Yeshua and Mary: Patience in a Time of Challenges: The Mothering Quality

yeshua eraoflightdotcomBeloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light, radiant Light, a beam of Light going forward.

Know that truly you are energized by the Light, and you are activating that Light as you go, allowing all of the faculties of the human being to come into play—I use that word advisedly—and all of the activities of spirit, which truly you are. Because the body, as wonderful as it is, is not all of you.

There is much more to you than just the body that you enjoy playing with, exercising, walking, laughing, feeling in joy, feeling expansive. You are truly much more than the body. You are the spirit that activates it, and you are the joy of the Father, which I have said many, many times. You are the joy that allows the body to come truly alive.

Many times you activate only the mind. You find yourself very much alive in the mind, imagining one thing and another, going from one topic to another; in the mind, very, very active. But you have time now that you have made for yourself an interval of time that is sort of a time out, as you call it, to get in touch with all of the body as well.

You do not have to dwell completely in the mind. Now you can go for walks, social distancing, keeping yourself in a place of knowing that, “I am connected to all, and yet I am keeping myself, that part of me which is my spirit, my activity of life, in one capsule.” And yet there is a feeling of spirit that says, “I will not be captured.” You smile, and you come to a place of resonance with each other that cannot be contained by the body.

You have made for yourself a most wondrous time, a time out, as I have heard it called, a time of change which has come upon you quite rapidly. And you have wondered, “How could this be so quickly, from a change of what I thought was “normal” to a place where everything seems encapsulated, changed, a different view, looking towards things that I haven’t had time to look at before, and making time now to go deeper and deeper within the self,” deeper and deeper to a place where you now have the means and the time to go within.

I have seen some of you most frustrated by having time. It is what you have been wishing for. You have said, “Oh, if only if I had time, I would do X, Y, and Z. If only I had time, I would read all of those books that I’ve wanted to read. If only I had time, I would take up that wondrous hobby that I would love to do.

Well, you have gifted yourself some time, time out to do something different. I see you floundering from time to time in wondering, “What should I do? Where should I go? Where can I go? How can I be?” And then I see you, wondrous magic of all, taking that deep breath and saying, “I Am,” and allowing yourself to come to a place of peace within the heart.

That is truly part of the gifting of this time, is to know that truly you have made this time out for yourself, and you have made this time a time of change, because you have been asking for change. I have heard you; not only this lifetime, but in preceding lifetimes you have called unto the Father. You have called unto me. You have called unto my mother.

You have said, “I want to have time to delve deeply into the spirit of me. I want to pray. I want to know. But I have to get the crops in. I have to take care of the animals. I have to take care of my brother and sister. I must take care of….” And by evening time you are saying, “I must take care of me,” and the head goes on the pillow. And you say, “Tomorrow I will do X, Y, and Z.

Now you have made for yourself some time, and I have seen some of you adjusting peacefully to it, happily to it, and I have seen many of you adjusting to the place of frustration. “What do I do now? How do I do now? And I am tired of having ones say that I have to be self-contained or within the dwelling place.”

So you have been getting quite creative. I have watched you as you have found a way to expand the energy that you are, to come to a place of knowing how vast you can be, where you can go, what you can do, keeping in mind, of course, the social distancing of the six feet from everyone so you can breathe of your own air. Ha! And may it be good for you.

Take a deep breath right now. Inhale and hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Exhale. If you will do that ten times in the morning, it will transport you to a different place. No, I do not mean back to the bed. It will transport you to a place of energy, because when you are allowing the breath to energize the body, you are feeling much more of the energy.

Ones of you have asked, “Why do I feel so tired? I feel so tired.” BREATHE. It is the secret. If you will breathe, first of all, deeply and hold it, as we did, letting it go, and then taking rapidly some breaths, up to the count of ten, breathing—in, out; in, out; in, out—like that [demonstrating], allowing yourself to come to a place where you feel a bit more energized…now, I have seen you do this, and I have seen you afterwards saying, “Oh, I’m tired.” And yet what you have done is take into yourself the energy of the air, the oxygen, and you have allowed each cell of the body to have been called into play; not into work, but into play, allowing yourself to come up higher in understanding the energy that you truly are.

