Alkiel of the Pleiades: Stand in Your Light

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomThis blog post is a bit different to my others. I channelled this message with the help of my Pleidian guide, Alkiel. I asked him what do you want me to write and this is what I was given.

“We are gathering In preparation.For soon the hour will come.As many of you Earth plane. Have been doing the work and preparing. So have we. The Galactic Council have been meeting.In readiness. For this event. They want you to know they/God/Source/Spirit did not create the virus. There are a few on Earth who turned to the Dark Side. A long time ago. Yes, yes, it sounds like the Sta Wars movies. We do not wear the masks. We are beings of light. Trust that we are here for the highest good. And that there are some on Earth. Whose masks will be removed. In the coming days. This may be a shock to some. Many. For those already aware. You will be needed, to guide, and explain. Only good will come from this. Stand strong in your beliefs. Your values, your light. You all chose to be here. At this time. Embrace the precious time you have been given. Light will reign again.”

Alkiel then spoke to me about Lemuria

“There were 24 of you within a community. Between you you governed, wrong word, looked after so many people. Children, sick and elderly were looked after by the women. The men tended to the crops, built and did what the men knew they were to do. All were aligned with their true purposes in life. Time was peaceful. Life was peaceful and much time was spent learning about the natural earth in terms of crystals, herbs and the cycles. This learning is what is being remembered now in people. Gardening and planting seeds. We cheer for that. There will be swapping, energy exchanges and bartering for services. It will start with the plants then move to other stuffs. Food, books etc.”

There was more but for now this is all that needs to be shared.

Love and light

» Source » Channel: Lindsey