Divine Mother: Transitioning Out of Money

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomYou are transitioning out of a money-based economy, which is a distorted energetic, towards a money-free culture, where all your needs are abundantly provided for and in ways you cannot currently imagine.

At present, your life is based on meeting your subsistence needs: shelter, food, warmth, clothing… very little time and energy is available for the fuller expression of the greatness that is you, in form, at this moment. This will soon change.

With regard to the monetary system, this must evolve. It cannot be eliminated nor can it be transformed overnight.

To share all the money in the world equally at this present time would create as many problems as are currently being addressed. So, the process will be a more gradual evolution; that does not mean it will take centuries, it will take perhaps a decade.

In more practical terms, everyone will receive money. Everyone. Soon. It is a right for everyone to have the energy (money at this time) to create what they need to live.

There are others, who will receive greater amounts of money, with the express aim that they are stewards of Gaia, stewards of my trust, and that these funds are to help humanity, from funding new forms of education to financing the building of new means of transport, new means of energy, new means of creating food and clothing, in alignment with their soul contracts.

Some will use their money wisely; others will make mistakes in order to grow into wisdom and stewardship.

Within the ascension journey, you are like a snake shedding its skin – the skin of the ego, the skin of the lies told to you by successive unloving forces. Ascension is an internal journey. It is about you, my precious child, and your Divinity. The focus is not on what others have or have not; each child’s focus should be on themselves and how they use the money to express their energy, their light.

Be reassured, my precious children, not one of my children will be short-changed in this evolution. Not one of you, for every single one of you – no matter what you have done or not done – is of my heart, my being, my essence. You are my Love, expressed in human form. What a miracle is that? How could I not look after you as the most precious, beloved aspect of my Self?

This channel was done in answer to several questions I received about whether or not everyone would get money. As a channel, I try to convey as accurately as possible what I pick up, but it will always be a partial truth because I am only human, and because we are all creating this reality. You too can tune in and ask for understanding, signs and symbols to help you understand. Communing with the divine aspects of our Selves is our birthright, one that is rapidly coming online for many, many of us.

In answer to the question ‘where does the money come from?’ I was shown a sea or an ocean, with different rivers all feeding that ocean, then I saw the water from the ocean evaporate and become rain over the land, feeding the rivers that fed the oceans.

My understanding of this is that there are many sources, but they are all coming from the same place: the Divine; and that this energy is eternal energy, it doesn’t run dry; it may change in form or volume, but it doesn’t run dry.

How do you interpret this vision?

» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert

4 Replies to “Divine Mother: Transitioning Out of Money”

  1. Daedalus

    Absolutely correct. One thing we must understand is that the “money” we use is a symbolical and highly distorted representation of the true currency we use within ourselves – our positive emotions, especially our love and joy are our true currencies that create much more than we see with our eyes.

    When you give a lots of money, fake currency to a “human” that behaves like a parasite, you achieve absolutely nothing, except supporting the parasitic behaviour. Their mentality MUST change if they wish to have a chance…

    When you give even fake currency to a empowered human with a true currency within themselves, they will transmute that fake currency into a true currency. This is why “stewards” are important.

    We will rise through temporary transitional money system that truly empower humanity, to advanced technologies that make money completely obsolete in any way, all the way to the point when our creative potential is fully developed and we are able to create anything with our heart and mind. We actually do this even now, altough this reality is very distorted and seems different than the original one.

    The old monetary system is already dead and the Cabal-induced coronavirus has put the last nail in its coffin. Ironically, they think they will be able to pull out enough of desperation to go with transhumanist timeline, but that timeline already doesnt exist at all for every human.

    The only path left is liberation of every human being on their own.

  2. Sean1026

    I see so many lifetimes as completed circles coming together into a sphere. Each lifetime representing its own unique perspective, when placed together they make a competed view. This completed sphere is like a seed in soil, starting to grow towards the surface. Some of us are cheering and ready to grow above the soil to see sunlight for the first time, others are invested in the dirt and don’t want to go there. Once we break through the soil, all of us will be effected by the sunlight. Those most willing to receive the light will be first to go above ground and will also receive the most benefits. They will naturally be the most willing use their abundance to benefit others that are unwilling to step fully into the light. I think we’re breaking through the surface right now, get ready!

    1. sea

      love this! we are definitely breaking through. each time we create what we want, more light shines through and we realize that all we have to do is raise our vibration…thank Q!