Divine Masculine Heart Had Heart Chakra Activation

chakra body eraoflightdotcomThe Divine Masculine has recently had a heart chakra activation through these intense shifts. Because of this activation, very deep layers of trauma were triggered to come to the surface, & this has caused many to become so overwhelmed they shut down due to not knowing how to handle their emotions fully & the way to deal with it in the past has been to numb all feelings including those that are from divine love.

As a result of this deep activation, we see the Divine Masculine facing & healing massive abandonment wounds & for himself it plays out as rejecting the love of his counterpart, staying in his ‘safe’ cave & keeping a distance from all including those he deeply cares for. This is painful for him, even if he is choosing not to feel it fully right now. It will need to surface eventually in the ascension process & he has been preparing himself for the most intense uprooting of energy yet.

This is the most darkest yet needed part of the Divine Masculine’s journey this lifetime, & every single shadow he needs to confront has been showing up. He feels intense shame & this is clearing out of the cells & DNA so he may fully rise into higher consciousness. He knows he has done hurtful things to the Divine Feminine & in the past, it was easier not to deal with it & keep shutting her out. Something deep is clicking through this purging now where he truly wants to rise, even if it’s the hardest thing he has ever done. He truly doesn’t want to hurt his counterpart anymore & so for him he felt keeping distance was the only way to stop this as he heals.

He may feel like he is going backwards; what is occurring is a relaunch of himself from a higher standpoint based on 5D consciousness. In order to do this, he has to go through quite a painful purging & facing all of himself on all levels. He is progressing towards the love & inner union of his heart as everything begins to collapse & fall away. The Divine Masculine is ready to emerge as his true authentic self.

~ Abigail Wainwright

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