US Covid Deaths Are Tragic, But So Is The Lockdown of Our Economy

justnews eraoflightdotcomAs I write this, 1.6 percent of the U.S. population have tested positive for Coronavirus— 5.2 million out of our 330 million people. This figure probably shocks most people, because the mainstream media has tried as hard as possible to make this pandemic seem far worse than it actually is.

Every day there are repeated news reports about passing another “grim milestone”.

Over 166,000 have died with their deaths being attributed to the virus.

However, there have been numerous reports that many, possibly even most, of these deaths have been with “comorbidities” that could have been the primary cause.

Age could also have been the main factor in many of the deaths, with some countries reporting two-thirds of the deceased being over 70 and many over 80.

Having had deaths in my own family (although not from the virus), I am certainly not making light of these deaths.

Every day, in the U.S., approximately 8,000 people die, and every death is sad, tragic, or even horrible.

Yet the best news about this virus is that well over 90 percent who have tested positive recover without medicines designed to treat it (or a vaccine designed to prevent it).

In the 1957-58 flu season, when I was 10 years old, the world was hit by another pandemic which also originated in China.

It was called the Asian Flu, and 1.1 million died from it, with 116,000 of those deaths being in the U.S. That would be the equivalent of 220,000 U.S. deaths now due to or much higher current population.

Nothing was shut down then. No mayors or governors were holding daily Asian Flu news conferences. There were not constant, 24-hour news reports about the numbers dying or testing positive.

The news readers on MSNBC and CNN can barely suppress their glee at reporting new hotspots and big increases in the numbers dying or testing positive, especially if they are in so-called red states with Republican governors.

Because of their absolute virulent hatred for President Trump, they are also eager to report bad economic news and seemingly grimace when they have to report that the stock market has gone up once again.

Blue state governors and mayors are doing as much as they can to keep things shut down and acting very heroic or holier than thou in doing so.

It is pretty obvious, though, that almost all who want to keep businesses closed and schools shut are people who are still drawing their paychecks or pensions.

They don’t seem to realize that this can’t go on much longer without even those checks or pensions cut back or stopped altogether.

And if the Congress keeps voting to spend money like the worst drunken sailors in history, inflation will just about wipe out those checks and pensions anyway.

The saddest thing about this virus, without question, is the number of people who have died and who have become seriously ill.

However, it is also very sad that so many thousands of small businesses have been forced to shut down, a very significant number of which will never be able to re-open.

And it is especially unfair that so many big giants have been allowed to stay open, even seeing big increases in business they have gotten from the little guys that are no longer open.

All businesses, large and small, should have been allowed to stay open. Were it not for the fact that history is often written by the victors, this shutdown would soon be looked back on as one of the biggest mistakes this Country has ever made. Unfortunately, though, the losers in this situation are clearly those who have been made to close.

John J. Duncan, Jr. represented the Second District of Tennessee in the U.S. House for 30 years from 1988 to 2018. He is a Member of the Ron Paul Institute Board of Advisors.

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6 Replies to “US Covid Deaths Are Tragic, But So Is The Lockdown of Our Economy”

  1. Manny Doutsboutit

    What’s “tragic” about a COVID-19 death vs. some other death? Everybody “dies” of something in this 3rd density world. Why is a COVID-19 death more “tragic” than death in a car accident (although I understand many car accident deaths are now being reported as COVID deaths, as well as falls off of buildings, heart attacks, etc.) There is no reason for this except certain parties [cough, cough, the media, cough power-hungry politicians cough] have an ulterior motive for making flu mountains out of molehills.

    1. Pure Energy

      K e v i n
      I just sent you a web site address about that epidemic media campaign, but it disappeared.
      Have you been to freedom platform. tv/ p l a n d e m i c ?
      Yesterday I read about how youtube deletes what it doesn’t agree with, despite their mission statement. Google is a part of this whole scheme, too.
      I just noticed a 8/20/2020 date published at 3:16 pm above that I wrote the word “Hi” on. But it is only 2:25 pm now.
      I suppose that it is google/youtube censoring what I write. But then I wondered about eraoflight. Whom ever writes for them doesn’t understand how we are all literally light beings that don’t die. I have become hesitant to write here.

