Mira from the Pleiadian High Council: More Are Awakening

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today with love and solace for the challenging times you now find yourselves in on the earth. We are well aware of what you are experiencing. We are monitoring every situation and everything that you are going through right now. We wish that we had a magic wand and that we could take away your troubles. But this is not the way that a planet ascends.

As a planet moves into higher dimensions and higher consciousness that which is old and no longer serves will have to be released. As the light shines brightly upon the earth it is revealing hidden secrets that must be brought forth for the planet to rise above and into the golden age.

It can be touchy, sad, depressing, and one could question their own sanity when trying to cope with what is at hand. The planet Earth has been living in a darkness that is now something that you are learning about. You have been enslaved and not told the truth. So now it is time for the breakdown of the old systems so that the old controllers can be removed and you can be free.

We understand how uncomfortable it is for you right now while many are asleep. However, more are awakening. As this happens more and more will awaken and you will be drawn to each other. We are talking about moving from the head to the heart in preparation for how you will be living in the 5th dimension and higher.

We are very busy in the higher realms. You have our complete focus for your ascension and well-being. Each of you are being divinely guided and divinely protected. We encourage you to assist each other and live from your hearts. Do not try to make sense or to understand all of the occurrences that are going on in your world. Your brain cannot comprehend the multidimensionality that you are now living. Be prepared for miracles and magic.

Please don’t worry! The Creator is the only one who knows it all and is the one who is protecting your back! This ascension is a labor of love for all who are involved with it. Soon you will be living in a beautiful new world and you will see that it was all worth it.

We love you and we are with you! I am Mira.

» Source » Channel: Valerie Donner

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  1. The🌈NOW🌈Team

    🌈 NOW 🌈




    Yes I always read from these channeled higher beings that the Dark ones have been defeated and the Earth and its “people” are somehow being transformed to this 5th dimension that will be like heaven.

    In the meantime we European peoples are under a constant state siege by our own treasonous governments. We literally have dark ones burning down our cities and calling for our genocide. And by dark I literally mean dark, non Whites.

    I am to believe for instance that Blacks, and Browns, with low IQ’s and a fervent hatred for all things European are going to become magically enlightened and peaceful, intelligent beings?

    By all accounts these Pleiadeans are Europeans or a very close relative of ours. Who are they allegedly trying to help? Are they talking about genetic kinsmen here on earth?? European people of tall stature and fair skin like them? Are Europeans descendants of Pleiadean colonists and the other races genetically engineered enemies of us? Manufactured races that are genetically produced and programed to work to destroy us by these Draco Reptilians in a continued war between Humans and Reptilians?

    We European peoples are facing our worst existential threat ever. We have been weakened and devastated by internecine wars that were engineered by our worst enemy the Jews, who hate us passionately and want us genocided off this planet.

    Exactly what is this vague transformation and who is going to ascend?

  3. Douglas A James

    Ok per prepare for change and their spokesperson COBRA (compression break through) we are getting immense help from the galactics to take out toplet bombs, draco ships in sublunar orbit, plasma veil, exotic bio implants that we all have.. repairing the ancient light grid on earth. We are them.. we have all been prisoners and let’s face it without intervention there is no way we ascend.. Archon technology using low 3D frequency to over lap 5D light frequencies .. the dark timeline would occur .. it wont now but we needed help or they just kill 90% of us and chip the rest..

  4. Daedalus

    One thing many people completely misunderstand…

    There will never be “outside saviours” for humanity. Even with highly advanced civilizations – theyre only here to assist to extent they can without interfering into individual free will and path.

    Ironically, many do not see good and positive things and only focus on negative ones … and there are also people who do the opposite. One live in one world which is highly burdening to them, other live in something completely different … yet both people share the same locale.

    In truth, yes, there will be ( and some already are ) big global happenings. But the activator is within humanity, the mental and emotional trigger of critical mass.

    Now observe just last 3-4 years and see how much changed. Now compare those 2-3 years with last 10-20 years. Then compare this last one year with everything before. Do you not see the difference ? It goes like this – something that 50 years ago took 30 years to make a difference, 20 years ago it took 10 years, and so on … it took less and less time to manifest. Ultimately at one point, the manifestation will become instantaneous.

    This is our path to take, the whole humanity … to take responsibility, to take action for yourself and only yourself, because everyone has their own choices to make. Youre not to be “saved” by any outer force, youre not to be “taken to the ships” from this planet…. because we must all witness what is unfolding and what will unfold further.

