7 Ways to Develop Your Self Love

mass meditation eraoflightdotcom1) Know it’s OK to not be OK

It’s OK to not be OK, or have a bad day, or to fail at something. It happens to everyone. Failing at something doesn’t mean you’re a failure, only that you didn’t manage to do something you intended. If you realise that it’s OK to fail or to not be OK, that’s a success!! Well done!

2) Love thy selfie

Say, “I love you” or “I am enough” every time you see your reflection in a mirror. Say it when you brush your teeth, do your makeup, dry your hair, and even when you catch your reflection in a shop window. Repetition like this will eventually wire the idea into your brain.

3) Strike a “Power” Pose

You smile when you’re happy and frown when you’re stressed because the brain’s emotional circuitry is connected to your muscles. But it’s a 2-way street. Your feelings show up as smiles, frowns and muscle tensions, but how you choose to hold and move your body feeds back to the brain and creates the way you want to feel.

So find a way of holding and moving your body that says, “I’ve got this” or “I have an inner sense of worthiness and value” or something similar, and do it as often as you can remember to.

4) Visualise your highest self

Your brain doesn’t distinguish real from imaginary. Frequently imagine yourself as your best self – with confidence and self love – speaking and interacting with people in the way you’d like. Don’t just imagine the end result though, but give important mental attention to the way you’re holding and moving your body as you create the result.

5) Celebrate your uniqueness

Don’t try to be like everyone else. Be like yourself, however you are. Conforming to an idea of what you think people want only feeds the thought that, ‘I am not enough as I am’. Make a decision to celebrate what it is about you that makes you You. As they say, ‘Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken’.

6) Be kind to yourself

Treat yourself with the same kindness and care that you show others. Treat yourself, take some time for yourself, practice saying ‘No’ (or at least, ‘Not yet!’) instead of always saying yes. Let your hair down once in a while. You deserve it.

7) Stretch out of your comfort zone

The greatest gains in self love often lie just at the edge of our comfort zones. Knowing this actually makes it a little easier to stretch yourself because you know what the self love reward can be. Try not to be afraid of rejection or failure. Whatever the outcome, you stretched, and that’s a declaration of self love.

Copyright 2020 David R. Hamilton PhD.

2 Replies to “7 Ways to Develop Your Self Love”

  1. Claudia Schillings

    “MAY I” “top this up”:

    1) It´s not only “OK” to not feel “ok” because “there is always “GOOD” reason” for EVERY MOVE we make… sometimes “failure” is “the success”… (but even “KNOWING THIS” “first hand” cant´t help much most of the time I must admit…)

    2) “Love thy selfie” but “WHAT if you can´t”?

    For those WHO CAN´T this is such an OLD ENERGY “TOOL” that simply doesn´t “WORK” anymore, or, even worse, “works” “counterproductively” and only puts you back to NOT FEELING “OK” again… SOME PEOPLE are simply “more connected” than others to “WHAT THEY “REALLY” LOOK LIKE” and that makes one not being “ABLE” TO “ACCEPT” the lie the mirror in your bathroom is “telling” you and THAT IS A GOOD THING…

    … and so forth… “THE BLENDING” of the “HIGHER&LOWER” self is soso subtle and those “old energy tools” simply don´t work anymore unless you are “completely new” to this kind of “inner work”…

    FOR THOSE who have been “in this game” for many years “THE FUSION” HAS “TAKEN PLACE” and all one needs now is TO “REALIZE” “JUST THAT” and how to see “you being your own proof” in life… otherwise you keep repeating “pretending to be” in “FIRST GRADE” at the “school of consciousness”…

    It´s much “EASIER/SIMPLER” than we “think” and THAT MUST BE SEEN because that is the biggest “boulder” that stops THE FLOW from running smoothly…

    So “NO OFFENCE!” Mr. Dear Hamilton (unless your aim was to NOT LET people “grow” …)

    “I AM HERE” and open for anybody who feels like “WANTING to reach out” for more in order to “stretch out of your “comfort” zone”.