Every morning when you first get out of bed and put your feet upon the floor, breathe deeply. Hold it for ten counts and then let it go. Feel yourself to be energized by that breath. I hear you; you’re saying, “Oh, Yeshua, if I do that, I’m going to want to go back to bed.” Well, if you go back to bed, then the next time you put the feet on the floor, do the deep breathing again, okay. And if you do not even get out of the bedroom all day, because each time you do the cycle you go back to the bed, that is okay too.

Energizing the body is easy to do. The body at first will say, “What is this? This feels different.” But when you were in what you call your younger years, you would bound out of bed and breathe as you were bounding, and you would be so excited to see, “What am I going to find out today?”

Then you get a bit older and say, “Ah, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve…there you have it. Do it again for the first time. Remember you the times when you played with the football and the exercises that you did. Remember those exercises? In the morning on the morrow, before your church service, before anything, allow yourself to do a few of those exercises, and you will say, “Oh, Yeshua, I have to go back to bed; I’m so tired.”

You will not. You will feel energized. That is part of taking in the youth of yourself, remembering that spirit of youth. And yes, the body will respond to it. To each and every one of you, you have been wondering, “Why do I feel a certain way?” Maybe tired, oppressed; maybe held in because there is certain restriction. The breath is your secret.

The breath—first thing you do when you take form is the breath. Last thing you do when you exit the body is to breathe that last breath. Meantime, keep it up. It does the body good. Okay, enough for the pep talk.

This evening I have heard you calling. I have heard you calling to me and to my mother, asking, “How do I get through the fear that is attendant upon this plane? How do I get to that place of feeling safe?” It is, again, through the breath. It is taking that deep breath, and with the exhale letting all of the fear, all of the worries go. And yes, they will come rushing back, but then you breathe again.

This is a time of birthing. When you will speak to the women of your group, the mothers of your group, the friends, they will tell you that the breath is most important in birthing. Every breath, every push of the breath helps with the birthing. Why do you think you are coming to this place of birthing and you have to breathe? It is to help with the birthing. It is to energize the activity of spirit as it works through you.

If you are of the male body, you are birthing also. You are birthing a new consciousness, and upon the breath comes the awareness of change, the awareness of a shift in consciousness that you have prayed for. Do not stand in a place of saying, “Oh, I don’t want that. I didn’t ask for that,” because truly you have asked.

As long as you want to stand with your back to change, you will stand there and wonder, “Why am I feeling so oppressed?” But allow yourself to pick up that energy and go with the flow, as they say. Go with the energy of the flow. Get yourself into that space where you are feeling, “I feel a new season of change coming upon me.” Because, yes, what are you making around you? You are making for a change of seasons, even in the physical. You are birthing a new time, a time of change.

And you will say, “But I didn’t know all of this was going to happen. I thought I was just going to keep on keeping on, maybe make a few little changes, and what is happening?”

Well, I have news for you. You are being the mother, and you are birthing a new consciousness. The mother has gone for X number of months, growing a most wondrous idea, as you have been doing, and then all of a sudden something happens in the body and she says, “Oh, my goodness, it’s happening.”

The birthing process comes into being, and it seems to take over the body. It seems to take over that which you have known and been familiar with, that which maybe was not exactly comfortable—as is the nine months of carrying a big weight perhaps—but all of a sudden there is a change and the mother will say, “Oh, my, this is what I have waited for.”

This is what consciousness is saying right now. “This is what I have waited for, but I didn’t know it was going to be so laborious.” I have news for you: birthing involves some labor, and that is what you are going through now. Even when you are doing your social distancing, even when you are putting into play different rules, different ways of being, this is part of the birthing process.

What you are bringing into conscious awareness will be in time most obvious to you. It is as you are the mother giving birth, and you don’t know what this new being, this new awareness is going to look like. Maybe you’ve seen kind of a picture of it; yes, you have; you have seen an out-picturing of what you want to see upon this plane. Maybe what you have seen has been a bit amorphous, and you have said, “Well, I’d like this quality, and I’d like this quality, and can we bring this all together?”

