A Heads up! An Appointment with the Future

star bright eraoflightdotcomWe are now picking our way through the wreckage of January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction across the bridge towards the beacon of December’s Jupiter/Saturn Aquarius Conjunction.

Everything counts. Everything matters- especially you, your resilience and your grit -as you negotiate the challenges of September, October and November designed to take you into a very different landscape.

This week and next, kicking up a stationary storm at their most impactful, both Mars and Jupiter slow right down then change direction. Mars turns retrograde at 28 Aries while Jupiter turns direct at 17 Capricorn.

Make a note of the days between September 7-11 when strongly assertive energy will be felt on the world stage and in your own life. And the days between September 27-30 when Mars clashes with Saturn as the Lord of Time and Karma turns direct

Think of Mars as the core energy source of human experience. Wherever Mars is retrograde in your own chart, it’s about taking back Your Self.

Focus on your physical embodiment, emerging from the trance of 24/7 virtual hypnosis to see where you’ve abandoned parts of who you are.

It’s about living in real time, connecting face to face, making stuff, getting outside, moving, breathing more fully.

It’s about asking yourself deeper questions about your private desires, dreams and goals.
It’s about re-working, re-templating or re-tuning projects whilst re-balancing your energy patterns, your drive, your assertiveness.

Jupiter direct in Capricorn means taking back your Core and your Creator Power.

Gas giant Jupiter moving Direct from September 13th brings new opportunity. You can probably already feel the energy building, a sense of purpose arising. This is a time when many of us creatives and way finders will find a renewed sense of purpose, cross paths with new people, have light bulb moments and insights, make the breakthroughs – and give ourselves permission to follow wherever they lead-despite what’s happening in the 3D world.

If you are a creative, sensitive, way finder, change agent or maverick, September’s astrology is about emerging from the trance of overwhelm to prepare for the huge events of October/November.

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