alternative news eraoflightdotcom new‘Two Democrat Caucus Meetings removed “UNDER GOD” from the Pledge of Allegiance. It sounded not only strange, but terrible. That’s where they’re coming from.’ (President Trump tweet)

New Q drop number 4627 also features a tweet from an Anon about the Democrat National Convention logo. The logo is a five-pointed star based on a satanic symbol. Here are excerpts from the Q drop – please go to the link to read the whole drop…

‘One party discusses God.
One party discusses Darkness.
One party promotes God.
One party eliminates God.
Symbolism will be their downfall…
Have faith in Humanity.
Have faith in Yourself.

When Q says that all assets are deployed – that is on both sides, the Deep State and the Alliance. And the Deep State doesn’t intend to only destroy America – their goal is to destroy the ENTIRE WORLD.

Check this Bruno Barking tweet. It shows the Democrat National Convention logo. The five-pointed satanic star…the number 2…and a map of America. Death to America…

Please don’t worry. Remember that the Light has ALREADY WON on the continuum. As Q says, have faith in the GOOD in humanity. Dark to LIGHT. It is taking place all over the world as people awaken to the truth of their enslavement.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that Democrat voters are switching to Republican in huge numbers. These people are witnessing the relentless destruction of Democrat-run cities. They have had enough.

As Q says, ‘You can’t TELL them. You have to SHOW THEM.’ Here is StormyPatriotJoe’s tweet about the Red Wave (voters switching from Democrat to Republican). Q talks about the Red Wave in several drops…

Right from the beginning of Q drops, there has been a big emphasis on ‘The Storm’. Remember the famous video of President Trump in the Oval Office, surrounded by his top Alliance military and their wives. He said to reporters, ‘Do you know what this is…? It’s the calm before the storm…’

And what is happening right now on the east coast of USA? A massive Category 4 hurricane named Laura is heading towards the coast. Interesting name – Laura is George W Bush’s wife. The National Hurricane Center has posted a tweet with these words…

‘Unsurvivable storm surge with large and destructive waves will cause catastrophic damage…’

Bruno Barking has linked the Hurricane Center tweet to a Q drop, indicating that it is the DEMOCRATS that won’t survive the incoming (Alliance) storm…

StormyPatriotJoe links the ‘Laura’ storm to Hurricane Katrina in this tweet. It was this week 15 years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans as a Category 3. Who was the evil Deep State President associated with Hurricane Katrina? George W Bush. No coincidences…

President Trump reassures us about the hurricane in this tweet – he ends with a Q motto: ‘We are with you!’ (WRWY)…

Our prayers are with all people in USA who are in the path of this storm. God be with you.

Finally, thanks to StormyPatriot Joe and Bruno Barking for some great tweets today. It is important to acknowledge the hard work of Anons. If you re-post this post, or read it out in a video, please acknowledge and honor my work. Thank you.


Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

3 Replies to “Q: ‘GOD WINS’”

  1. sea

    I LOVE President Trump and always pray for him and his family! Sending much love out to those on the east coast tonight. Thank Q for this timely message Sierra! GOD is with all of us, always. Many blessings to all.

  2. Brenda Kuder

    Trump could not even recite his favorite Bible verse because he does not have one. Why should we even have a pledge of allegiance? I have followed David Wicock for many years and he has been touting Q and when things don’t happen as predicted, excuses are made. I have had enough of that crap.

  3. tom

    This is another RIGHT WING crazy story. First of all Q has been stating many false fack’s for over 4 years and none have come true. I remember last year to get water and food in your home because the time has come were everything will be shutting down for the reset.NEVER Happen!
    If you follow Q you see a pattern that it’s the dirty Democrats party that is killing the world.But if you look at history you will see the Republicans have start every war since 1958. And every republican has given big tax cuts to the 1 percent. They play this game like Trump did with his 1 trillion tax gift to the 1 percent. ( 1 percent gets a $ 2.00 dollar tax break the for every $100.00 and the common man get a $.27 per every $ 100.00 this is a example )
    Then they flood the news ( which they own 100 percent ) that the american people were given a big tax break. And why is it that the game they play is us against them. Are we not all americans. Were we no all born here does one party have more rights then the other party. Q is no more then a leg of the republican party to keep the people fighting so as they do not to see how the main corporations are really running this country.I even have read from David Wilcox stated that Q was TRUMP ! Believe that and I can sell you a state in the south cheap.

    You read this and then if you read Saul 8-27-20 it like two different worlds we are living in. Myself I am tired of the old 3 D noise. Story’s like this one is not of the light!!!