    1. Cheri

      Good message here Daedalus! We did not come here to be rescued lol! Our divinity lies within each one of us whether we choose to take responsibility for ourselves or not is entirely up to us as individual sparks of god or the source of all that is. We are here as souls immersed in DNA to have a reality experience albeit this one can be considered a nightmare lol! But only if you view it that way. That’s the trick of being sovereign and holding your own frequency or view of reality!

      One either suffers supposedly at the hands of others and waits for salvation or one thrives by their own hands! It is a personal choice as only you can oppress yourself with mind suffering and repeating patterns! We are all accountable to get our poop together and stand in our divinity. Then we together can change the world as all lower vibrations and frequencies rise to match the highest expression of source present!

      These ETs are us in different frequencies or realities. They operate and live in realities there on other planetary archangels but are here to merge within our cellular structure. That is we are becoming aware of our multidimensional DNA that was disconnected! This is the process of integration with our entire DNA library within! Soon we will remember that ultimately we are all the same source dreaming!

      Love to all! Quantum immersion within! 😘

    2. Joe the Crow

      So then the Event is and always has been a lie. These Galactics feed us sweet words, while in actuality doing nothing to eradicate the most dire problems that Humanity is afflicted with.

      1. Daedalus

        Joe the Crow – you misunderstood my point.

        “The Event” is not a lie. Actually, its something subtly known by many within themselves always, even if they couldnt explain it…

        Again – “no external saviours” means that there MUST be a lesson, an experience gained from all of this. If people say “oh, these Galactics, they should do something…” then the whole point of us being our own saviours is void. We need to self-empower ourselves.

        “The Event” is not an outside intervention – its an inside “intervention”, its only “trigger” is an internal state within of every being on the planet. And thats going to occur when people are ready for it. All time predictions and dates serve exactly in opposite direction from beneficial, as this is something so big that it cannot be mind speculated.

        Our question currently shouldnt be “when is the Event ?” because it is actually directly making all this experience pointless. Its putting something non-tangible and non-physical into a physical context of time and space.

        Our question should be – what do I feel now ? What has JUST changed ? What can I do to help ( myself and others ) ?

        Everyone should be honored that theyre here in this particular choice and chance just before the Event. Everyone is seeing darkness becoming shadows, and shadows dissapearing as the new dawn approaches.

        1. Cheri

          Right on! Well said! It’s all happening within! When we externalize this experience we are looking for others outside ourselves to make something happen! Always looking to a future to make us happy rather than living in the present moment. Time is a false construct to keep us from living in the present. We have to do the inner work to match the frequency of the so called event which is happening now! I thought David made an excellent point in his discussion of frequencies as this creates an outward perception of how we see life. We have to remember consciousness is a projection! Only in a controlled matrix is reality an intake from outside events seemingly happening to us rather than us consciously creating our reality!

          I know this is difficult understanding that we are the only ones on the physical plane here in this frequency. It is just a matter of what your cellular structure can interpret and match vibrational understanding of quantum concepts. We are all getting there together but you gotta raise your vibes and keep clearing all these low level concepts of saviors and metallic space ships with higher technology landing to save us as they do not exist in this frequency. Once we are sovereign from the matrix we are pure consciousness animating DNA. We can live and experience reality in multiple frequencies. That’s omnipresence! Being aware and actively controlling our frequency and reality experiences in the many rooms of our Fathers mansion. It’s about tuning into these bandwidths of creation! This is when the cellular structure has accreted enough light to go quantum!

          I read these posts for information and clues that have meaning to me personally. They are only as good as the channel can interpret as these are quantum concepts and understandings that must be translated! Also we can only receive the meaning at what our cellular structure can interpret at any given moment. We live in a literal and dense world that is defined for us by others who are actively creating this madness lol! We have to take responsibility for our personal contributions and be fully accountable and coherent in our individual lives. That is the frequency you live and create in. I am nobody’s victim! I am nobody’s savior! I don’t live in a dysfunctional world because I live in my own personal frequency which is mostly joyful and filled with love and laughter because that’s what I create and attract in my life. It’s truly as simple as that!

          If you feel the so called galactics are lying to you than that is your projection. If you think they are coming to save you then you will always be looking to be saved! It’s your creation! Life is a mirror!

