Goddess of Creation: How to Live in a Higher Vibration

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomWe are at the end of a very, very long journey that has actually spanned thousands of years! So to be here at the end of this cycle is truly, truly amazing. We are seeing such division and unrest right now because this old energy is doing all that it can to keep control and keep the higher energy out — which it can’t do because it’s here.

During this channel, the Goddess spoke at the beginning about energy, grounding, the energy bodies that create who we are as a person. Then when we were in the All That Is, the Goddess again went back into all the energy fields that create us. We began by looking at the earth and as a group consciously sending the energy of love and balance into the earth. The matrix had some areas that needed greater light and then we moved through the collective consciousness to infuse it with light.

Once we returned our focus to the All That Is, we then brought us our lives, looking at our lives and what keeps us where we are. She also had us look at January/ February 2021 to see how our lives might be different and to see the energy around us. This is very important as we may have the same things, however it will vibrate differently. The Goddess spoke of releasing control and dealing with the 3rd-dimensional manipulation. Once you clear that you, you can then look at your life from a state of being.

A few of the essential aspects: detach from the energy. When you see something happening in the world or friend is in a bad place it is important to detach from the essence of what they are going through. Find the balance within you. From the balance with your divinity, you have a great deal more you can give or share with others. Live from a place of love and compassion. This takes judgment out of your life. Let go of control. It’s a huge difference to control and manipulate a situation vs being present and see what actions to take. The 1st is from a place of narrow visions and perspective, the 2nd is from broad, expansive views.

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

Welcome to our time together. Welcome to this opportunity in which you have the ability to not only recharge every cell within your body but also to rebalance all of your energy fields; your physical body that is the representation of you in this lifetime; your emotional body the flow and the flux of your emotions as they move through you; your mental body the thought framework that creates the foundation for your ego and then, of course, you spiritual body which is where all of the energy and light that we work with is coming into you. And if you allow your consciousness to stretch out even a little bit farther you will discern the crystalline energy body.

The more that the crystalline energies continue to integrate within the earth and within every human that furthest out energy field will then become a part of all the other energy fields creating a new balance and a new way in which you will work not only within yourself but within your healing, your thoughts, your beliefs within all aspects for who you are.

I feel such love in this now moment. We have talked before about the crystalline energy bodies and as I spoke of it just now one of the reasons, I wanted to bring it up is that this representation of the fifth dimension and higher is what is coming into your reality. The crystalline energy is based in an energy that is completely different than the third dimension which is about polarity and duality. The crystalline energy is an inclusive energy and some say it is in alignment with the magnetic energy; the magnetic vibration of the earth that’s always been more that is now worked within a different way so that it can support energy differently than what it has used in the past.

You’ve used your fossil fuels used, you’ve used your electricity and magnetic energy is going to work in alignment with the crystalline energy to create something that is totally different than what you have had.

Therefore as you in your own life create this balance within you and integrate that crystalline energy within you, activating it within your cells; then the energy that will be circling around in the world, in the environment, in everything that you do is something that can then balance you and give you that counterpoint that not only anchors you into the earth but opens you into the whole.

Take a deep breath in and breathe it in the vibration and the essence of what that is.

I like to speak at the beginning here to mention things while you’re still present and conscious upon the earth because this is creating the seeds and planting the seeds of what is taking place.

Take a deep breath in where you breathe in through your heart once more and send a stream of that energy and light from you all the way down through your energy bodies letting it go down until you link with the earth.

Feel what it is to link within Gaia. Most especially allow your own vibration to find its counterpoint within this space.

Even if you come primarily from the universe as long as you are upon the earth there is an anchor within the earth that is most in alignment with you and that assists you within your life. Feel that anchor now.

Okay, let that energy flow back up. It comes back up through your energy bodies and into your heart center and then you send it from your heart center up through your energy bodies and it goes out through the top of your head.

As this goes out through the top of your head it links with your higher self. Take a moment to look around. If you see some of your old projects that you are working on ~whew~ clear them away.

Allow for greater potential to come into this space. You then follow that stream of energy and light that allows you to align with your divinity. It is as if you follow that stream of energy and when you come to the end of it your own soul, your God source, your everything is right in front of you.

Some of you go immediately through and merge with this essence, others of you have a sense of looking. You are always welcome within your soul. You are always present within your soul, feel the love, feel the embrace feel the essence of what that is for you. As you expand into your soul, you may feel your consciousness moving out as your consciousness expand even further.

Take in the many, many aspects of you that are here within this space. The last time that we were together you anchored in the time space continuum and this is where much of that information came from therefore take a moment and if there something that you’ve been working on something that you’ve been processing look around and perhaps you will receive more information

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As my energies aligned with you, we merge, and as my energies merge with you. We shift moving into the All That Is. Here is our space of creation, and by ‘our’ I mean, where we work with this each time that you come into either this teleconference with the Goddess or any other time that you are working with your consciousness in your divinity and you come into this space.

It is available to anyone that is of the vibration and balance with this. Take a moment and look around. Sometimes even this place will become crowded with things that you are processing and yet they either didn’t work out for you are you’ve moved beyond the vibration of where they were ~whew~ just clear out the space.