Well, that is what you are doing in the birthing. No, it has not come to a place of individualized energy, but it is in process, and you are in labor. Count it all as good.

I can hear you. You are saying, “Gee, Yeshua, I didn’t know this is what I was doing.

I thought I was just trying to escape a tiny little thing that was going to attack me.” That is just some of the motivation. Always there is motivation, and that which you have feared, yes, has come upon you, but not to do you in.

We have spoken of this previously, that no one lays down the body, releases the body, before their time. Bodily life cannot be taken from you. Even on the battlefield it is proven over and over that ones can be standing next to one and in a group perhaps, and six out of the seven take upon themselves the means to allow the body to decease, and one is left standing. Why? That invitation to mow down everyone in the line has been there, and six out of the seven have responded, but this one is perhaps wounded but has not given up the breath.

No one exits without knowing a plan, without being in the order of what they have said they would do. And I will share with you that there are many who are exiting at this time because they have completed what they said they would do, and they are most anxious to come back in the new consciousness. There are many who are deceasing the body for various reasons, this little crown of thorns being a good reason, but others are leaving for other reasons, as it looks to be, so that they have choice whether to come back in the new awareness that they are giving birth to, or asking, “I want a new vehicle to run around with.”

So there is much of change upon this plane, but it is change that you have asked for. You have said, “I want to usher in a new consciousness. Some of you have understood that; you have felt that. You have said, “I will go; send me; I will go; I will usher in a new consciousness.”

Then you have come, there has been the form, and you have played with the form.

But then you have said, “But where is the new consciousness?” Rejoice. You are bringing forth the new consciousness, and it is with the birthing pangs, yes. But as is so true with human birthing, it is well worth the labor. There is celebration. Make you the plans for celebrating.

In this time of waiting, make plans for how it will be, how you will be in it, and be patient with the labor. Yes, sometimes it can be painful. Yes, it can be tedious. Yes, it can seem to be a lot longer than you would want it to be, and in some ways it can be a lot faster. It’s like, “Oh, I didn’t know that was going to happen.”

That is where you are sitting and standing right now. It’s like, “My God, what is happening?” So it is what you have signed up for. Rejoice.

Know that truly that which you do, you do not do alone. You have many of the ones who don’t have the bodily form—the angels, I will call them—and yes, they do have teeth. You heard that, okay? They are helping. They are singing. And if you listen closely, you can hear the singing. This has happened to some of you in your times of quiet, in your times of meditation, where there has been a feeling that has come, and you have wondered, “What is that about? What was that that I just heard? Oh, I must have been imagining.”

Well, I would say to you, what is imagination? It is something that is all around you at all times, and yet it takes your focus to bring it into awareness. Allow yourself to rejoice. Allow yourself to say, “Hey, you know, I didn’t know this lifetime was going to be about birthing. One of the reasons I chose the male form was so that I didn’t have to go through the birthing process,” some of the male ones will say.

Others males have said, “Well, you know, really I have that feeling of birthing something, but I’m not sure how to do it.” I will share with you that all of the mothers ask that question at one time or another. “I asked for this. I prayed for this. I wanted the small one. I wanted to give birth. But I don’t know how to do it.”

Don’t worry; it happens. Once the process gets started, it follows through. So rejoice, each and every one of you, because you are in the process of birthing.

Now, it does take a bit of the patience and a bit of the willingness to look past what is just right in front of the face; in other words, I see all of the tumult that is happening around; I see the numbers. Your square box tells you almost every minute the new numbers. Everything is in numbers. Good, okay? It is all agreed to and has been arranged so that nothing is happening out of order.

Take that to heart. Know that as you hear those numbers, they are telling you that that which you have put into motion is well and truly happening. And allow yourself to thank the ones who are being part of the growing numbers. Say, “Thank you for playing your part.” Your part is to support by your belief in knowing the goodness of what is happening, the beneficial awakening that is happening.

