The Deeper Astrological Outlook 2020/2021

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomDear Cosmic Community,
2020 has been a year of ‘profound change’ – within all of our lives. Indeed, it was always going to be. The new energy decade of 2020-2030 will see more change in 10 years than we’ve known in the past 10,000 years. My previous blog post details why this is. And as we look towards the final months of 2020 and into the new year of 2021, that ever-changing landscape is set to continue, with some profound astrological markers, opening the way for an awakened humanity to evolve – together.

Before I begin looking at the deeper meaning behind some of these major astrological happenings, there are 3 focal points to consider.

When you follow these practices, the path ahead ‘becomes easier’ and any upcoming changes will enhance your life experience.

Seek Beauty Within All – When you look for what is good and true within everything you see, hear, feel, touch and intuit, you increase your vibration. You’ll fill yourself up with high-frequency, ‘self-empowered’ energy. This means that when any challenge comes your way (as it will) you can respond from a strong, wise and assured view point. When you’re filled up with lower level negativity, seeking what’s wrong instead of what’s good in life, you’ll weaken your ability to respond and will ‘react’ instead, making decisions that dis-empower and pull you down. Under the 5D energy template now operating on Earth, what you focus upon, manifests quickly. I have a Guided Meditation to instantly Raise Your Vibration and inspire and motivate you.

Observe your Past and Future – As your past comes up for review, and it replays over and over in your mind, just observe yourself within it, rather than reliving it by being part of the replay. Pull yourself back, and just watch your part within it. Then you won’t be swamped by revisiting your past, but instead will learn and grow in wisdom from it. My Guided Meditation to Open Your Third Eye will assist in envisioning a soul-focused future for you.

Bring your Integrated Spiritual and Physical Presence To Bear – When you awaken to the fact that you’re a soul (a being of light) experiencing a physical life – then live like it. Walk through your life exuding your integrated spiritual and physical presence. The grater spiritual energy you emit, the stronger, more grounded and more able to effect change you become in your everyday life. My Guided Meditation for Empowering Empaths invokes your highest presence into your life.

And so, let’s look at some of the major astrological happenings for the remainder of 2020 into early 2021 and the deeper messages behind them…

The Cosmic Rectangle – September 2020. This is a planetary alignment that sees Earth placed in the centre of a giant rectangular formation, created by the overlapping energetic lines of the planetary bodies. This formation will help us to see the myriad of life ‘options’ that are actually available to use in 2020 and beyond. It extends your ability to see what’s around you, from all angles, all at once. This assists with creating an integrated spiritual and physical human. I see many souls deepening their understanding of who they are in September, with an ability to live their truth.

7 Planetary Retrogrades will also occur in September 2020. A retrograde occurs when a planetary body appears to be moving backwards around the Sun, when observed from Earth. It doesn’t actually move backwards, but it appears to from Earth, due to our relative positions moving in an ever-changing cosmic dance around the Sun. With Jupiter, Pluto, Chiron, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mars all in retrograde for a period in mid-September, the globe will be taken back over old ground. This is where focal point 2 (that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post) comes into play. You may feel like you’re not moving ahead and are just reliving your past, but this is not so. You’re simply being asked to observe your old patterns, so that you can improve upon them going forward. And this is the key in working the retrogrades to your advantage. This will be tricky energy for some to navigate, especially if they have no understanding of cosmic energy and its impact on our lives.

The Three Super New Moons – Beginning in September 2020 and then continuing in October and November, we will have three Super New Moons in a row – signalling our movement out of the 2020 energy fabric, as we begin to weave the picture of what our 2021 will look like. A Super New Moon occurs when the Moon is new and is also at its closest approach to Earth all month. The first Super New Moon in September is the door opener on three months of accelerated newness. Much can and will change in your life (for the better) from September until the end of November. This is where focal point 1, from the beginning of this blog post, comes into play. Seek the beauty in your life. Emit it from within you and find it outside of you. Look for it in every situation in your life – you can do this. This will make all the difference in how well you navigate and experience the final months of 2020 in your power.

