Lao Tse: Enjoy Life

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Take responsibility and enjoy life.

God’s infinity and HIS love are reflected in you. The time to polish the mirror has come – and that means taking responsibility.

For what you do, for what you omit, for what you are – be responsible!

This is the most direct path to cognition, because the necessary experiences are only achieved through this attitude.

Whoever withdraws from personal responsibility does not live, whoever delegates it does not feel himself, and whoever ignores it does not love himself.

Learn from mistakes

Learn from mistakes. Be happy if you can dissolve opinions, correct thoughts, take back words and correct actions.

It is the opportunity to make you a more awake, more conscious and better person. Work with yourself and let yourself be guided by fate. Accept it, change it – whatever seems appropriate to you – but live your life, shape your life and see what gift your life is.

The one who acts on his own responsibility feels the flow of life.

To act on your own responsibility means to make only yourself responsible for your happiness or unhappiness. This path means spiritual growth and EVERYTHING WHAT-IS begins to reveal itself to you.

Enjoy life – there is no other purpose, even if it is difficult to tell anyone.

If someone wants to take responsibility for you or if someone wants to take care of you, then worry and be vigilant. It is about your experiences and your unique path to freedom.


» Source » Channel: Jahn Kassl