You are the ones who get to watch and to record in your memory that which you have asked to come about, to be evident. Count it all as good. So that helps a bit with the patience. If you know that everything is in order, as with the human birthing; if you know that, yes, this is part of the birthing process and it is in order, then you do not get into a place of railing against it and saying how bad it is. You get into a place of waiting to see, “I can’t wait to see what is going to come out of this.”

And that is how new mothers feel. “I cannot wait to see what this new one is going to look like,” or the two or three that are coming out of it. Because in truth, what you are birthing upon this plane, the new consciousness, is going to have various facets of itself.

You are indeed birthing a multi-faceted new awareness on all levels. That which you have taken to be cut and dried and finished, and this is how it has to be…you are now having your prayers answered, because it is opening. So get ready to welcome the twins, the triplets, the quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, and much, much more.

There are going to be many, many gifts in this surprising one that you had not even—up to this moment—imagined, that there could be such love. What, in truth, you are doing, is birthing love, where ones, when they have the awareness and they will stop long enough, they will be aware that at the heart of everyone—no matter what they look like, the color of the skin, the way the hair grows, the way the body shape is, the names, the language, whatever seems to be different— is that Christ being that wants to express, that wants to activate the form so that you can go up to one and hug, you can shake hands, you can smile. The best gift that you can give, even to the newborn, is love and the smile and the holding of that one and saying, “I love you. I feel you. I welcome you.”

You are the ones who are going to have the opportunity to do that. You are going to say to them, as you have said to the newborn, “You are much more than what I imagined you could be.” All new parents look at the newborn and say, “I didn’t know this is what it was going to be. I didn’t know the feeling of love.” That grows over time, but it is there from the very first moment, that connection.

“This is my daughter. This is my son. This is what I have dreamed and asked for.” This is what is happening with the awakening that is happening. So when you get to the point where you have been inside the dwelling a long enough time, when you get to the place where you say, “I have to go out,” and there are places you can go even now, where you can take a walk in the forest, keeping your social distance from the trees, perhaps…I make jest, but you can keep yourself in the awareness of love and know that you are creating the most wondrous time upon the face of our holy Mother Earth.

This is what you have signed up for. This is what you said, “Send me, Father, I will go.” You have come many lifetimes where you have said that, and you have wondered, “Why is it not happening?” But I will share with you, it is as the small one that grows day by day by day by day, and it seems like not much is happening, perhaps, and yet after a while the mother, which is you, looks down and says, “Oh, my goodness, look at the size of me. This is happening.”

This is happening right now, the time of almost birthing. You are going through the birthing pangs now, the labor, as they call it, and yes, it is labor. And yes, if you have loved ones who have seemingly fallen to the little virus, it is all in its order. “Why am I here in this form? I used to have a form that was actually seemingly solid, but now I kind of float; I go easy; I’m aware.”

Because once you let go of the form, you do not lose consciousness. You do not lose the knowing, the awareness of being. And you get to a certain point where you are most happy about it, because you do not have to drag the form around. You don’t have to feed the form, you don’t have to brush the teeth of the form, you don’t have to go to the little room, you don’t have to take care of all of the things that go with the physicality, and yet there is consciousness.

If you will remember that you are in the process of birthing, it gives more meaning to this time of waiting, this time of struggle, this time of supposed sorrow. And yet the ones who have given up form, after they have come through a certain recognition of Who and What they are, there is a freedom and a rejoicing and a choice.

You will find that after the certain number of ones has released the body, and you come to a certain point where there is peace upon this plane, there is going to be a great increase in the small ones coming. Welcome them as old friends, because they are. You will see. Ones will say, “Well, what is happening to the population of the Earth?

There are not as many people, not as many ones going out to buy the certain supplies of this, that, and whatever. What’s happening to the economy? There aren’t as many people to buy my goods and services.

There will be. There is going to be what you call the population explosion after a certain number of years—only a few—and your friends, your relatives, your loved ones will be back with new form and new energy, and they will come into a world that has more compassion and more understanding of Oneness. Why? Because you will be speaking it. You will be showing it. You will be so happy to love each other.

