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moving forward with the truth eraoflightdotcomIt has been a while since the last newsletter. We have undergone some major changes, lost a few volunteers and filling in and restructuring has taken up most of my time. The conference went well, each speaker knocked it out of the park. Their lectures have been edited and reloaded so all is well with the live stream. It is still available for anyone who missed the conference. We will launch ECETI Stargate TV very soon with classes, workshops, special guests avoiding the controlled narrative which has infiltrated almost, the entire spiritual and UFO community. It’s time to go next level.

The Schumann Resonance has been spiking all week with a coronal hole aiming in our direction. Prepare for changes on every level. I woke up this morning on the 18th to feel a deep sadness and longing in the collective. I received many emails and text from people who felt the exact same thing. If I could put it into two sentences one was the feeling of despair concerning where the dark hearts are trying to take us. Two missing home which to me and many others are other civilizations, Star Nations, advanced civilizations which actually are kind to each other and their planets. It was hard to shake a very strong drive to go home, missing my extended family along with the sadness of how very few can hold that higher frequency on Earth along with all the senseless violence and destruction. I know this too shall pass and the destiny of Earth is to join the rest of the multiverse in peace living loving, joyous, abundant lives. Holding that vision in the face of adversity is the challenge.

I have never seen such deception, dishonesty, malevolent agendas carried out by socially engineered, critically thinking impaired people. The fake news, with feigned outrage, accusing others of doing exactly what they have done or are doing has reached epidemic. Being neither republican or democrat I have to admit the democratic party has crossed the line into total insanity and double speak. I watched Michael or Michelle Obama, something that really needs to be cleared up accuse Trump of everything her husband did. Obama made the cages that held the children at the border. His administration was responsible for the removal of the mail boxes. The dems are screaming outrage because their extremely flawed and fraudulent mail in program is short sighted due to the failure of the post office which was failing under Obama. Yet they are accusing Trump of tampering with the elections? Their tampering is already a recipy for disaster.

They claim America cannot survive another four more years of Trump who pulled America out of a nose dive, a total disaster set into motion by the previous administration. He stopped endless wars of which the democrats rather than be grateful were angry. They blame Trump for the corona virus, yet it came from China. They want to continue allowing China to take over our economy and all our assets, and if it was up to them they would have never closed down the borders and allowed the Cov 19 to spread like wildfire. Let us not forget Trump leading the fight against drug and child trafficing another major issue dems seem to ignore. Anyone ever ask why? Ask a democrat why they are not against securing the borders, ending drug and child trafficing. The democratic run states were a complete disaster when it came to handling Cov 19, in fact they flooded the nursing homes and homes for the elderly with people infected by the virus, those most susceptible. They did everything wrong unless you want a pandemic and have another agenda. It is disheartening to watch pathological liars, now murderers, blame Trump for their own failures and misdeeds.

It seems, the democrats want a Marxist, socialist country where the power and wealth is centralized into the hands of a few elite who will control your lives, your every move. When the funds they stole from others runs out the people will revolt but with what? They took your guns away. Didn’t we do this before, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, how did that work out? Don’t they teach history anymore? A better question is what are they teaching our youth which has caused them to stray so far from universal law and base common sense?  This includes the mega corporate owned lame stream media and their megalomaniac psychopaths in lock step with the controlling elite pushing the race and gender wars, divide and conquer agenda.

Here is a news flash, your own immune system has a 99.74% chance of beating Cov19 some experience flu like symptoms, a mild cold, others are not even symptomatic. Wearing masks in 4 minutes lowers your oxygen levels below OSHAs critical levels, your immune system becomes compromised. The masks work as well as my underwear and a layer of denim stopping a fart. Sunlight and salt water wreak immediate havoc on the virus. So, lets keep everyone locked down out of the sun and away from the beaches, out of work and destroy the economy. Make sense? Only to the socially engineered, critically thinking research impaired people who watch lame stream news.

When is the news going to tell you who was really behind the Russian collusion? After they are all locked up? They demonized General Flynn who has been completely exonerated is there going to be a retraction, an apology? How about a retraction and apology for Trump? What else have they been lying about? “PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING!” They rolled out their parade of liars only to be systematically disproven. When will they be held accountable and for God’s sake why are people still listening to them? To these people lying is a way of life, an art form in total support of the lame stream media with no moral compass. When will this end? Do these people truly be lie ve their own lies? Think of what kind of a person who’s life work is to lie and deceive, fake outrage, divide the people into race wars, rip off the very people they profess to be looking out for in their lust for fame, power and wealth. How can you take these talking heads seriously or be lie ve anything they have to say? Better yet how can you elect them into office to decide your future.