  2. Pure Energy

    Thank you, Kevin,
    There is not even a virus.
    The thing that really bothers me is when all those voices say we are light and eternal, yet at the same time say it is tragic that someone is not on earth anymore. How can anyone be eternal light, and at the same time be tragic? Doesn’t anyone know yet that we are such magnificent, complicated beings of energy and light that we are actually holograms that can never fall apart? All those 7 billion billion billion atoms we all consist of are spinning as eternity itself. Each one is being created by God itself, or else how would those waves of energy and light at the core of this existence become spinning quarks and then atoms, which ARE us ? Has anyone EVER thought about this?
    Those waves of energy and light at the core of this existence ARE what is called God. Those waves ARE God’s brain waves. AND God is perfect. I prefer All That Is, but there is no difference. People say this universe has been going on and on and on for millions of years, each year a sun shining and clouds in the sky. Tesla wasn’t lying when he said everything is energy. That sun is energy and it just keeps on shining forever. All those quarks we consist of are shining like tiny suns within us all. Quarks spin billions of times a second as 3 points of light. It takes 3 quarks to spin as a proton and 3 quarks to spin as a neutron. AND electrons spin/vibrate as one point of light. This is what an atom is. Totally 100% light. God is light and energy and consciousness. God is the air we breathe and the blood that pumps through us. God is everything everywhere, so when we leave these bodies we are literally flying in another dimension, the one called heaven, which really exists. Heaven is not fake. It is not make believe. Talk to the people having NDEs and OBEs. They write books and travel speaking about their experiences. Eben Alexander had a NDE. He is a neurosurgeon. Watch his videos, Read his books. WE DON’T DIE.
    If that doesn’t convince you, get the book ‘Hands of Light” written by the physicist Barbara Brennan. She taught herself to see us as the holograms we are. She wrote that all of us are eternal, electromagnetic, holographic and multidimensional energy and light beings. Right now. We don’t have to leave these bodies to see we don’t die. Physicists know that atoms are electrical magnetic energy fields. Then so are we. When we “die” this energy we are stays together in these forms.
    The thing about us being holograms means that our thoughts are images. So when we image hate and depression and greed and fear, we are slowing down the energy we are until it stops. When energy stops, masses of energy form like boulders in a river. Then this society that believes we are physical calls these masses the words tumors and cancer and AIDs and viruses and germs, etc. etc. etc. Brennan teaches that we have to learn how to release our stresses and when we do, those masses of super slow energy disappear.

  3. Tom

    Mr Duncan
    I believe your facts are off you claim the MSNBC and CNN hate TRUMP. Well let’s look at the facts that Trump knew about this virus back in December 2019 and did nothing. In the month of February 2020 then he came out and stated it was the Democrats who were lying about the virus and their were only 35 people who had it. Nothing big by spring it will disappear. If the man who you feel is so great did his job from the start and dealt with the problem today we would not have this problem. I believe today their are over 171,000 dead.Now some believe it’s not real but many who was of the same mind set and got it. Today sing a different song and state it take a long time to heal from it.

    You also claim the Blue states are trying to keep the country shut down. And the stock market is doing great. Again your a lost soul from Tennessee !

    The stock market is being helped by the fed buying company’s losses to keep the market going. You remember just like George Bush did back before the country crashed.
    As for Blue States trying to keep this country down let’s look at that. For every tax dollar they pay in taxes to the government their return is around .89 cents. Were your state and many others who need help from the government get around $ 1.24 back from the government. ( I thought you would know that ) In the 30 years that you were in government the republican party has spent money they did not have George H Bush had his big war which cost millions. Son George Bush gave a big tax cut to the rich because he had a surplus from Clinton time in office. He could not wait to spend it plus his war that has cost trillion in money. In their time they also TAX SS and redid the health care system so people paid much more with less coverage.In 2008 they made the post office pay for retirement 10 years in to the future. You I am sure when and voted for the changes. Today we have a real clown in the white House who know nothing about running government. And he has spent trillions on tax breaks and wasted money on china and other country’s tariffs. You do know we pay for them not the country’s he puts them on. He is a true con as his whole family is.
    Now before you say anything I will tell you I was a republican member for years but left the party because of Bush and Cheney. Remember what big Dick said during the war people should not worry about spending. By the way could you tell us what you pension is from the government around $189,000.00 a
    year? Not bad for part time work and lying to your people for over 30 years. Maybe you still can lie to the people in Tennessee but people outside don’t buy the con.


    No one has died from COVID19. The whole epidemic is a media campaign. Why don’t you talk about that truth. There is not even a virus or viruses. Another lie we’ve been told since birth.