Already you do that. Already you have been chafing against having to stay in and not getting hugs, of not giving the hugs. What do you miss most in this time? I have heard most of you say, “I miss the hugs. I really like the feeling of being One. Very soon the hugs will be back. Very soon you will keep on practicing the open arms, the welcome.

You will see the small ones coming in, and they will not be weighed down by the old teachings. They will be bringing with them a new sense of joy, an openness. A lot of the new ones, when they’re first born, they get slapped around a bit by the world, sometimes by the parents who don’t know how to be parents. And the joy that they felt, the anticipation of love that they were hoping for has been damped down a bit.

In the awakening, in the time that you are birthing, there is going to be much of openness of love, much of being able to look past the outer appearances. Maybe two males come together and they love. You are now approaching that point where it’s okay. Some still don’t understand it, but it doesn’t need to be understood. It just needs to be.

Or some of different coloring coming together and you say, “Oh, that shouldn’t be. It’s a mixing of races; that shouldn’t be.” What matters is the heart. What matters is the love, companionship, friendship that is shared. You are recognizing that. You have grown through the years of this lifetime where there were certain rules, certain regulations, certain categories that were not supposed to mix.

And then there has been a breaking down of barriers, not without some effort and some pain, but there has been a breaking down, where ones look and say, “Well you look a bit different than I look. Your eyes are a bit different shape than mine. But you say nice things, and you have a heart that opens and wants to help. Maybe that’s what is important.” And of course, it is.

All of you—hear this well—all of you have come with different forms in different lifetimes; different color of skin, different form, whether it be male or female, or perhaps male feeling to express as female and vice versa, all different ways. You wanted to try it out. What would it feel like to be in a male body and be attracted to another male body? “Well, I know we’re not supposed to do that.”

Why not? It’s the heart, the feeling of love, compassion, comradery of two souls finding each other again. Hear that word, “again”, because you have expressed upon this plane many times in many different forms. And sometimes you have been forbidden to love that one that you recognized and yet could not say from whence, what time, where, circumstances you have loved that one in another lifetime.

You are bringing about an awaited time of celebration. It is the first thing, when you have a child. Is it worth it? ( Absolutely) Absolutely. The pain of birthing, of labor, it is forgotten afterwards. It’s like, “Well, I know that it was a bit of a struggle. I remember it took some time, and it hurt, and I really wished it would be over, and then all of a sudden, here’s this form, and now what do I do with this form, this little bitty form? How do I take care of this little bitty form?

You take care of this little bitty form by loving it, always and forever. There is always that bond, even if it is a child that you did not want, and maybe you gave it to someone else to take care of. There will always be a special knowing within you that somewhere there is a form that shares experience and even physicality with you; a gift, if you will.

That is what this time is about. So when it seems difficult to wait, when it seems difficult to do the distancing and to stay in the dwelling place or to walk out and not be able to give hugs and not to be within a certain familiarity of space with another one, count it all as good. This too shall pass.

Your leader, even though he does not understand all of the workings of everything — although he would like to, because he wants to truly be the leader—he is doing the best that he can with it. And you have seen his change. He will say one thing on one day, and then something new will come along and he will try to be your cheerleader. Sometimes he says things that seem off the wall—and they are—but he is trying to lighten up that which he feels to be so heavy. Allow yourselves to love, to forgive—to give love for, in place of. Allow yourself to know that truly, “I am love. I am the courage of love.”

Because these days that are upon you are calling for courage that goes beyond world courage. It is the courage of the heart, the courage that knows, “This is worth waiting for; this is truly why I have come.”

Now, I have one who wishes to speak with you just for a short time, because I know that you value your time. It is my mother. She wishes to speak with you because, as she will tell you, you have all in one lifetime, one incarnation of different form, been her child. You have been with her. My mother…I take possession of her, and she takes possession in love of me and of you. She would speak with you in this month where you celebrate the mothers. It is most appropriate that we celebrate how you are turning into mothers.
Mother Mary:

Blessed ones, gentle ones, children of the Most High. I am the one you have called Mary, mother of the Christ, and truly that is who you are. You are birthing the awareness of Christ upon this plane. You asked to know the experience of being mother in this lifetime, and it was gifted to you after a period of waiting for a while.