This is insanity, a one way ticket to hell. No wonder so many people are feeling despair. This was not the destiny of Earth, she was hijacked. Now is the time to hold the hijackers accountable. They are the ones pressing for socialism. They are the ones who support the race wars, riots, the worst of which are the ones funding them. They want to defund the police in the middle of the race wars and social unrest they created. Where is the logic unless your agenda is take down America.  They are the ones forcing you to comply to measures in complete contradiction to your health and constitutional rights. They are the double speakers accusing others of what they themselves are doing or have done ten fold. They are the dividers. Why are the majority of the democratic run states bankrupt, failing, with the highest casualty rates of Cov 19? This is not a trick question. How can they virtue signal from the bottom of the barrel? Which party supports the riots, race and gender wars, the party of division which accuses Trump of dividing the country? Which party was the party of the Ku Klux Clan, voted against women suffrage, equal rights yet professes to be the torch holder for the African American and women. Anyone aware of this in the African American or Black community is called an Uncle Tom. Do you really think Black Lives Matter to these people? So many are doing their bidding against their very own people.  Look closely that torch your carrying might have a sheet under it with a couple holes punched out for eyes. The dems have become the party of division, double speak and accusers of what they themselves have done or are doing. They are lock step with the global elite while acting as if they are the champions of the poor. Time for a real fact check. What will be left after the take down of America? Road Warrior? Time for a little forethought. Unity is the cure, working together according to Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. It is time for the social engineering double speak to end. A mans/womans character is established by their actions. Don’t listen to what they say, research what they do.

Be well, 

James Gilliland



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19 Replies to “James Gilliland Latest Report”

  1. darsdragons

    I always felt Trump is NOT the smooth politician we Americans are use to. He was put here to TRIGGER people to give a damn about what is going on in the Greatest Country in the World. Trigger you to see the corruption, the control, the evil going on. If his name triggers you, it is telling you to search yourself for the cause and work to release those triggers. Namaste

  2. John

    Trump is the greatest Lightworker to ever live. Period. the most powerful man on the planet. Protected and aided by the Galactic Federation. Source be with all the lost souls that are on the wrong side of history.

  3. Daedalus

    Fun fact : Once Trump is reelected in November, he will officially be the most peaceful POTUS in whole history of US. Zero wars started so far…

    As said before, the hatred that some folks harbor within themselves towards Trump will eat them alive, it already backfires to them.

    Truth is, many dont want to release this hatred, because its linked to their ego. Its like juggling with grenades in your hands … all that hatred, dellusion, ego bombs.

    Time is working against everyone with such issues. There will be – and already are – consequences. Once many Cabal stooges are linked to pedophilia in mainstream public eyes, its a total game over. But its also a peak self-implosion, because many will be found protecting pedophiles… even unawarely… again, ego games.

    1. Tom

      Believe me Steve Trump will not go down as a great president.
      Another one of his boys Bannon was charged for ripping americans off. But I know Trump was not involved.
      Birds with feathers fly togeather!!

  4. Steve

    Great message James, I definitely agree. Trump is a hero. He’ll be remembered as the greatest President in history.

  5. John Wright

    Very succinctly put. There is currently a lot of frustration. OK, so we should love everyone and raise our vibration. After all, non are really guilty because we have all chosen our roles. Having said that, it’s time for the bollocks to end so we can all move to 5D!

  6. Brenda Kuder

    What does every Trump supporter do? They blame Obama for everything. Trump takes responsibility for nothing! I stopped reading as soon as the attacks went to Obama.

    1. Ben bording

      James rant lowers the vibration , I actually wanted to go up to his place in Washington state but totally changed my mind

  7. Tom

    Ben I agree with you, James loves Trump and all he stands for.
    James claims he is for love light and protecting Gaia. But Trump will kill the water for greed and any other resource gaia has for us. It all about Greed with this President and James back this man 100 percent. Even when he locks up kids in cages.

    1. James

      Tom, you and Ben need to do some actual research before spouting off about Trump as all you are doing is saying the same lies you have been fed by the “Lame” stream media. Can you not think for yourself or are you destined to continue to remain asleep for awhile longer?

      I truly feel sorry for you and others like you who continue to swallow the same political rhetoric of the left wing socialists. I guess you would rather have a socialist/communist country instead of keeping America great. In that case, feel free to vote for the idiot Biden or better yet leave the country after Trump wins re-election. Enough is enough!

  8. Ben bording

    I disagree with James ,I can’t stand trump ,his environmental policy’s ,such as opening the Arctic for drilling ,all his picks for dept heads (EPA , interior, energy , Make me Ill also. Obama just continued all the same policy’s as Bush Do you love bush too ? Dick Cheney ?

    1. Kay

      The commentators are really missing the reason we have Trump in his role. I still can’t believe it took a Trump to trigger the deepest sleepers, yet here we are… nothing is as it appears in your mirror. May we heal 💞

      1. Ben bording

        As usual same shit , no coherent argument regarding environmental policy that was my point , I’m neither a democrat or republican I did not insult people and be a dick this is a spiritual web site that I really enjoy and will never click on this James es articles again