You can see the ripples of energy as it moves through not only clearing this space for giving you an opportunity to have even more of a place in which to transition, experiment, determine what is going to work best for you.

Each time that we get together there is so much that is happening! I ask that you be open to the perception that there are many layers taking place, much of which you may not even be fully aware. Therefore, at the beginning of this time together with all the divisiveness that is present upon the earth at this time; I want to send out a flow, send out a love that goes from everyone here and I ask you all to become fully present within your consciousness and from your heart just send a wave of love down into the earth.

It moves from this space down until I see it surrounding the earth as it merges with the matrix, it clears out any particles that were not fully functioning so that their movement and the impulse of energy can flow with greater ease. As it moves through the matrix you have the collective consciousness that is filled with the violence the terror, the anger all of this negativity that is 100% associated with the third dimension. ~whew~ lets clear it out from the collective consciousness and down into everybody’s life.

We send love, just as if you are standing here and it being your true authentic self because, in the core of who you are, you are love! you are this magnificent soul and you are here to amplify love upon the earth, clearing out what no longer serves you, clearing out the past, opening up to new potentials.

Take a breath in and as you breathe out. Send another impulse of light and love into the earth and what I see happening as we are doing this is that the people that are stuck it’s as if it kind of cracks their energy field and as it cracks it within knows cracks it’s opening them up to reach towards love, they may not consciously want to, however, if it’s there, you just naturally gravitate towards the light the naturally gravitate towards what feels good you naturally gravitate towards love.

Therefore we just make it present for everybody and then if there is a particular situation you want to focus upon just amplify love that it will transform everything that is there giving those situations the people, the cities whatever may be an opportunity to complete this transformation so that the balanced energy and light of the fifth dimension will flow naturally into everybody and everybody will be open to receive.

As I say this, not everybody is going to be consciously open to receive but as long as there is an aspect of them that recognizes what is going on, they will begin to transform.

The end of this year will be the end of the third dimension. The earth has had since 2012 as a holdover of the old energies, and an influx of the new energies in the third dimension. After the solstice and into January will be virtually nonexistent. I can hear people say ‘what, no way’. There will be many, many, many that will try to bring it back and try to stay in that place that I send to them love, compassion, and transformation.

So, come back into you, here in the All That Is, and take stock of your life.

Are there aspects within your life that are stuck in the third dimension? Are there aspects within your life that are just simply stuck not necessarily because in the vibrational change, but just stuck because you simply cannot get out of a pattern.

As you allow yourself to move within that energy of anything at all that is stuck, let us first consider that situation from the various aspects of who you are. Is there a physical expression of that which is stuck? this physical expression may be an illness in the body. Some people wanting to lose weight others wanting to gain. It may be that they are physically stuck in a situation and they cannot physically leave that situation. What physicality do you have associated with a situation in which you feel stuck?

As you consider the situation. Are you emotionally connected hooked in? And as you consider the emotions, are they supportive or do they feel heavy or pull you down? Consider your thoughts or beliefs around this situation in which you are stuck. Do you believe that you have made choices for a particular reason and now you just are no longer in alignment with those choices?

Do you believe that you are choosing to remain in a situation for another reason that doesn’t have anything to do with you? Is there a belief system stuck in the old energy, perhaps along the line of ‘I’m the only one that can handle this? I’m the only one that can do this. If I’m not here, nothing will get done’. These thoughts and beliefs are old energy.

I invite you to can as you have physically, emotionally, mentally aligned with whatever this may be; I want you then just kind of dig it up by the roots. Your soul energy is what brings in love, compassion; it transforms those other energies. But it’s also like it creates a buffer so that you can begin to not only pull these things out of yourself but as if you are looking at this situation to just bring up that situation so that you may bring it up, bring it up even higher pull out any roots ~whew~ let it go.

Sometimes you even know what it is, it doesn’t matter as long as you understand that there is something that’s been holding you back or hanging on to you bring up whatever that may be bringing up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ let it go. Every time you clear the past you are opening to greater flow and transformation from the fifth dimensional energies. ~whew~

Shift your focus and there actually may be times when you come back and you’ve got more to clean out and if you need to right now then by all means, clear every single thing that no longer serves you.

As you are ready to do so, then shift your focus so that you may now begin to look at your life and what it is to live in the fifth dimension and I’m speaking about your everyday life fifth dimension where all your energy bodies are aligned where your whole entire life is infused with the fifth dimension.

Let us just jump forward we’ll to February or the end of January 2021 and look at your life in the perspective. You may see opportunities that are coming to you of which you were unaware prior to clearing out those blockages. As you begin to look at what your life could be from this higher lighter perspective open up that doorway so that even more opportunity flows within you.

As you consider what it is to live a life in which you live from the heart and you learn how to trust your intuition, you learn how to disconnect from low vibrational energies, when you consider the choices that you make those choices support the entirety rather than just you yourself. Recognize how your business dealings will change. Your family interactions will change. Experience what that is. Some of you are receiving great detail others of you are just getting little snippets going through.

