Antarian Collective: Gaia

new waves of light eraoflightdotcomGreetings human friends. We are the Antarian Collective. We are working more and more closely with many of you in your astral travels and it gives us great delight to once again connect in this capacity. When we meet in the physical in your not so distant future – which we cannot project when this will be, but we will meet – when we are together it will be more of an etheric connection. We are 9th dimensional. We currently embody the higher dimensional aspects of Gaia, which do indeed exist and are a hive of activity, of preparation and enjoyment. Gaia is such a beautiful world. So many have enjoyed her loving presence. Her love is seen and felt everywhere in her stunning topography. Many other planets are more basic, more dull. She is a delight, a tropical paradise destination if you will. And we have been enjoying our interactions with you very much. We are very tall, we do not look like you and yet we are like you in many ways. Some of us are your higher selves, or aspects of. Some of us are serving as your intergalactic guardian angels if you will. We are doing our part to protect the light workers from the misdeeds of the dark. All is well.

We are the Antarian Collective. We are light weavers in our own right. (I am seeing light language codes become thin shiny gossamer-like fabric of the most vibrant pastels. They are weaving the light language into a fabric-like substance). We wish to imbue you and/or homes with this special fabric of peace. We are a peaceful race and nation. Long ago have we left the warring ways and we delight in anchoring peace. These light codes of our language and world are our gift to you today. We offer them freely to you. (I see they are now translucent light robes of vibrant pastel colors). Would you like to wear this? (Yes, thank you.) We offer them freely with love and deep respect to our light workers and family embodied on ground. You have many aspects, you have many forms. Be assured your success is nigh, in fact you have already succeeded. These robes will enable you to feel more cocooned in light. We see the greatest challenge for our light worker family is not letting the outside world affect their inner world. This oasis of higher dimensional peace we shower upon you today. Oh, we realize that we may not be as exciting as some of our other friends, (I am seeing dragons), but we hold steady, we hold strong, as do you, our beloved family, our beloved ones. (They are weaving a vortex of rainbow light and colors around me. I see other light workers joining in all around the world. We are adding our light. We are weaving our own fabric and we have spanned the world with this light fabric of higher dimensional light language from not only the Antarians, but now more and more of our galactic friends are joining in. It is a fabric of multi-dimensional light language from many systems. It is singing. There is laughter, there is joy. It is becoming an orb of light language englobing Gaia and all upon her). Yes. We send forgiveness to the dark ones. We fill this forgiveness with peace. We send peace to our brothers and sisters who have been so enmeshed in the game. We send healing to all. The light quotient that humanity is able to contain in this moment is expanding further. We see great expansion, great love.

We are the Antarian Collective. Know that you have also contributed your own unique energy signature to this inter-cosmic, inter-dimensional light language orb robe for Gaia. Thus all shall be blessed. Source is all around you. We see Nova Gaia clearly from our vantage pint. That which is low shall last not much longer. It is fading into the inter-dimensional mist of change. Vibrations must be in alignment to exist. We see the vibrationary codex of the human ones morph into the new for a new and brighter existence. We send our light language of peace and healing to you now. (I am seeing golden streams of symbols streaming down all around me in the form of DNA. I feel them standing around me, 9-14 feet tall, glimmering pastel praying mantis beings. Their antenna are moving so fast as they also weave the energy with them as well, and they tickle). We are further turning on your crystalline structures. Much has been completed already in this moment of your time. Much has been already done. Accept your ascension, own your light. You are Source energy beings, not the sinners of your books. No. You are Source energy beings that have been experiencing lack of itself, within an unbalanced matrix that was highjacked by those who seek power over others. We send light and healing to this. We send light and healing to you. To Gaia. Gaia is now ablaze with the light language of our love. We are satisfied. We pledge our service to the ascending ones upon her form.

We are the Antarian Collective. You too may ask for a healing from us. We heal in colors and light language of peace. Always in service to the All. We are the Antarian Collective. We love you and are so pleased and proud with your progress.

» Channel: Galaxygirl