Earth Speaks: The Earthly Ego

earth the one eraoflightdotcomDear friends,

I am the voice of the Earth. I welcome all of you from the bottom of my heart. I am with you; I flow through you, through your body. Feel me as the rush of your blood, the rhythm of your breath, the sense of solidity in your body mass and how you stand on the Earth. Feel my presence in you and know yourself to be supported by me.

You are not your body, you live within it. Your consciousness has become connected with me, the planet Earth. Your soul is not dependent on any form in time or space, yet what a miracle it is that such a free and unfettered consciousness has merged with a material form, has become one with it. Feel the mystery of this merging: your soul has become flesh and blood. It is not something that is suspended on or around your body, the consciousness of your soul has penetrated deeply into all the cells of your body.

Feel the power of your soul for a moment. Just now, I invited you to feel the power of the Earth: the force of gravity, the solidity of your body, and how you are supported by me, the Earth. Now, feel the soul’s strength, the spirit in you. Imagine that every cell in your body is filled with a living light. Your body radiates your consciousness, and by that I do not mean the awareness of your everyday thoughts; I mean a deeper consciousness of which you might not even be aware. It is an arch-consciousness that is part of the cosmic origin that carries you. This cosmic, solar energy is always with you, so become conscious of it and let it flow through you.

In particular, I would like to ask you to imagine how this ray of cosmic energy connects with you through your crown, the top of your head. Feel how the energy of your soul enters there and circles around your crown and then through your head, shoulders, and back flowing downward. Through the channel of your spine, the soul’s energy descends downward to the tailbone. Receive the light of your soul in your abdomen and your pelvis. Feel how the very dense, compact structure of your bones and your skeleton are touched by the light of your soul. They want to be affected by and work with you on a soul level. I, the Earth, want to work together with your soul through your body.

Imagine that your soul’s light flows even deeper through your thighs, your knees, calves, and lower legs, your ankles, your heels and up to the front of each foot and into every one of your toes. Your soul wants to be present here on Earth. Your soul longs to incarnate in this body in this life, here and now. Welcome your soul’s light!

From your earthly personality, you do have options; you can begin to open to your soul’s light, or you can shut yourself off to some degree. Your earthly personality possesses a certain independence. When you are born on Earth as a child, a human being, you are a unique creature, a new creation. You are not just an extension of your soul, you are really new and you come here in order to bring something new to your soul.

In Heaven, your soul takes the decision at some point to enter earthly life. Before that decisive moment, many options are weighed and considered. There are currents from the past and the future that push you forward as a soul until you feel deep inside: “Now I want to take the plunge again; there is something beautiful and precious on Earth that I want to fathom, that I want to experience”.

The soul always consents to an incarnation, but once that consent has been given, and you are born in a new human body, there is now a new potential, and new possibilities open up. The soul cannot decide everything. Certainly, there are timelines that have been drawn; there are ideas, a plan for the upcoming life, but there is still so much undecided. And your earthly “I” that grows and develops in the earthly atmosphere, is also new to the soul. The soul is in your body and in your personality, but it does not have everything at its disposal; it is also learning and gaining new experiences. In this way, an earthy ego is created that carries your name and is placed among many different forces.

There is your body and there is your soul, your cosmic origin, but there are also the effects of human society, your parents, school, environment. Your earthly ego is the center point that is connected to Earth and to Heaven, to body and to soul, but the ego is also the one who is at the helm, navigating through life, and it is the ego who has to make choices. Feel the power of your ego.

You often look for advice from spiritual guides, angels, masters, or to Earth, from me. But the deepest secret of life on Earth is to connect with yourself and to trust your own deepest wisdom. And you increase that wisdom by living your life. It is not so that the soul already knows everything and that all you need to do is to learn what the soul wants in your earthly life; that is only partly true. The soul must concern itself equally in acquiring experience, wisdom, and knowledge through you. An interplay is involved that is of equal value to both you and your soul.

Therefore, honor yourself, and do not make yourself small. You are the one who has taken that leap of faith, the plunge into incarnation. Honor yourself! You have known all kinds of emotions: grief, fear, uncertainty, and also the effort it takes to be yourself in the earthly realm: to keep in touch with your soul and with your source, and to believe in yourself. You are the one who has taken the risk to take that step.

What then is the benefit of connecting with the soul if it is not all-knowing?  By experiencing your soul, you remember who you are, where you belong, and where your origin is. You remember the atmosphere, the vibrational energy, which belongs to you, your innermost being. You remember who you are beyond time and space, beyond your physical form, beyond death, and even beyond birth. The purpose of keeping connected to your soul is to completely feel that connection while being here in this body and to let that connection penetrate your earthly personality; to know that is who you really are: so free, so great.

At the same time, it is intended that you, your earthly “I”, make choices, and I want to help you do that by letting you know that I have much to give to you. It gives me deep joy to feel the light of your soul penetrate me, its cosmic sunlight. I want to work with you, that is my intention. It is a part of my path toward growth in consciousness – my development – to create a paradise on Earth in which joy and abundance predominate. And to do this in collaboration with you, as an interplay with the people of the Earth, is my dream.

To achieve this, you have to respect yourself; to have respect not only for your soul, but also for your earthly ego that has borne so much. It is not exactly easy to be incarnate on Earth at this time. Many violent energies that were accumulated in the past now seek healing, solutions, and are in need of integration. You are familiar with those energies inside yourself: dark, blocked places and anxious parts that now want to become visible and acknowledged as they search for resolution and to be set free. That is also happening on a large scale in very many people at this time, and that creates unrest on the outer plane. But the germ of the new has been sown, so connect with that.

First, feel who you are, feel the infinite being, the soul out of which you have emerged. Feel your earthly “I” in the middle of that presence. That is who you are now; how you manifest now. You are a channel for the new consciousness that wants to be born, but it needs time to come to fruition. Try not to observe this process from the level of the mind, but instead try to follow the pace and the rhythm of your life, of your earthly ego in collaboration with your soul.

Now ask yourself: “What is important for me to manifest now in my earthly life?” You are engaged in a grand process of development together with your soul. Your soul learns from you and you learn from the wider perspective of your soul; accept that you are on this path together. Envision yourself as you literally stand on a path and look to see if there emerges something that gives you a sign or a suggestion about what is important for you now, both for your soul and for your earthly ego. You might see an image, a color, or you might just get a feeling. Perhaps there appears a guide, an angel, a person, or an animal; just look to see what presents itself. Whatever it is, it has the face of love and wants to confirm and support you, for only then is it real.

Receive the gift or the message that wants to come to you. Allow it to completely enter into your body. The body is the focal point of who you are, here and now, not somewhere in a different sphere, or in the past or the future, but now! Breathe in the energy that wants to serve you now, the energy that wants to be given to you. Let it flow to those parts of your body and your energy field that need it, and that happens spontaneously, naturally.

Remember, wherever you are and however you feel, there is always help surrounding you. It is your job, your mission and goal, to make your own decisions in your life; to create something new, a new path where your soul can learn and where you can also grow and experience joy. But nevertheless, despite that independence that is your right, you may also ask for help, always! That is why I surround you with all my love. I see your courage and perseverance, and I appreciate that. Feel supported by me.

Thank you for your great openness and presence.


» Channel: Pamela Kribbe
Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

» Source