Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Ascension

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council,

I am glad to be here today, it has been awhile since I came through this channel. As you know, I always spend a lot of time in the meetings as I am in the High Council. We usually discuss about the progress of Ascension on Earth, and we scan every country on your planet checking for any negative activity by the Dark Ones. You know by now there are many things that are going on behind the scenes. We are doing a lot of work and making sure that Ascension Process is going as safe as possible without any interruptions from the Negative Forces. They are constantly trying to stop or slow down your process and we are doing our best to keep them away as far as we can from you.

Your reality is changing so drastically and fast, and it will continue to change, because you are on the way to a new dimension. Ascension is going to happen no matter what the Dark Side has been doing or still trying to do, like they did recently by creating chaos with their explosion in Beirut, floods in China and with other events on Mother Earth, they can’t stop this process and we will not let them.

Please, remember to do your daily meditations and try to stay in high vibrations by connecting to nature, smiling, doing things that uplift your spirit and be in the moment by not going to the past or future. Use your own discernment on what really matters to you and don’t let them to distract you from your goal of ascending. We are watching over you from above at every step that your taking towards The New Golden Age.

Our Council and The Galactic Federation are making sure that this process is going as safe as possible under these unusual circumstances. You are the first ones who are going through this by taking your physical body with you to a higher dimension, so the transformation in your bodies is going to continue. You just need to stay in the moment, go with the flow and not worry about tomorrow. Please, remember to express your gratitude to Mother Earth who has been giving you a home for many thousands of years. She already moved to 5D and her essence that is still here in 3D is trying to help you to ascend to 5th dimension.

We are doing our part, please do yours by fulfilling your missions here. Some of you are still not awake, one day you are going to open your eyes, so start paying attention to your surroundings and to all the positive changes around you, and never give power to the negative things that happened. We are eliminating the possibilities of as many catastrophic events from occurring in the first place like nuclear explosions and we are preventing thousands of them that are about to happen.

I spend so much time in the meetings, we constantly discuss how is the easiest and the most peaceful way to help bring Ascension to Earth. We are doing our absolute best, please do your best too. This reality of 3D matrix is getting dissolved with each day more and more, and a new world is forming. One day, it’s going to switch to 5D. All of these bad memories, events and everything else negative what you have experienced, they are just going to be washed away from your mind like the sound of an ocean wave hitting the sand on the beach. A new life is going to blossom that will make you and the rest of the world be happy by living a peaceful and a prosperous life.

On your planet everything is conditioned and put against your free will, like wearing masks, keeping social distance and etc. It’s time for you to see, feel, be joyful and be excited about the upcoming new existence that humanity and us have been waiting for so long. Other Civilizations are observing and are curious about your Ascension Process. You are the first ones who will be ascending with your physical body. Your Galactic family is going to foresee this process behind the scenes and we are happy to assist you.

I am Mira and I was happy to come here and give you this insight on what is really going on right now on Earth. I am looking forward to reconnecting with you again. Thank you.

Channel: Erena Velazquez