Pregnant Woman Arrested and House Raided for Facebook Post – Meanwhile, Police Refuses to Fine BLM Thugs

uncovering truth eraoflightdotcomShocking video shows the Victorian police arrest a pregnant woman, in her pyjamas, in front of her family over a Facebook post. Three Victorian police officers stormed into a woman’s home this weekend and arrested for for ‘incitement.’ The young mother had simply shared a Facebook event for an upcoming protest.

Victorian police entered the woman’s home unannounced and started searching through her house before showing their search warrant.

The couple, still in their pyjamas, were confused as to why the police had barged in on their home so early in the morning. She was being charged for incitement.

It’s time to delete Facebook.

The woman’s crime was simply sharing a Facebook event. The family had planned to attend an Anti-Lockdown protest in Melbourne on Saturday, August 29th, and asked her Facebook friends to attend with her.

Three armed police officers walked into her partner’s house unannounced, handcuffed and arrested the pregnant mother.

“You’re under arrest in relation to incitement,” the officer declared.

The couple were very confused, “we haven’t broken any laws.”

The officer then clarified that the incitement was her sharing a Facebook post with her friends and trying to invite a protest during stage 4 of lockdown.

She begged the officers to let her go without a warning and said she could simply delete the Facebook post as she had to attend an ultrasound in an hour, but sadly the officer rejected her plea.

“We’re required to seize any computers and mobile devices you have,” the officer added.

The police then removed the phone from her partner and reportedly all other computers, phones, and tablets from the apartment for further investigation.

The arrested pregnant mother was distraught, crying, and begging to be released but she was taken down to the police station in her pyjamas and reportedly detained.

It’s time abandon Victoria.

The two men who initially created the Facebook event were also charged with incitement and arrested.

Aussie field reporter Avi Yemini has since confirmed that they have been released on bail under strict conditions; they may not post on social media until the day after the protest, and they may not attend the protest.

If they do they will be remanded until their hearing sometimes next year.

Avi Yemini slams Dan Andrews for not doing the same for Black Lives Matter protest.

“Why didn’t the state deal with the Black Lives Matter rally organisers the same way. No one was every arrested for staging that mass illegal rally,” Avi Yemini asked in a video posted September 1.

He then shows a clip of the Victorian Premiere, Dan Andrews, claim that it was simply impossible when asked after-the-fact.

“We weren’t able to stop people. If we [inaudible] said that we were going to close off the CBD — well — the protest would have happened somewhere else,” the Victorian Premiere alleged. “You can’t lock 5000, 10000 — however many thousand — people up. You just can’t do it.”

Avi then points out a video that totally contradicts Premiere Andrews claims of “it’s impossible!”

Luke Cornelius, Assistant Commissioner of the Victorian Metro Police, made a statement saying:

“We are not only focusing on the city, but we are also extending our operations to ensure that we’re in a position take action in relation to breaches of the Chief Officers directions in the suburbs beyond the CBD.”

When pressed on the Black Lives Matter rally, Luke Cornelius falsely stated that it was different because “nobody had died yet.”

Avi Yemini fact checked the Assistant Commissioner and clarified that 14 people had actually died before the Black Lives Matter protest in Melbourne Victoria.

Cornelius then proceeded to call all Anti-Lockdown and Anti-Mask protesters “bat-sh*t crazy, tin-foil conspiracy theorists.”

Is it that crazy, though?

The CDC reported that the initial death toll from the virus in patients with comorbidities was only 6%.

What does this mean? It means that the virus was rarely the cause of death for many that had tested positive, even for people with more than one condition: ie, lung cancer, obesity, so on and so forth.

That’s not to say that people haven’t fallen deathly ill to the virus or died from it.

The Victorian Premiere has extended the State of Emergency by an additional 6 months meaning that a state wide curfew, as well as more similar arrest, are just on the horizon.

This is just a very small glimpse of how life would look like in the totalitarian dictatorship that THEY call the New World Order. Simply having an opinion that goes against the views of the powers that shouldn’t be can put you in jail and have your belongings confiscated.

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  1. Pronoun

    Pay no attentiom to Tom’s bio robot blather. The ” I didn’t know any better” excuse down the road will not be taken seriously. Once again your manipulators are laughing at you from the shadows. Who would want to live that kind of life?

  2. Tom

    Truth is truth some thing Daedalus would no nothing about. Your a person who believes your master Trump walks on water.
    You have your option and I have mine but that might be over your head. After all you are a small minded person. But we all still love you and your master it’s just your master is a man that can not lead this country.

    1. Daedalus

      90 % of your posts here are purely spitting on Trump – even when topic is not about Trump, you somehow make a post that is about him . What does that tell you ?

      It tells you youre obsessed with him to the point where part of your own life depends on his failures for you to thrive.

      Spare me of your “love” and lies. Youre nothing else but a deluded egomaniac like many are lately, fighting for their lives through their ego, projecting hatred onto the others while proclaiming themselves “saints”.

      Your problems will very suddenly become much bigger … but thats your choice already, not mine.

  3. tom

    Welcome to the Trump world ! Today we are living in real crazy times were the police do what they want and the laws are written to protect the police. They are the SS of the world today.
    Just yesterday Trump told people in North Carolina to vote twice . Once mail in vote and then go to the poles and vote in person.That is encouraging VOTER FRAUD !
    But he does not care he only cares about Trump and winning at any cost. Of course the fools that follow him and get caught they can do jail time or loss their right to vote. But in Trump head he could care less as long as he cast doubt upon the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

    Yesterday Barr claim he did not know if it was against the law to vote twice and he is the top law officer in the DOJ ? No he is a TRUMP YES MAN that kiss Trump ring and will do everything to help Trump at any cost. Why is the DOJ and Homeland security working together to bring charges against the BLM on RICO charges? If you do not know what RICO law is it was used to bring down the Mafia. But TRUMP and BARR will try anything to win this election.

    The crazy Trump right wing nut’s have spread around the world and we can see that with this mom. It’s sad but the right wing are taking over the world just like Hitler plan was during world war 2. In our country we see the black lives matter people being hated by the right wing republicans why? They are protesting the killing of Black people in this country. The young man who killed 2 white men at the protest has been praised by the police in that city. Even tho he 17 years old and it’s against the law to own a gun and does not live in that state.But the police let him go back to his state free of charges. The right wing party is acting like he is the second coming of the lord. I know it sound crazy but we are living it this time. They want this boy to walk on all charges. By the way were his his mother in this? That’s right she buys in to the crazy madness of the right wing. So she is also free. You can bet if the kid was brown or black he been shot dead on the spot by police that night.

    This is what the Trump and his government want to do divide the nation at any cost ! He has killed over 184,000 people in this country by doing nothing about the virus. Which he was aware of since December 2019 when he was told of what was to come. And all he did was claim it was a Democrats fake new if February . Then he claim in the spring it will be gone by summer. Funny it’s still here. just by this you can see he is not a leader of the people but a con do nothing president.

    1. Daedalus

      Welcome to the Tom’s obsession with Trump, who lives in his head for 24/7, whole year.

      Tom doesnt know anything but to project hatred for Trump. Tom is self-destructing every single day by slipping back into his pointless hatred.

      Maybe Tom learns something else in next two months based on honesty , humility and truth ?

      Or maybe not … its his choice afterall …