my health ~ So it looks to me that QANON phenomenon saved my LIFE! President Trump’s entire presidency I have been triggered by #fakenews which is why I research. Qanon phenom is brilliant. I thought I knew BUT I was a SHEEP 🙁

    In 2015 I knew Mr. Trump would win. I hate to admit it but me too had the orange man syndrome and now I PROUDLY stand with President Trump. I have experienced many painful days and nights sobbing over the heinous crimes of the Bush Family and my Catholic faith and the almighty VATICAN. The pain and heartache knowing that we lose about the 6 to 8 million to Human Trafficking EPIDEMIC and no NEWS is killing me. WTF is going on. Obama Presidency an obvious joke but what about the beginning of time or the BUSH Presidency!

    I love both my parents but was raised under BALTIMORE CATHOLICISM doctrine which is full of fear and confusion. It has come to my attention through my mental STATE that my father was narcissistic sociopath pedophile. Hence why Qanon triggered my mental state. My hashtags are intense and my brothers successful business in CALIFORNIA is concerned that people will associate me with him. (ALTEN) My brother the jackass has no idea his son good friend Jared Goff seems to have sold his soul to the $$$ ILLUMINATI Adrenocrhome cult BECAUSE Jared is wearing a CLONING jacket on Television! My nephew Billy Alten played with him 2011 season at Marin Catholic High School in Kentfield, California, The same damn COUNTY that FBI Whistleblower, Ted Gunderson, found in 1985!! 1985! I worked in SF and saw President Reagan and Queen Elizabeth. They stayed at the Westin ST. Francis Hotel where I was employed at the time. OMG, they were abusing CHILDREN then and now after a year of research I learn from you and others that Luciferian cult have been consuming HUMANS for eternity.

    One year ago I did not understand what I was physically experiencing. Knowing the heinous crimes has caused a conundrum in my life. My lifelong mental state is perfect formula for my family to accuse me of losing my mind because of my husband conspiracy stories and marijuana. I no longer have a wonderful FACEBOOK contacts and have not seen my family. Sadly I am the outsider now in my family who’s not even attending a family wedding in San Luis Obispo.

    I apologize for my ramblings but I am only 59 years old and want to help raise AWARENESS or raise money for the FEDERATION. I am funny this way but I am good at raising funds for those less fortunate than us which is why I always assisted with Catholic fundraisers my entire life as well with the Mother Teresa House. Our families success was and is our faith and love of GOD. My grandparents loved BLESSED Mother too but I believe they were not aware of the TRUTH. 100% confident is saying that if the WORLD knew Jeshua was Jesus real name and that he had a family with Mary of Magdelene it would have made a DIFFERENCE. If we knew about the LOST gospels, it would have made a WORLD of difference! Guide me, use my passion to help others.

    Blessings to all of you whoever you are ~ Sorry for my early morning ramblings from Sleepless Nights in CALIFORNIA aka NONITRUTHSEEKER23 xoxo is me!