          I appreciate all these discussions because we grow through our expressions to each other! All we can do is radiate out the light of who we are to affect change. Once you understand that organic creation is not a matrix creation polarized to right and wrong you are free to create in your life! Your frequency will determine your experience! Love you all! Onward we go to the quantum event and understanding! It’s all happening within! 😘

          Don’t let depression or anger ravage you! But if you are feeling it let it clear through as it is probably ancestral dross you are clearing. We are all doing this right now because we are the culmination of this cycle in zero point not the galactics! They are coming into our awareness as the DNA clears and reassembles! This is part of the DNA and cellular structure accreting light to prepare for going quantum! The key is to keep moving and not get stuck! Peace is breaking out all over if you look beyond the fake news propaganda!

          Together as the human ground crew we will raise the frequency of this creation! It’s all happening now! We are winning! We have already won! You see the old crumbling all around us as there is not enough energy for the dark forces to create from as we have changed the frequency of this plane from our presence in it! We don’t transcend it! We transmute it by being in it!

          Love you my fellow source reflections! Onward we go! 😘

          1. Cheri

            I meant David and Davey lol! The two Dave’s! Great discussion and understanding from all here! Thank you! 😘

  5. Wayne Hansen

    “Soon you will be living in a beautiful new world.”

    When you people in space say “soon” are you trying to cheer us up? If you are it is not working. It is very depressing. If someone shouts “fire” in a crouded theater several times the people are not going to believe that person. We see no indication that this world is becoming more spiritual, but we see everything getting worse and worse. You refuse to tell us how we get from this world to a new world. But in 1990 the books told us how this is done. It is by space ships to the mothership.

    1. Davey

      Hi my friend, I know it can seem like so much seems to be taking its merry time. But when the higher dimensional beings say soon, it is a reference to frequency, not linear time as we humans are so used to using. I believe when we collectively hit the sweet spot, the frequency of the new world, then there it will be. I see this is absolutely important as it’s not a matter of waiting around for the events to occur, we actually determine for ourselves whether this will be sooner or later. This is why they keep reminding us to process our feelings, let them come through and out of you, including and especially the depressive ones. Each time this is done, your personal and the collective frequency jumps, this gets us closer to the real deal. When they say soon, they mean that the frequency is so close now (like one station away on a radio dial), that it would appear in linear time that it’s really just a small jump. I would totally recommend not paying any focus to the dross in the outer world clearings and jumbles, keep your focus within you, you will find peace there and the realization that nothing in the outer world is of real importance, the main player is inside of you, the outer is nothing more than a literal mirror showing you outwardly what you have going on inside of you. This is one of the big illusions of the human collective, to have been fooled into thinking that the outer world is the real world. The real world, is very much within… Hope this helps you 🙂

      1. Claudia Schillings

        To Davey:

        “The main “PLAYER” is inside of you” IS THE BEST EXPRESSION EVER!!! for what “otherwise” does not even come CLOSE to “the god within”… to KNOW this is SO IMPORTANT because “THE WAY” “he communicates” is so “indescribable” “HIGH FREQUENCY” in an ALL KNOWING “MANNER”…

        Now I am a woman and have – since “I FOUND HIM” – been wondering if “for men” “THE PLAYER” “is”/”comes across” “as” “FEmale”… since “this space” has ALL to do with “sexual energies” as well… so if it´s not too personal to ask “how did you find out” to CALL HIM the “PLAYER” ?

        I don´t know why “yet” but your words literally “CHEERED ME UP” (and “TO ME” that means a lot… 🙂 )

    2. David

      Dear Wayne,

      Absolutely everything has a frequency. You have a frequency. It’s not static but it rises or drops with every thought you think! (“Think on that which buildeth up.”)

      You are correct — the world’s “protesters” are non-spiritual, deliberately indulging in low thoughts. Yet, you will match their frequency by being depressed. Each of us ENLARGES that reality on which we FOCUS.

      My understanding is that Earth is at “level” 3 in a band of related frequencies. A next-higher frequency level already exists! You can’t see it yet because you don’t match it yet.

      This isn’t wishful thinking — by then you’ve risen high enough to PERCEIVE this newer place (e.g., Mira is communicating from a higher frequency. You can’t see her, but her frequency forms her and her world).

      It is your free will Right to read/watch/criticize our chaotic situation, but you are affected negatively unless you are mindful. Even when we’re not sure what the truth of the situation is, many of us mindfully follow Christ-frequency Principles for acting and thinking, simply because IN ALL CASES they raise frequency.

      Decide when you will concentrate on raising your frequency — grace (and celestials like Mira) will assist your effort.

      Namaste (= I honor your inner light — your frequency!)