Thoughts from your Hostess of Light: Recalibrated

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomAs all known reality drops out from under us we come to a conjunction of tears and fears. We feel caught in a dream we cannot wake up from. Reality seems like saran wrap sticking and tightening all around us, remaking us on a daily basis. The worry pounds us down lowering our defenses and immunity. As we slowly move our tired bodies closer to the golden energies of autumn, the energies of balance will give us the gift of stability as we come to a point of planetary symmetry. Balance, finally some balance, a cosmic timeout… or is it? …. Of course all of us know what a wicked sense of humor the universe has, so stayed tuned, remain calm, and continue to move forward step by step.

As we have more time to reflect and refract, we each seek a more polished side of our inner and outer selves. We find out quickly the fractured pieces of the old paradigm No longer adhere to the new Archetype. All that we do not understand comes to the inner ring of the soul, seeking acknowledgement. We are all being unplugged from what we knew and recalibrated. The feeling is like being seen naked in the fullness of time wearing only our karma.

We are all Rocking and Rolling energetically with the earthly, political, and stellar shifts, all you can do is wear a mask and dissolve into the crowd, light being hidden in plain sight. As we move forward Take time to treasure any peace that you find along this long road. Like a thirsty man enjoy every drop of it for the drought will come again. It is time to take a breather, inhale deeply of the energy of peace…and practice sending love to all that pushes your buttons.

As we wine and dine and fool ourselves into believing everything we read is truth, we come to an intersection of time that demands our undivided attention. Warning flags and ciphers are everywhere. As the blind followers continue to feel their way thru the dark forest of lies, the bread crumbs shine for those with eyes to see.

Whenever the heavens give a show of breathtaking power, a seasonal and soul change is about to take place. All livingness from deep space and beyond comes to seed the earth for the next level of planetary acceleration. Every layer of earth light will reach up and out, like a sunflower in need of more vitamin D imprinting a watermark into the energy field of every living thing on earth. Everything we are or ever will be came from the stars. We once surfed upon stellar plankton gliding effortlessly onto the shores of earth. Our very oxygen is composed of stardust and we dance with the galaxy as we exchange breaths. We are the hopes and dreams of every living thing in this universe.

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