Archangelic Collective: All A Dream

angelic being eraoflightdotcomWe are the Archangelic Collective, speaking to humanity in this now as a unified voice. We are many. Many of you are us in human form, serving. As above, so below. We serve the light. We serve the love that is Source. This is the time of the great reckoning of those anti-lights and anti-loves against the light and love. In reality, all is light, all is love, but you have been trapped within the matrix of duality and so all that is, is not. Like Alice in the Wonderland, you have been wandering for a long while. (They are showing me scenes of the Disney’s Alice in Wonderland film, which I have not seen in years). Alice falls into the tunnel initially, the fall of consciousness, the fall of Atlantis and Lumeria. Alice has her adventures, your many sojourns upon earth, and Alice rises again, climbing upwards toward the light. We mention this book to you now for this is an apt analogy to what you have been experiencing. (I am seeing the Mad Hatters, the terrifying rabbit and the screaming queen with many card soldiers). The Mad Hatters, the abusive oligarchy, who have minions upon minions to serve them. Those cards have folded and the queen is dead. The light is flooding the Wanderland – we would not call it ‘wonder’. It is a wonder that you all have learned and emerged so strongly. This earth experiment has been arduous at best. Do you remember the end of the story? Alice opens her eyes and realizes it is all a dream. A very real dream, yes, but Alice finds herself back in her true reality, as will you. You are the dream makers, the change makers. You are the life waterers, the rainbow warriors. You are the lovers, the dreamers, the healers, the leaders. You are the best future creators of Nova Gaia and you are coming into your own. Healing awaits.

We are the Archangelic Collective. I Michael, I Raphael, I Jophiel am speaking. We surround you in love and light. We engulf you in the mighty flames of love, of light, of strength for the coming days. You are more than capable for what lies ahead. Steel forms in the fire. (I am seeing a fire ball-like comet streak to Earth and slamming into the ground, removing any discordant energies, causing the surrounding shadow to jump off. I am seeing this fire ball in actuality be higher consciousness, and the glow of this seems to spread all over Gaia. The people are glowing, they are happy again). We show you this, to illustrate the power of the light. The same power is within you. The Christed light burns brighter daily, brighter than ever before upon your planet. We ignite humanity. (I am seeing the mighty angels blow their golden trumpets. I am hearing the echo off of the mountains so that all wherever they are upon Gaia can hear these frequencies of up-liftment, of light, of the ignitement, of inner strength). The Christed child arises today within you. Keepers of the flame, it is time to spread it. It is time to shine your light, to spread your flame of love. The light in your eyes speaks volumes. Masked or not, your eyes can share the love that you have for each other. The darkness crumbles, the darkness flees. All is light. We clothe you in our robes of comfort, of strength. All is not lost. The true treasure is now found, within; it is the treasure of humanity buried deeply within the cacophony of human experiences. The love that you have for each other, the forgiveness that you can send to your oppressors – those are your treasures, the lessons learned while within the fire are priceless beyond compare. You will treasure these days. As your treasures come forth the material will seem less and less important for you will realize on a deep soul level all is meant to be shared as one collective. The time of dominoes knocking each other down is over. The time of building is here.

We are the Archangelic collective, summoned from the heart of Creator. We surround your world with power, with strength, with love, with grace and with great rejoicing as the new is birthed. We are the Archangelic Collective. We breathe our codes into your crown chakra now. Breathe deeply. (I am seeing silver and gold sparkles that resemble the firework sparklers steaming into my crown and spreading all over my body). We are ever beside you. Just as fireworks light up the night sky, so too shall the energy of this time reignite the truth and sparkle of the human collective. All is not lost, dear ones. All is just beginning. Feel the sparkle within you. Hear the gurgling laugh of the Christed child and fan the flame of love. Be love. Be light. Be the true you. The illusion is shattered, and it is truly a new day dawning upon your beautiful world. Peace. We stand with you. We are the Archangelic Collective of light. Peace.

» Channel: Galaxygirl