Mercury Direct on ‘the day’ of the US Elections – I mention the US elections, as many in our community of light are interested in this ‘once in 4 year event’ that does have such a profound impact, not only on the US, but also on the globe. The lead-up to November 3, 2020 sees two Super New Moons occurring and between 7 and 5 planetary retrogrades. So, we will have one cosmic influence asking us to seriously address our past and another to optimistically address our future. And with postal voting set to be huge in the US for this election, this will effect voting preferences. Again this is where focal point 2 (that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post) comes into play. Rather than becoming angry or confused about the past, or wishing that you were back there and not where you are today, observe it instead. From careful observation comes a progressive life view that you can then take forward to effect great positive change. In the lead-up to the election Mercury will be in retrograde and this can cause create some uncertainty, as to which way the election results will go, Mercury influences all communication and messages, electronics, the Internet and the electrical charge within us all. There will be varying poll results, and views from day to day, right up until the actual day of the election – counting could also be delayed. Which is interesting because, by the afternoon on November 3 (in the US) Mercury will have just moved direct, before a final result is announced. That is good news for the eventual clarity of results. There will also be a Blue Full Moon only days before the election, just as Uranus makes it closest approach to Earth all year. Uranus causes us to break out of old patterns in an unexpected and often-surprising way and the Blue Full Moon (the second Full Moon in a month) will demand that the old completes in a grand way. Over these final days before the election, over-blown and ever-changeable energy will be present. Do your best to focus on the bigger positives for our globe over the next 4 years and that we’ll experience a smooth transition, that is respectful and all-inclusive of the wise beings of the light that we are.

The Final Eclipses of 2020 – Beginning in late November and continuing through until almost the end of December, we’ll close the year with the energy of radical change, similar energy with which we began 2020. The final eclipse season for 2020 will be intently felt. In late November, there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and then in mid-December, a Total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon, just before Chiron moves direct. This Total Solar Eclipse is one of the final cosmic events for 2020 that will stamp a completion (and honouring) of all events in your life from January to December. Eclipses force us to clear out what isn’t working in our life in favour of what is. My advice is always the same during Eclipse Season – ‘do your work and make your changes’ each day. Don’t wait for the actual eclipses to make the radical changes for you – as they turn out not be what you desire’. You can zip up in evolutionary knowing in the final two months of 2020 with the ever-useful, uplifting energy of The Eclipses.

The Great Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius 2020 (an influence into 2021) – On the Solstice in December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, known for its progressive energy and bringing forth of societal change that focuses upon ‘we instead of me’. Saturn is a slow mover and takes almost 2.5 years to cycle through each sign of the zodiac and will transit Aquarius until 2023. This is why it takes almost 30 years to return to the same position as the day you were born, known as your Saturn Return (a time of great awakening and deepening in our lives every 28 – 30 years). Jupiter will transit Aquarius for just over 12 months until December 29, 2021. Jupiter takes just over 12 years to cycle through the entire zodiac and it last transited Aquarius from 2009 – 2010. I’ve mentioned previously that the period of 2010 – 2020 is what has prepared us for 2020-2030 and the biggest shift in 10,000 years Indeed, the years of 2009 – 2010 have been what has prepared us for entry into The Aquarian Era of Light, which cosmically kicks-off on The December Solstice 2020, with Jupiter and Saturn both meeting in Aquarius – a great conjunction that last occurred 20 years ago in 2000.

I will be holding a special global event on this great cosmic occasion in December 2020 just for our Tip-Off Community

Very Early 2021 – With such a magnificent event as the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on the Solstice at the end of 2020, the opening weeks of 2021 will be infused with Aquarian energy, inflecting us with higher ideals and a humanitarian outlook. I’ll be speaking more ‘very soon’ on the bigger cosmic picture of the entire year of 2021, as so much is still shifting in 2020 that the landscape is still morphing.

For all of the details, of every cosmic event and how this energy will be advancing your spiritual path and growth each day, you can take this opportunity and join with the thousands of awake and aware souls globally, who are already successfully ascending on their spiritual path every week with my daily energy forecasts and soulful life guidance The Tip-Off It’s a choice that I know, will empower you…

I trust that this blog post has inspired you, brought new information to light and most importantly has peaked your interest about the deeper astrological outlook coming up. I welcome your ‘loving interactions’ in the comments below ♡

In the highest vibration as you…experience your soul

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