Overlapping Systems and the Ring of Fire

meteor shower eraoflightdotcomSo much for getting to the rest of the story the next day. So we left off on the evolutionary body changes that are taking place thru the bravest (or really, the craziest) of souls.

While doing many of the Master and ET connections, another interesting target started to unfold. The ring of fire. Several people were instructed to concentrate on that area with their evolving expertise. Some with pure fire energy, some with pure water energy, all changing the energy of the earth from way below the surface that will rise upwards.

Keeping in mind, there are many many layers/versions of earth overlapping each other. A vast many souls incarnated on each plane. I have made you a handy dandy visual to help you see as spirit is putting in my face to explain.

Earths Layers.png

Keeping in mind, I have created the simplest of diagrams. There are many varying degrees between each plane of earth. Also, each ring I created should have gotten slightly smaller than the one before it, denoting the speed of time/space. When you go up a plane, time seems to speed up, creative abilities work faster (and at all.) The higher you go in your personal evolutionary state, the quicker it all becomes. Equally, it shortens the distance between what is already in the created field of light and what does not exist yet. What I call creating at the leading edge of light.

Those at the highest planes of frequency can easily see thru all the planes since we are overlapped in the same space. However, those under any particular plane, cannot experience the upper planes. Dare I even say, meditation is key for those that cannot see in the upper planes (meditation is the key to get anyone and everyone there.) Of course, then there are those who think they see and know all. But that is another story mentioned below.

You may even have partnerships (be it marriage, lovers, friends, family, ect.) that are on a version of earth lower (or above) you. (OK I am sooo being called out for this, there really is no above or below. There are higher and lower frequencies.) So we can look at it as waves of light. Some in the viewable spectrum, some not. ‘

Think about the pineal gland, the regulator of light. What many consider the true seat of the soul.


The energy we call Light comes in thru the 3rd eye, thru the pineal gland and to the visual cortext at the back of the head. So the lower frequency planes cannot see, which always gives way to understand, what others may. Every single soul is in a state of their own personal evolution and are progressing in their own way, at their own speed.

Which bring me to something so stunning the day before yesterday thru one of the readings. I am always blaming (if you will) the human for holding back the souls evolution (when it needs to zig and we instead hold still or go the other way/zag.) Sometimes, the soul realizes its not as easy as they thought it would be from the soul planning stage in spirit and either retreats or just maintains (stops any forward progress.)

From my end, I always assumed (silly me) the soul is always all participating. Nope, even it can say no freakin way lol. Imagine the inner struggle when the human (ego) is trying to push forward and the soul is dragging its (proverbial) feet. (Which my team is clarifying for me, is an extreme rare occurrence that the ego would want to evolve. Instead, it takes its new place of power in a very strong way. This is where all the misinformation that has contaminated many of the frequency fields of earth have come from.

There are also souls that came here to hold the light, if you will. The tend to set themselves up in the middle frequencies to beam. their light fields. Keeping in mind, the further away from the dense earth, the lest felt/effect one has on those evolving there. The light waves are way too high to be experienced. So setting oneself up at the consciousness level (and again, these are MY labels so we can understand things. Spirit has no labels of any sort.) In this way, they came in as evolved Beings will to park themselves in the middle zone of evolution to be radiator of light. Think of an upside down light bulb, the strongest light is towards the base earth and the rays fade as they go upwards (simple because they are less needed.)

With all of this in mind, there is so much more we are going to be asked (if not, demanded) to do in all frequencies.

I am very much being reminded about my verbiage. I say above and below, none of that exists. It’s all frequency levels co-mingling in the same place. Like the human eye cannot see the ultraviolet spectrum, yet it is there nonetheless.

What we know as the ring of fire, goes thru all levels of creation. obviously as does the earth herself. This is where fire and water exist as one. There is a reason why the energy of August was pure fire, even made manifest as fireballs thru out the earth with single, at times, large explosions. Purposely done beyond human comprehension. Let’s just say the quantum energies exploded thru creation.

We are now in the midst of the merging of the water energy of the Solstice. Once again, I am being reminded that I speak in months, just to keep us on track of of the story as we create it. However, the energy systems we are in has nothing to do with time, but does have an visible existence (time) on earth.

I remember when we were at the end of July and spirit showed me all the fireballs everywhere in August and I could not see one drop of water. (fire is in a higher frequency band than water is, think… ultraviolet light.) I could not see thru it. We had a hurricane land on us the very next day. Spirit said… there’s your water energy. lol

So lets look at the hurricane season we are in:

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is the first hurricane season on record in which nine tropical storms formed before August and thirteen formed before September. 

2020 is shaping up as one of the worst Atlantic hurricane seasons in the last nearly 170 years, on track to produce the most named storms, or their equivalent, of any year other than 2005, forecasters have warned….”

All of this due to the work of the Light fixers (spirits term lol) and the work being done at the ring of fire. We will hit phase 2 of the restoration of light energy as we exit the Solstice.

My day is about to begin. I want to just say that as the quantum energy of light changes, the realms of earth changes and all the living things upon earth, change. What looks like something terrible, is truly something magnificent. Imagine seeing a woman in the throws of child birth. It would like like she is dying as she is in pain, contracting, bleeding, fluids flying, body tearing…

And then…. a baby is born.

Welcome to the birth of an amazing Humanity, thru you!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of loving light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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