However, there is so much of that light vibration here present in this moment, so that when you look at what’s happening right now; the controversies, the violence, the discord you see some of it just melts away. You see other aspects are transforming because what people have known and believed is transforming. There will be information that comes out about your world. There will be information about the non-terrestrials and how they have always been here and how they are continuing to support you; things that for a great deal of humanity are just simply incomprehensible will become comprehensible.

As this change is taking place people will be angry, they will be afraid, they won’t understand and so they may lash out. Your response to that; unconditional love, compassion, and here from this space in which you are right now like to just scoop up that fifth dimensional energy and just let it flow from you into them.

I have spoken in the past about control and how trying to control every aspect of your day or a great deal of your day is the old energy. And what came up recently that may assist you with understanding this transformation is that when we clear out control, we are clearing out the control associated with manipulation and having to have one specific way and that’s the only way and not being available or aware of alternatives. In the higher vibration, you still do want to have an understanding have a plan for your life, what’s the best way for me to get a project done; so much of your life will be the same but control is a key difference.

When you are present in the fifth-dimension time space reality comes into the now moment. And when you’re trying to control the aspects of your life. You may not be aware of the continual shift of opportunity. The more that you live in the now moment realizing you can look to the past, look to the future, and bring all of that spiral into your awareness now; it will allow you to create a life that is dramatically different. And if you’re trying to live a life in which you’re controlling everything you’re missing out on so much more.

Learn to trust when unexpected potentials come your way. Learn to listen to your intuition. Be in this flow. Be in this love. There is this rhythm and this impulse that is moving through.

Feel what that is.

Fifth dimensional consciousness is an understanding that everything in life is in a constant movement and flow. It’s an understanding that every time you try to manipulate or make sure it happens in a particular way you are stepping outside that flow. For some it may be frightening, for others, it will be as if you are opening up the door wide open and feeling the abundance of energy and light.

Clearing out stuck energy is what allows you to open to these greater potentials. Indeed, you will find them, most will not most often, but oftentimes you will find those potentials even if you have to clear the path or the past. But think of it this way, it could be you are in the woods walking amongst the trees and you know that you have a goal you have set for yourself, “I want my house. I want my family. I want to publish a book”, I want to whatever it may be. And there you are wandering in the woods sometimes going in a circle because there is no direct path and sometimes that old energy might keep you going in a circle. Therefore, as you clear out your old energy, clear out this past, clear out what no longer works for you, you will suddenly see a path that emerges. “I need to speak to this person, who will give me information that will help me.” “I may need to go to this seminar that will also advance what I am seeking that will lead me to this.” so that suddenly you’re moving down this pathway and it may meander, but there is an understanding of movement rather than that feeling of being stuck which so often makes one step into fear, anxiety and even thinking less of themselves because they can’t perceive that there is anything else.

So, step forth. Believe in yourself, trust yourself, clear out the past and allow these opportunities to come to you. You will be doing your share but these opportunities will be like a magnet that draws you in and you draw it in. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

I invite you to come back together as a group.

As we create the circle you see coming up within the center that hologram of the earth. That hologram comes up and you can see where you already sent that flow of energy and light into it earlier. You can already see that it is making a difference and the density and the solid pockets of old energy are beginning to transform and disperse. So here within this hologram, I invite each one of you to send, living in the fifth-dimension manifesting in the fifth dimension, being open to the flow, the love and the potential of the fifth dimension. Let it all come from you and let it mingle within this hologram.

As it does so, the hologram itself clears out, even more, the way in which it was linked to the earth, it infuses even more of this energy and as you let it go that aspect streams out within the universe and the remainder goes down. It comes into moving through the matrix. It comes into the earth again amplifying, even more, the light and love vibration and the core essence of it goes all the way down into the center of the earth.

As it arrives within the center, there is an alignment and a link with all that is here at the core center of the earth and then it begins to expand outward. It comes up through the many layers of the earth; it comes up through the surface of the earth. Everything that you have done for yourself comes up within you, anchoring back within your heart center. It’s also coming up through the grass, the trees, the water, and as it comes through everything; you can feel it.

Feel the essence, feel the energy. Understand that all of that is going to work from the ground up on transforming the collective consciousness, just as it works coming in from the universe.

You are having a much greater impact than you ever realized. You being in the space of who you are, in the space of love, in the space of awareness, are having a dramatic impact even more than you understand.

Take a deep breath in and feel your energies as you come back within yourself. You bring the rest of your energy down within you.

As we move through the next several days upon the earth; several days, several weeks, several months; be aware that more than ever it is essential for you to practice that disconnection from the trauma and drama that’s going on around you and be present within yourself feeling the love, the light, the abundance that is you as your soul and then let that be how you express yourself to the world. The more this energy is around you the easier it will be. The more that you practice this, the easier that it will be. You’ve already arrived. So now enjoy the fruits of that labor, enjoy all that is going on.

Beloved this long, long journey is coming to the end of this phase. Celebrate the completion. Honor yourself and the rest of humanity and be a part of the lifting up that is taking place.

You are here, you are present and I am ever with you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net