Ashtar: Be The Warriors of Light

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomI am Ashtar. I come at this time to continue to bring you news, yes, but more and more experience, more and more love that we generate and bring to you, our brothers and sisters.

For as we have said many times, we are all in this together. As your saying is traveling now more and more across the world, “where we go one, we go all.” That is not an Earth saying, that is a Galactic saying that comes to you from far outside of your planet. We have brought this to you. For we all go together through this.

Yes, you are the Boots on the Ground. You are the ones that have to deal with the emotional strains, the stress that comes about as this great division is occurring which, of course, is leading into the Great Awakening that is in process right now in these moments.

All is according to plan, to the great plan that the universe, the Prime Creator, has established here, and that you are all a part of. You are becoming a greater and greater part of this plan as you continue to believe in yourselves, as you continue to take the guidance that we give you, to take that guidance deep within you and begin to express it outside of yourself, as you begin more and more to leave the sense of just being the Lightworker to being the Lightwarrior, the ones that are going forward and spreading the Light wherever you can, wherever it is called for.

That is your mission at this time as a group, to spread the Light wherever and whenever, and however you are able to. It is no longer that you are to sit back and watch the world evolve around you. But rather, you are now to move out and have yourself evolve around the world. There is a major difference with that. To spread the Light, and not simply to hold and anchor the Light. To share it. To be it. To be the example, the ideal that others can look up to and look toward, to know and understand the way.

Just as Yeshua, when he walked the Earth, he spread the Light wherever and whenever and however he could. He did not shy away from his mission. He was not simply a Lightworker that anchored the Light. But he shared it. He became it wherever he could. And he taught whenever and wherever he could. He taught the mission that he was there for.

Just as you are here to teach the mission that you are here for, both individually and as a group. And it is a grand mission that you are all a part of. For you see, yes, you are the Boots on the Ground. But you are all part of the Alliance as well, all of you.

Each one of you has a part to play within the Alliance, within the resistance. And it is important now for you more and more to put up that resistance, to not capitulate, to not go along just because others have told you to do so. It is up to you to be that ideal, to show that you will not capitulate. That you will not go gently into the night. That you will spread the Light. That is your mission. Do not give in. Say always within yourself, “Enough is enough! And I will not give in, I will not go along just because someone somewhere is saying ‘wear the masks, watch your distance from another.’” Do not go along with that.

Show others your Light as you take those masks off, as you instead of finding yourself separate from others, find yourself together with others, clasping hands, hugging each other.

Did you not notice when you all came together at your last Advance and all of the togetherness that you had and showed? Not a one of you left with the virus. Not a one of you were ones who would take it in. Not one of you contracted it. Because you are not meant to.

You are meant to show the way, to be the example. Again, to be that ideal. So do that now each and every moment of your lives as you practice being in a neutral state with all the craziness that is around you. Be that shining light, that shining example for others to follow, that beacon that reaches out to others, that they can now come out of their dark spaces and reach out to the Light that you are sharing with them. Be that beacon. Be that Light. For you never know who or when that Light will shine upon another and help to awaken at that moment.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace and love and oneness. That you will continue to reach out and share with each other and with all of your brothers and sisters, and know that we are so close now to coming to you, to being there with you in a physical manner, not so much at your third dimensional level, but at the higher fourth dimension.

As you rise up, we will come down to meet you and be there in a physical expression with you. And that is much closer than many of you can possibly imagine at this moment. And those various announcements that have been spoken of by Saint Germain and others are also very, very close now, much closer, again, than you can imaging at this point. ‘Imminent’ would be your word to use now.

Peace and love be with all of you. I am Ashtar.

» Channel: James McConnell

Believing Is Seeing!

7 Replies to “Ashtar: Be The Warriors of Light”

  1. Andrea

    I feel that wearing a mask is benign in nature , I wear one & my family to keep myself safe because I have asthma. I have 80 yr old parents I care for & I feel that it’s safer for them to wear a mask. It makes more sense to use common sense. It’s not political it’s a reasonable way to not spread Covid to those we love. I will continue to wear a mask & be considerate of those that I love with asthma & breathing issues. I have received intelligence from Ashtar since I was 17 & I’m now 47 & have never heard him say anything that would imply that a “mask “ is unnecessary for my own Safety. It’s dangerous to imply that we should endanger ourselves or others when a mask is simple & proven.

  2. Rose Panico

    Definitely no masks, no viruses, no Master but Our Father,guided so beautifully by our heavenly Parents, God Father, Mother Earth, gathered as One with our Holy Brother Jesus, Holy Spirit, & Christus, all us children. No Human body master at all. Oneness always. In gratitude & appreciation being with you all sharing truth. Love to all Universe.

    1. Billy Butcher

      Missed the point, there is no father, no mother, you are not a child.

      You are a god and don’t you ever forget it.

  3. PYJ

    (This is Google Translate, if there is any problem, please forgive me, thanks to Google Translate, thanks to Era of Light.)

    One day I was very excited and started talking to myself, imitating many higher-level ways of speaking, but I just said it to myself, thinking it was very interesting. What’s more, it’s not like that. I think I know it well, but now it feels like ridicule. I’m sorry for the higher-level existence and instructor, please forgive me. Once I asked the spacecraft to land, but I felt a bit complaining. Now I understand that for sensitive, even if the intention is correct, it will become a blow, but it will become incorrect. I’m sorry, please forgive me, Ashtar and the Galaxy Alliance, thank you



  5. gswanb

    Fantastic; I like McConnell’s channeling of Ashtar, because it doesn’t refer to polarizing politics/L or R/D or R. It does refer to WWG1WGA, which will make many happy, but good info that that is of Galactic origin. I am happy that announcements are imminent, wonderful !!