Those of you with male form, you are the mothers as well. When you think of the small one that you held in arms, you looked at that one in awe, “How could this one be of my flesh? How could this one be of my heart?” Every mother, and as father you feel the mothering quality, you have felt that even with the ones that you have said, “Here, come under my wing; I will take care of you; and you have been as mother/father to them.

The mother quality is the quality of love. It is the quality of taking in those that perhaps are of your flesh, and more than that, ones who have come to you in a certain circumstance who are asking for love. You have found that as you will be in love with them, there is a feeling of reciprocity that happens, for each and every one wants to be loved. Each and every one wants to be acknowledged.

So you have been perhaps with the male form as father, and yet the mother quality comes forward to protect, to sustain, and to love the small ones; even as they get tall, to look up to them and to see the Christ of them, to play with them as you go through life.

I did that with the one you know as Yeshua. He was birthed in the normal manner. After riding for quite a few days on the back of a donkey, I was ready to give birth, and this most wondrous being came forth. The first thing that this one did, as every small one seems to do, was to open the mouth and yell; to take in the breath of life with a cry.

And then do you know what happened after that? That’s what happened—the smile; the smile of the young one, the little one, having expressed the feeling of birth. Because, after all, think upon it for a moment. How would it feel—and you can go back, and even farther back than just the birthing, to the process of birthing—how would it feel to be squeezed and squeezed and pushed and squeezed and pushed, and then finally to take that breath and to celebrate life, and to know, “I’ve made it; hey, world, I’ve made it,” and feeling that feeling of expansion; physical expansion, yes, but also the feeling of expansion of newness, where everything is open to you.

Each and every one of you came forth wondering, “What is this life going to be about? How is this life going to be? I am going to have fun with this life.”

Being the mother is the most wondrous place to be. Being the father, in place of the mother, is a most wondrous place to be, watching the small one who is seemingly helpless, and yet is not helpless, seeing that little one take form and grow in stature and in knowing. And as they grow, which happened with Yeshua, as he grew taller than I, where the mother has to look up to the son—symbolic, no? Has to look up to the sun.

I was very, very proud of Yeshua. He learned quickly. He loved easily. He was excited to see the world, how it would be, how it would work. And as you have been parent, you have seen through your children’s eyes a new world, how they saw or see the world. And you get a chance to expand your vision past what you have been seeing to see how they see things, and as the world changes, because it does. And to see it anew through their eyes as they will grow in stature and in understanding, to the place where, yes, you look up to them.

And when it came to what you call now the Easter time, the time of the crucifixion, there was the feeling of the mother who did not want to see the bodily form tortured the way it was. I knew, because he had shared with me, that he knew how to remove his consciousness from the body so that he did not suffer the way most human beings ordinarily would suffer. But the mother’s heart did suffer, and yet the mind said to be quiet and to allow that which had to happen to happen.

It was a difficult yet rewarding time, for I knew in the mind the foretelling of how he would come back. But I didn’t know how that would be, and I didn’t understand how it could be. And yet he proved that at any moment—and he is teaching you this—that at any moment you create the form. You create the experience that you are having. You create out of the next moment of time that which you call your reality.

But it was most wondrous when I could reach out and hug that form again. So when I hear you say, “What do I miss the most? I miss the hugs,” yes, give the hugs. Give the love. Be mother to your reality, because you are. Appreciate what you create in every moment. Appreciate the most wondrous technology that says in certain very awareness form, “There is no separation.”

You sit here in a certain location, and your friends who you see on the screen, they are very much with you. Is there any separation? In truth, no. Are you mother to all of your inventions? Of course. And father; I will not leave out the category of father. But in truth, you are all mothers.

Celebrate. You have a day coming up soon to celebrate mothers. Celebrate yourself, because you are the mother to that which you experience. Call it all good, and know that truly you are held in love. So be it.

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